Monday, September 27, 2010

How Low Can We Go?

Buffalo Business First rated the academic performances of the 67 school districts in the 8 counties within the Rochester Area, based on 4 yrs. of test data from the NY State Education Dept.

Greece Central Schools Rank #40 Out Of 67 In Area For Academic Performance.

Only E. Rochester,  E. Irondequoit and the Rochester City Schools Rank Lower In Monroe County.

Greece Central Ranks Third In Area For Number Of Employees (22) Earning Over $100K/year.

SCATS ~~ And yet our BOE will waste more time Tuesday night trying to identify goals all 9 of them can agree are worthy of action! It doesn't get more pathetic than this!!


Anonymous said...

Re: requiring Greece teachers to live in the district:
Absolutly not!
That would lower the average IQ of the town at the same time increasing the average income.
The result: We would have more children in need of extra services but be eligible for less government support based on the increased average income.
It's catch 22 so let go of that idea right now!

Charlie Hubbard said...

The public education taxpayer funded monopoly is destine for even more failure until we come to grips with the way we are doing business.
What other business 'rewards' failure with raises?
Superintendants nation wide stay in one district an average of 2.5 years vitually guarenteeing 'no' stability.
School board approved contracts contain virtually NO accountability as requested by the unions.
One example is that within the teachers contract the taxpayers pay for 'release time' for people not to educate our kids but to do union business (page 34)- it kind of tells ya who's running things - once again all school board approved. If you really want to get ill read page 35 on absenteeism and then come back and tell me we are promoting improvement.

Then of course comes 'tenure'. One of the most interesting statistics I have seen is - every year 1 in 50 doctors lose thier right to practice do to 'failure'
Every year 1 in 97 attorneys lose the right to practice due to 'failure'.
The rate for teachers in the public supported monopoly is 1 in 2500. ?????

SCATS said...

To 11:19AM ~~ LMAO!!!! But the Chamber of Commerce would be pleased to have all of that extra $$ spent in local businesses ;)

To Charlie ~~ I wish I had a list of how these 67 districts rank in cost/pupil. I bet it would tell a very interesting story!

Anonymous said...

I heard GTA is voting on their new contract this week. The timing of their new pay increases coinciding with the news about Greece's p*ss poor performance is just perfect! I hope the community speaks up loud and clear that the status quo is unacceptable. Where are you Greece school board?

SCATS said...

To 1:27PM ~~ I heard that GTA might not approve the deal their fearless leader has struck for them. Maybe they're not liking the low proposed increases while he gets his extra release time. Why don't they dump this buffoon?

Anonymous said...

I thought Pinebrook's scores were so high because all the teachers who live in Greece send their kids there in the "lottery." And yet 11:19, to SCATS juvenile amusement, claims teachers have low IQs with special needs children.

Offensive on many counts and shows the true colors of this blog. Pathetic and amusing at the same time. Food for though Peanut.

(Yes, I'm back)

SCATS said...

To 4:04PM ~~ No one ever said Pinebrook's scores were high because of the teachers' children. What has been said is that of the few teachers who do reside in Greece, the ones who want into schools-of-choice (that includes West Ridge) seem to always win the lottery. So do the administrators and BOE members. Maybe their scores pull up the scores of the teachers kids ;)

PS: If you are so "offended," how can you feel amused? Why return at all? I guess it just shows YOUR true colors :)

Anonymous said...

"Why don't they dump this buffoon?"

Will you please give Frank Oberg a chance to turn things around. He just became president for goodness sakes!

Anonymous said...

btw, I thought name calling wasn't allowed! Shame on you!!!

SCATS said...

To 6:31PM ~~ Oberg's honeymoon period expired when he took a long drink from the Kool-Aid cup.

To 6:32PM ~~ It's not name-calling when it's factual. He whines and plays as if his union is a "victim." He offers NOTHING to resolve any issue unless it will cost taxpayers more $$. Issues that teachers complain about often, he never mentions (discipline is a great example). He is unprepared to talk at BOE meetings so rambles into the mic wasting everyone's time. He's a lazy, self-centered, ludicrous person ... i.e. buffoon. Half of his own ilk think he's a buffoon, too, so it must be so.

Anonymous said...

"Half of his own ilk think he's a buffoon, too, so it must be so."

Is this also one of your "facts", SCATS? I'm just curious where you were able to get this data from.

SCATS said...

To 7:15PM ~~ Straight from the horse's mouths.

By the way, that's just an expression, not name-calling ;)

Anonymous said...

The claw has struck a nerve. They must be approving the new contract as we blog.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm still a bit confused. By the "horse's mouths" do you mean you actually collected empirical data, or is it just conjecture?

I'm not attempting to be a wise guy. Truly, I am very curious whether the general population of teachers supports him, because that would help me inform my view of the district.

SCATS said...

To 7:50PM ~~ Ha ha!! I love it :D

To 7:53PM ~~ I'm not sure that I understand: " ... because that would help me inform my view of the district." What does that mean?

Maybe I'll post a poll on here just for you. "Do you think GTA's President is a buffoon?"

I'll have to contact Google first to make arrangements though. I don't want to get blamed when their servers go down due to the heavy volume of bloggers.

Anonymous said...

What I meant was that I'm trying to understand whether the teacher population (not the public at large) supports the head of their Union, because you cited evidence that 1/2 of them don't.

I didn't think it was that complicated of a question. So I'm still curious whether you have any actual data that supports your claim.

Again, not trying to play 'gotcha'. I actually am curious about this.

Anonymous said...

Scats, I like how you try and use the fact that Greece CSD ranks third on the list with 22 employees making over $100k out to be a bad thing.
I am sure you didn't expect anyone to actually read the report.
Greece is tied for third and the other districts having between 20-23 employees over $100k are all roughly 1/2 the size of Greece schools.
I guess that means the Greece is actually holding down costs, when compared to other districts.

SCATS said...

To 8:17PM ~~ Be patient. There's a chance GTA will show you this themselves this week ;)

To 10:36PM ~~ You think that I take the time and effort to find and post links in the hopes that no one will read what I post?

You seem to have completely overlooked the FACT that the other districts you point out are all in the TOP 10 for performance while Greece is #40 out of 67!! I'd say we're getting ripped off badly. Don't forget that Achramovitch was among the elite few top paid public employees around here. He made more money than Duffy, Brooks and the superintendents from most other districts outside the City of Rochester! What did we get for it? Declining graduation rates, declining test scores, rising taxes, more consultants, more committees, more studies ... and no action!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! What 10:36 said!

What does 11:19 mean? I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

We've become an Urban School District - why is anyone surprised when we get similar results to other Urban School Districts?

You can't compare Greece with Fairport - for goodness sake, we are the City North.

Anonymous said...

My question is what do all those people making over $100K do? No teachers make that, only district office employees. What exactly do they do over there? There are so many common sense improvements that could be made to our district, yet they sit there and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

To Scats from 10:36,
My point is that while you try and make the point that Greece is one of the higher the paying districts, based on having 22 employees over $100k, the opposite seems to be true. Maybe we are getting exactly what we pay for.
In a district that is TWICE the size of the others, we have a similar number of highly paid employees. Seems like a bargain.
As for performance, we are clearly lacking! (understatement of the year, I know). I certainly do not think more money is the answer. We need leadership that is functional and capable. We need a superintendant that will stay in the district for longer than a few years. We need people who live in te district to be the ones to lead.
Find a capable an qualified candidate for superintendant from within the district and give them a long term contract. Have the BOE stop wasting our time and theirs and get something accomplished. If the people of Greece want the district to restructure, do it.
Most of all, let's have Scats and the other complainers on this board do something other than tell us every two seconds about how evil schools of choice are(even though you may be right) and poorly run our district is(certainly seems to be true).
Get out and do something. Run for BOE. Speak at the meetings. Actually do something instead of hiding in your living room writing on a blog.

Anonymous said...

Quit this talk about who gets how much pay. We are not getting acceptable results and we should be firing people regardless of their pay.

I sure hope all new employee contracts limit any pay raises to those with demonstrated performance improvements. And those contracts better include a more streamlined process for dumping those who do not perform.

I hope all who makes these decisions are paying attention to the various NBC education special reports this week. Change is in the wind and I hope Greece Central gets in the down draft!

Anonymous said...

to 6:28. Welcome to the work of civil service,
unions, and zero accountability.

Ask anyone in the trenches: What's worse than poor leadership?


SCATS said...

To 7:09AM ~~ You said it yourself, more money is NOT the answer! Yet you point to money to show what a "bargain" we are getting while ignoring my point about how Achramovitch's salary was among the highest in the entire area! Would you like him to be here for another 3 years? He was paid MORE than previous Supt's were paid, but his results were an increase in the district's overall decline. Should we have kept Walts longer? We're still picking up the rubble he left in his wake, both academically & financially.

By the way, the average length of time any superintendent stays in a job is a few short years these days. It's a trend, not just in Greece, but all over.

Your point about how people who complain should "do something" is ridiculous and merely a self-serving diversion away from the real issues that need addressing.
The people who are complaining are NOT the problem!!!

The problem is that the people we are paying are NOT doing their jobs!

I pay my ever-rising taxes and I am demanding a decent return on the investment I made from the politicians (school board/state, local, federal govt) elected to oversee the spending. That's democracy in action, not some conspiracy to undermine the system ;)

SCATS said...

To 6:28AM ~~ Your contention that only DO employees make over $100,000/year is blatantly wrong! Most if not all building principals, vice principals, etc. make in excess of $100,000/year, too. Interesting is the FACT that teachers could move ahead by becoming administrators but CHOOSE NOT TO DO SO. Why? They would have to work a 12 month year, work longer days and assume more responsibility!

Anonymous said...

I think the goal is to sink lower then the city, the good news is we are leading in the number of teachers arrested/

Anonymous said...

And those making six figures should be putting in in 60-80 hours a week. The vast majority are not.

SCATS said...

To 10:21AM ~~ Where did that rule come from???