Thursday, September 16, 2010

Northgate Neighbors Meeting

Wed. Sept. 22nd @7PM
Aldersgate Church
4115 Dewey Avenue

NGN invited town and county officials elected last November to update everyone on their activities since January and goals through the remainder of their terms. There will be Q&A opportunity for each speaker followed by cookies and soda.

Invited guests include:
County Legislator Rick Antelli, Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger, Ward One Councilwoman Shannon O’Keefe, Ward Three Councilman Andrew Conlon, and Receiver of Taxes Kathleen Taylor. At press time all but one have accepted.

SCATS ~~ Will Uncle Auggie come out of hiding and hobnob with the NGN group again? Or is he still licking his wounds from their Candidate's Night held last Oct? Attend to find out ;)


Anonymous said...

Why would any of these people attend a Democrat political party meeting? They're not Democrats.

Anonymous said...

This is a meeting that members of our
BOE and DO administrators should
attend. This group provides valuable
input regarding issues on the East side
of this town. This would be an opportunity
for school-community partnerships
to be explored,strengthened, etc.

Anonymous said...

i heard the one was auberger

Anonymous said...

Will there be free cookies & coffee?
I might attend if there are cookies, but I want homemade cookies, not that archway stuff.