Saturday, September 04, 2010

Of All The Things The Town of Greece Needs ...

How Did A 'Swap Shop' Make It To The Top Of The List?

The Greece Post reports: "... Greece director of public works, Greg Feeney, who is now gearing up to go out and take a look at the concept in Victor to consider the possibility of a similar center in Greece."

SCATS ~~ Before we spend one penny of taxpayer money, or invest one hour of our public servant's time on this ridiculous idea, could we set-up a "swap shop" for eliminating our own "has been" politicians who jump onboard with such flights of fancy? I'm all for recycling, but we don't need a formal place provided by the town to takeover what folks already do naturally at the curb on trash day!


Anonymous said...

Why can't we just drive to Victor with our salvageable junk and use theirs? This project would require the leasing of a facility, design of the inside, paint etc, utilities, insurance, pay and benefits for the employees, big time security during working hours and during the night, exterminators for the vermin that would be transported with some of the treasures like bed bugs and cockroaches. Why is this a service that our town should provide?
Many items are under recall such as toys or appliances. Who will assure that those items are screened? And anyway what is wrong with dumpster diving? How would the show hoarders exist without scavengers and compulsive shoppers?

SCATS said...

To 1:21PM ~~ You sound like one of those "Negative Nellie Naysayer" types ... just kidding! ;)

Excellent questions. I'd like to see the vidoe tape of the meeting where this idea was discussed with our Town Board ... I know it's just a fantasy ... but I can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, NOW the town comes up with a perfect use for Northgate, after it's being torn down.

No worry, Antelli owns a firehouse that he isn't using, and I'm sure other pols own property too.

Damn locked dumpsters have ruined my shopping. Worse yet the Greece Cops claim they have the right of first refusal on the goodies.

SCATS said...

To 1:54PM ~~ You mean a swap shop isn't the perfect companion business to go with the flea market at Dewey-Stone?? I loved the line in the article where it said they wouldn't allow clothing so as not to hurt thrift shops LMAO :D

Anonymous said...

We must protect our thrift shops from competition and the very worthy enterprise of the ABVI Goodwill for the visually impaired for which a Katherine Hitchcock Smith is listed as the CEO. Is that her? She does not own a house in Greece but owns one in Penfield and is receiving the STAR 30,000 exemption so she must live in that house. Or could it be the lawyer Kath Smith that is at the Reed Group?
And why does the town employee, Mr Feeney, say "how high" when this lady says to "jump"? I hope he is traveling to Victor on his own time and his own gas because there is no public consensus or discussion about this idea.
And the property that the police are renting from petrella enterprises (730 or 740 Fetzner) is right next door to a 4000 sq ft property that has a space available sign, also owned by the Petrellas. ( This used to be cafe andiamo the business owned by Nick Joseph's brother, David).
I am sure they would be willing to lease it to the town and it would be right next to Precinct 2 too. Convenient.

Anonymous said...

The GPD is moving out of the Fetzner Road location. The town pays nothing to lease on that site...per a land deal before the buildings went up. Heard they are moving behind Aldi's at the corner of Mt Read and Maiden Ln. The town already owns the property.

Anonymous said...

"The GPD is moving out of the Fetzner Road location. The town pays nothing to lease on that site...per a land deal before the buildings went up. Heard they are moving behind Aldi's at the corner of Mt Read and Maiden Ln. The town already owns the property."

Well won't Greece PD be SPECIAL then. GPD just might hold the designation as the only PD in the State with 2 floodable police buildings.

Island Cottage flooded knee deep just after it was occupied, so they built a Dyke around it. Notice the dyke as you drive through, 2 slots for long steel slats when water gets deep. Guess what, the Dyke won't work because the storm sewers lack shutoff gates. Guess what else. GPD scrapped the steel slats because they were inconvenient to store.

Maiden Ln, well wasn't that a gift from a developer who couldn't get a building permit because the site flooded? You bet it was, and the developer got paid by the Town to put up the building "at cost". I can't recall who it was who got that deal, might have been Richard Golell, the same developer who put up a crappy plaza on Long Pond, couldn't find tennants so the town rented it for Town Court how many years? NAW, that wasn't any kind of compensation for political donations.

When is Golell going to install the traffic light on Latta Rd at the Turd Plaza just West of Long Pond? It is required according to the permit he got to build that dumpster.

Maiden Ln was where Kiddie Services was, had to buy furniture and carpet at least twice when they had Wade to Work week over there.

Gee, maybe GPD can justify another new PoPo boat now so Baxter can float to work.

Anonymous said...

Look at this interesting ad for retail space at northgate. Read down about the recent remodeling and parking lot improvements. Is this truth in advertising? This is a current listing.

SCATS said...

To 12:09PM ~~ That's an eye-opener!

I love the part where it says: "Nearby businesses include the home office of Eastman Kodak, Rochester's largest employer."