Thursday, September 23, 2010

Former Human Services Bldg To House 2nd Precinct

The Greece Post reports: Greece's former Human Services Building at 500 Maiden Lane to become the new 2nd Precinct for the Greece Police Department.

“Our ability to upgrade the facility using a combination of Energy Efficiency Block Grant Funds and Town funds allows for the conversion of the former Human Services Building into our new Greece Police Precinct Two. We will eliminate lease costs associated with the rented facility on Fetzner Road and provide a larger facility. Any opportunity to eliminate costly lease payments and to use Town owned facilities is a win-win. We are looking forward to the completion of the project early in 2011.” ~~ John  Auberger, Supervisor

SCATS ~~ Whatever Baxter wants, Baxter gets. Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, Rahn did whatever he wanted to do, too ... and Auberger couldn't recall any of it!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

This is out of the way and not visible from the road -- a great place to conceal stippers or massages.
Another plus right next to Barnard Exempts Bar

exactly who owns this now didn't it get transferred to the school district at some point?

SCATS said...

To 6:24PM ~~ I saw that item but have been doing my best to ignore the issue. It seems to me that the people in that neighborhood have been asleep at the helm for a long time while enjoying their little slice of paradise in the park. Had they paid attention a year ago, they could have put in place a Greece Town govt that represented the people. Now they seek sympathy for their NIMBY cause ... ACK!

To 8:05PM ~~ The school district looked at and decided against trying to get a driveway put through from Longridge School to provide a second means of egress. Also, Achramovitch talked about putting his Family Center there, but I think the Town already decided that Chief Todd could move his folks in. So, as far as I know, it's still Town of Greece property.

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously dumping on Chief Baxter? Will you attack anyone no matter what good they do for the community?

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that special.

Now the Town og Greece will be equipped with 2 that's right folks 2 very floodable Police buildings.

That's right folks, Island Cottage the former sewer plant (not even going there) appropriately turned Police HQ has already flooded once when there was a big rain. Notice how you drive through a dike between the creek and the building. Notice the slotted headwalls in the dike for the driveway where steel slats can be dropped in to protect the building.

What you won't notice is Greece PD scrapped the slats because they occupied valuable lawn space, so when the next rain comes stand by for cleanup costs.

Now we're adding Maiden Ln. If you look at a flood map guess what sits right square in the middle of a flood zone, actually at the low point. When Human Services was there it flooded at least TWICE.

How'd the Town get this turkey you ask? Well a certain Developer (Republican contributor)who used to lease space to the Town in one of his plazas on Long Pond wanted to build on some swampland he owned, but it was swampland. Rogie Rabbit Town Stupidvisor cut a deal, the Developer donated the lowland to the Town (no more taxes) and the Developer put a building up for Human Services at cost. DAMN expensive COST.

What next, a Police Boat to get to and from Police HQ and Precincts? Do we still have a Lt. who sells boats on the side? That's how Swine 1 bought the last boat from Rochester Marine Waterworks.

Scats if the Democrats had run a slate of real candidates they might have won. Instead they gave us barrelsweepings from a handfull of Unions.

SCATS said...

To 11:15PM ~~ If you are referring to my comment about Baxter getting whatever he wants, then yes, I guess I am. It strikes me as very interesting that history appears to be repeating itself so soon after a huge scandal caused by someone who did as they pleased.

Anonymous said...

This was in the works well before Baxter became chief.

SCATS said...

To 12:53AM ~~ So you're telling us to attribute this entirely to our closed, clubby & corrupt town govt? Since GPD spent the last 2 years self-destructing, when was this idea hatched?

Charlie Hubbard said...

I hope the driveway into Longridge is included into this project. It is still very much needed.
One of the benefits to the project was to build cooperation between school and town - unfortunatly a common sence solution to a problem was trumped by politics.
I will be more than happy to show any concerned citizen what was planned OR drive into this property and see how close you are to the Longridge school.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea: save money and move close to the problems.

Anonymous said...

Charlie brings up an interesting point. If they are interviewing (interrogating) witnesses or suspects they have only to run (escape) a few feet to hide in Longridge school. That is assuming the Greece police ask suspects and witnesses questions. What if they have to fire a weapon to protect themselves or others from a suspect. Yes that precinct is too close to the school.

SCATS said...

To 2:25PM ~~ As far as I'm aware, processing suspects still happens at HQ, not on Fetzner. I don't think too many criminals will be dropping in anyway ;)