Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Greece Board of Education Shut-Out Community

 While "Saving Us The Expense"
They Expended Another Boatload!

Tuesday night's "emergency" BOE meeting was accomplished without being broadcast on WGMC radio or taped for future broadcast on Time-Warner. The official reason? To save us the expense.

How ludicrous is it that our elected officials decided to forgo the minuscule expense of broadcasting their meeting, one where they decided to expend $125,000 of taxpayer money when the taxpayers had already said "no?"

Apparently, they decided it wasn't important to allow us to hear the discussion of their reasons for spending even more money ($5000 more) than they originally included in their resolution to reinstate the school resource officers for $120,000.

Apparently, we're not supposed to  think about why the school district foots the bill to pay TIME-AND-A-HALF WAGES to "off-duty" cops who never did any "regular duty time" for us .

Apparently, we're not allowed to hear that Auberger refused to provide any funding for this because then he isn't doing likewise for Spencerport & Hilton given that their districts include some residents living within Greece's borders. (See note at end)

Apparently, we're only good enough to foot the bill for whatever decisions they make, regardless how we vote.

I thought we lived in a democracy. Apparently, I was mistaken.

Question: It sounds like GCSD is paying OVERTIME PAY RATES for the SRO's. How can this be proper if the officers haven't done their regular time hours for GCSD (but for the Town of Greece)? Why would the school district have to pay time and a half (or however much the OT rate is)?

Response: Ever since the beginning of the resource officer program (which predates my arrival on the board) the grant money (that once paid for the program until 2005) or the GCSD money (that paid for the program beginning with the 2005/2006 school year) have paid time and a half for the resource officers services. We are obliged to do this because of the police officers labor contract with the Town of Greece. It is beyond the control of the school district (unless of course we choose NOT to fund the resource officer program). The matter was discussed briefly in the meeting that I and Superintendent O'Rourke had with Supervisor Auberger, Chief Baxter, Capt. Chatterton, and Kathryn Firkins on September 1. We also discussed the possibility of the Town funding the program in whole or in part. It was determined that that was not possible because there are three school districts within the confines of the town's borders. The town can not fund this out of the town tax levy since they do not provide similar services to Hilton or Spencerport.


Just more of the same old
"closed, clubby & corrupt"
leadership we all know so well!


Anonymous said...

Not the way to start the school year off.
Mistakes have been made, public trust violated.
This may very
well backfire come budget season.

Anonymous said...

the non broadcast (i.e. censorship) is an inevitable result of the takeover of publioc access and its control by government

SCATS said...

To 7:19PM ~~ Maybe we should keep a tally? ;)

To 7:56PM ~~ While I understand what you are getting at, it doesn't apply to this situation. School board "leadership" decided not to spend a small amount that would have permitted the live broadcast on WGMC that GCSD has done for years. They also decided not to tape the meeting so it could be sent for broadcast by T-W in the future.

Anonymous said...

NOTICE to bidders:
GCSD seeks bids on one (1) fully equipped manure spreader, pto driven type suitable for distributing the verbal product of the GCSD Board of MisEducation.

Do these people take lessons on open and clear from Obama or what?

SCATS said...

To 11:45PM ~~ The only thing totally "open" about them are their mouths. I'm thinking the time has come to keep constant score, so it can be accurately reviewed and communicated back to the community before the next vote day.

Pastor Imam said...

Let's burn budget books in protest.

Anonymous said...

One must wonder how effective the security people in the schools are now if the board is saying more is needed.
Does this boost the retirement costs for these officers down the road? Alot of the retirement costs are being pushed down to the towns and school districts now.

Anonymous said...

This is political gamesmanship, nothing more.

What are the criteria for determining whether this is money being well spent?

Are administrators on board?

Were they given a say in the matter?

Anonymous said...

The people who complain the loudest are the same ones that will howl about unsafe schools when Little Johnny makes a bad choice and tears up a school. Calling a cop who is minutes away does not cut it when seconds count.

The district wastes far more money than this in far worse ways. I agree that this should have been put into the budget in the first place.

Anonymous said...

On a different note: The funniest thing I've heard all morning, on this first day of school, set of brothers (same family, same house, going to the same neighborhood school) assigned to DIFFERENT bus stops, LOL. Wait, it get's better. When the mother contacts GCSD Transportation, she is met with a a crabby attitude of resistance to her request for a change, and told she needs to write a letter to be considered for a change. The transportation office is overwhlemed, yet another reason to go back to neighborhood schools!

Anonymous said...

9:48 Are they getting on different buses for some reason? Are they starting at different times? So there are siblings attending the same elementary school and starting at the same time but they are assigned to different stop locations? Even in Greece that seems hard to believe. Maybe one of the kids requires a different bus.
"Crabby attitude" is standard operating procedure for any complaint though.
It appears that door to door valet service is no longer the norm this year and that is refreshing. Last year any children in elementary were picked up at their house and allowed to wait inside and the bus waited while the kissing and send off happened at the door of the residence. Now there are many different families waiting at gang bus stops. I wonder how long Buffy and Lowden's parents will stand for that mistreatment. Be prepared for a long whining sound at the next board meeting.

Anonymous said...

I sence you think these officers are in the schools "all day"
I suggest you do some simple math that will show how wrong you are.

SCATS said...

10:23AM makes a good point. The SRO's aren't in the buildings more than a couple of hours at a time.

Anonymous said...

A few hours with the cops are better than nothing. Why aren't people beefing about stuff like the following:

1. Paying for graduate courses to any college in the area. An administrative degree from the U of R is a lot more from one from SUNY Brockport. A few U of R Doctoral degrees might pay for the cops. How many of these people leave soon after getting their doctorates?

2. Renting space from Kodak when we have Barnard sitting pretty much empty.

3. Keeping Barnard open in the first place.

4. Paying high priced consultants for staff development. When Greece was in it's prime, most staff development was done in house.

5. Keeping schools on line that are only half full.

6. The whole idea of schools of choice.

These are only a few opportunities for cost savings that might be explored.

SCATS said...

To 11:17AM ~~ I believe every single one of those items has been "beefed about" at one time or another on here ... not that we can't revisit them ;)

Anonymous said...

They have all been beefed about, but the BOE just ignores the concerns. Their attitude seems to be, "We'll ignore the noise from the town taxpayers, and they will quiet down and go away."
I think you do a great service by keeping these issues in the open and (maybe) prevent the BOE from ignoring them forever.

SCATS said...

To 7:04PM ~~ Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

9:43 There are numerous instances where school safety has been compromised despite having an SRO (s) on campus.

That is not at all meant as disrespect to our sworn men and women in uniform, its merely an angle the BOE could/should have studied/examined prior to committing the $125,000.