Sunday, September 26, 2010

Walmart Controversy Changes Focus

The Mobilizer ( ) reports: The Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council is holding a rally for jobs Saturday, September 25th at Northgate Plaza in Greece. Northgate Plaza owner Widewaters has hired Samaco Enterprises from Liverpool, NY to perform demolition work for the new Wal-Mart while thousands of local construction workers go unemployed. This rally is a chance to tell Wal-Mart and Widewaters that bringing in construction workers from out-of-town will be met with the unmistakable voice of the local community that says "Local Jobs are for Local People!"

SCATS ~~ I drove by a week ago looking for the giant blow-up rat I'd heard rumors about, but saw none at this site. Big Lots is looking like a sitting target with demolition all around them. Even with the rubble, the view is MUCH IMPROVED from the shabby appearance Northgate Plaza was allowed to acquire over the last decade.


Anonymous said...

There are also thousands of people unemployed in the Syracuse area. Widewaters headquarters are located in Dewitt NY and Samaco is located nearby all not far from this area. Samaco has 4 full time employees and probably hired temporary employees on the job here. I know many people in this area that are driving daily to a job in Buffalo or the Syracuse area. The union is trying to make an issue out of a non-issue since they were so firmly trounced in the Mott's strike. The whole court case against the Walmart at northgate was facilitated by the group that is against any walmart since they are non-union. That group has web sites that help people that are trying to keep Walmart out of their neighborhood. They don't try to help neighbors keep any other big box stores out only Walmart. They will obviously keep nitpicking against anything that 3800 Dewey Ave is doing.

Anonymous said...

Complete contrived issue by Rochester Unions. Rochester Operating Engineer members might not be hired as other OEs from Syracuse Local may be the ones skilled and qualified to do the job. That's the Rochester Local's shortcoming.

The antiWalmart argument holds in this case, none of these fine Rochester Union Members said a word when a Syracuse company did the demolition on the South Ave Ramp Garage.

Anonymous said...

These comments are silly and gratuitous union bashing

Local jobs are an issue in every community, and have a wider appeal than just union supporters. The attitude shows a lack of support for the community that the owner benefits from. Many communities have living wage provisions which they apply to all municipal work (which admittedly don;t apply to walmart)

If I got correct information about what was said at the Northgate Neighbors meeting several town officials (i.e. Republicans) expressed support for employing local workers on these jobs.

SCATS said...

To 10:14AM ~~ Was John Auberger one of the supporters of that idea?

Anonymous said...

To the best of my knowlege Auberger was not at the NN meeting.

No doubt busy reading to the kiddies.

SCATS said...

To 8:19PM ~~ Reading to what kiddies?

Anonymous said...

"To 8:19PM ~~ Reading to what kiddies?"


It's an outreach program he started because he can't smash a backhoe bucket into a building like Duffy.

SCATS said...

To 2AM ~~ Hahaha!!!!! I'd like to see Auberger smash a backhoe bucket into the side of an empty drugstore that the town should NEVER have approved ... but then again, it IS a wonderful monument to the power of the people over the elected "know-it-all" bureaucrats ;)