Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Greece PD Cracking Down On Motorcycle Noise

Stationary & Roving Checkpoints Used To Fight Illegal Equipment & Safety Law Violations


SCATS ~~ HOORAY!! Could we include those who violate other portions of the town's noise ordinance, too? Beware bikers, barkers & boombox-mobiles.


Anonymous said...

Why has this enforcement of the law required extra training for the police. These laws have been around since my dad was pulled over 40 years ago when his muffler needed repair during a vacation. We just crossed back into Greece boundary and were pulled over on Ridge Rd.
Maybe the police in all of Monroe County need to be trained again in all the laws with the 4 new recruits.
And can anyone explain why a motorcycle enthusiast would remove a muffler and replace it with one that allows others to be deafened?
Teens go through a phase where they are trying to attract attention with their music and sound systems, but most of these easy riders are older than 30. Most in Greece seem to be AARP eligible. And you know those checkpoints may be looking for equipment violations on the surface but anything else they find is fair game in a court of law.

SCATS said...

Re: "Why has this enforcement of the law required extra training for the police."

Possibly because under Auberger/Rahn, so many laws were ignored or applied only as retaliation?

My neighbors aren't AARP eligible yet, but I know what you mean. These guys in their 50's & 60's with the long hair, beards, bikes and leather look like they are trying out for the AARP equivalent of Easy Rider Gone Wrinkled.