Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Editorial: School Board Conduct - Greece N.Y.

I am asking for your help.

Last night 9/7/10 the Greece school board approve the spending of $125,000 for 'resource officers' in our 4 high schools.

This increase in our 'contingency' budget was labeled an 'emergency' to be paid for out of the 'emergency fund'.

It is very important that you understand this item was removed from the contingency budget prior to board approval in July.

NOW it is an emergency???

The budget is 'increased' two days before school starts due to this emergency.

I have been very involved in the operation of Greece schools for over 25 years and I have never seen anything like this.

I was elected to the Greece school board on 2 different occasions and have never seen anything as underhanded as this with perhaps one exception (the lifetime medical for a departing super.)

I am not a member now but if I was I would quit.

As a taxpayer in Greece I am asking for your help.

Charles C. Hubbard
388 Wildwood Dr.
Rochester, N.Y. 14616


Anonymous said...

What type of help are you looking for Charlie?

Anonymous said...

Help with what?

Anonymous said...

OK Now what???

Anonymous said...

How does this use of money compare with that used in other districts and what is it they actually do both here and in East Rochester or Henrietta?

SCATS said...

Help with inderstanding maybe ... ?

To 2:41PM ~~ Do you mean how does it compare to money spent on SRO's in those other districts?

In Greece, my understanding is that an SRO is a police officer who "volunteers" (for overtime pay that comes from the school district BUT it's only "overtime" after they do their regular hours for the TOWN of GREECE ... RIP-OFF?) to do duty inside a high school that is also in an area of town where they do their rregular patrols. The idea is to provide a police presence in the school and permit those officers to establish potential relationships with some students both inside the building and out in the community.

Anonymous said...

2:41 What do East Rochester and Henrietta have to do with the price of tea in China?

SCATS said...

To 3:14PM ~~ Perhaps those other districts also make use of SRO's?

Please be both cognizant & tolerant of the fact that SCATS now has well over 100 readers on Facebook, many of whom may not live in Greece.

Anonymous said...

We need the police presence. Sorry Charlie.

SCATS said...

To 4:51PM ~~ I agree that it's probably best to have the SRO's. However, if it's a "need" it should have been included in the budget. It wasn't!

Joe DeQuitter said...

"I am not a member now but if I was I would quit."

There's a joke in there. I can feel it.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Just to clear the air, this letter was sent to Albany. I sent scats a copy and somehow it got posted - no problem as I have no secrets.

There are a couple of points here. First I would remind you of the reason 5 members of the board voted 'against' having a second vote in June - the 'cost' of having a second vote. I said at the time that it was phony and to keep an eye on this 'new found' concern about cost.
We now know the REAL reason for not having another vote - deep down this board (now we know all) don't give a damn what the community thinks. But it's worse because now the community has every reason to NOT believe what the board said 'yesterday' because 'today' that may very well change. As it said in my letter 'this' item was eliminated from the contingency budget in July as recommended by the super.
Let me make this perfectly clear this is MICRO-MANAGEMENT by the board. This type of item is everything the board should NOT be doing. It is the super who should be determining the security needed NOT the board - but if it gets you on tv - what the he## the level of hypocracy doesn't really matter - right?

In summury (more will be coming) we have a board who said in June - we don't give a damn how you peasants voted WE are going to increase taxes anyway. WE don't want to hear what the community think via a second vote because it will cost too much.
In July WE (the board) will decide what the budget and tax increase will be (WE are very smart ya know).
Now in Sept. WE changed our mind WE think WE are smater than the super and WE want to spend more. And just so you know WE are going to use the money the taxpayers already paid us.

And we are looking for a new super who can relate to this level of hypocracy and trust???????

One thing is for sure there is NO respect for scum/bags (low/lifes) who pay taxes.
When it comes to hypocracy and the lack of trust Washington and Albany have nothing on THIS crew.

SCATS said...

To 6:27PM ~~ The "joke" was your vote on the school budget, if you were one of the few who bothered.

To Charlie ~~ Your email didn't tell me it was sent to Albany. I thought you wanted it posted. Sorry if I misunderstood. On the issue of hypocrocy and trust, the board decided NOT TO BROADCAST OR RECORD the meeting to save us money while they met to spend money we already told them not spend!

Anonymous said...

The next emergency expense will be to cover the cost of release time for the teachers union officials who serve the teachers' interests, not he students, yet want to get paid a teachers and accumulate benefits as a teacher so they can retire as a teacher. I have no problem with teacher serving the union, but I do believe that the union should reimburse the school district for the salary and benefits costs associated with a "teacher" released for union duties.
How about it, BOE? Do you have the spine to demand the union pay for their leadership? Or will you continue to spend taxpayers' money with NO educational benefit?

SCATS said...

To 11:22PM ~~ Actually, before that expense will be the expense of settling GTA's contract complete with pay raises for all ... AND more release time for the union talking head/s. No performance required.

Anonymous said...

I remember a few years ago we had micro management-HMO-right Charlie.
Must be OK when you are on the board.

SCATS said...

To 6:38AM ~~ I don't recall EVER seeing a Greece BOE that hasn't micro-managed at some point or another.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 6:38 (anonymous)
If you have an example of Charlie proposing some type of micro-management please bring it forward. I can't speak to what others did.
I always had this crazy idea that the board set expectations and or policy and held the super accountable to get it done.
This item from Tuesday night will turn good super candidates away from Greece.

There is one bright spot to this c##p resolution - a decission was made without a 'committee' or a 'study' or an endless array of worthless 'data'.

I now find out the meeting Tuesday night was not recorded.
I was hoping to listen to that to find out -
How much per hour we are spending?
A comparison to other bids?
The expected benefit of this program?
Who is accountable for oversite?
Lots of crazy questions like that.

I look forward to hearing from you 6:38