Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Why Public Employees Are the New Welfare Queens"

Article in The New Republic discusses the fact that retirement packages for public employees appear to be much more generous than the ones for private employees.


Anonymous said...

Seemed to be a fair article. It did make me think about Kodak, Delco, Rochester Products, etc. retirees with pensions complain about teacher pensions.

Kodak has been going back on their agreements with their retirees - which as far as I'm concerned is shameful (If you make an agreement, you should honor it).

We should honor the agreement we have made with teachers on their retirement benefits - but new hires should have them reduced.

Anonymous said...

Public employees don't make as much money as their private sector counterparts, especially those at the top. Like, I mean assistant superintendents make lots less than vice presidents of businesses of the same size.


Anonymous said...

Wow SCATS! Are you finally changing your mind about the unions? It's about time you came around to where the rest of the population has been for many years. What took you so long? Welcome!

Anonymous said...

No s__it!

Anonymous said...


can't tell whether you posted this because you want to defend them

The NR story shows the political agenda and the scapegoating behind this. It is quite similar to Reagan's conjuring up of the image of black folks on welfare which was equally inaccurate.

Rather than attack those who have good pensions we need to ask why pensions and benefits for folks in industry being eliminated while business leaders get huge benefits from what used to go to worker pensions.

it is in fact class warfare by the richer on the middle class and below.

SCATS said...

To 8:15AM ~~ You do know what they say about people who ASSume, don't you? You might want to check out 10:01AM's comment because they can't tell what position I'm taking ... because I haven't taken one ... yet :D

Anonymous said...

Good discussion with many valid points. As a Kodak retiree who has seen promised retiree benefits evaporate with no recourse, I am sympathetic to anyone who works under one set of rules and retirement benefits only to have them changed when you want/need them.
I am also very aware that the cost of public retirees cannot continue to escalate without limit.
Sad as it was, the cuts in my retirement package were driven by market influences, just like the cuts to GM, Chrysler and other retirees. Since there is no market restraint on the public employees, it must be the voice of the taxpayer that brings balance and makes the legislature deal with the economic reality.
The new hires must not be brought in with the (delusional) promise of these current benefits. It will bankrupt the state and every taxing authority in NY if we continue down this path.

Anonymous said...

Scats; do public and private retirees get yearly increases?

Anonymous said...

I think 12:53 misses a point I made before. the huge benefits that corporate executives get have been taken form pensions of workers. No one "deserves" these huge benefits at he expense of employees.

The new economy as we know it is not a fact of nature or beyond out deliberate control.

It was a result of deliberate policy decisions made twenty to thirty years ago to outsource and undermine wages of working folks.
There were other policy proposals in circulation which could have lead us down a different path again the profits made from outsourcing went into the pockets of the better off.

We did not have to take this path. But we are presented with a political scenario in which these changes are presented as inevitable and unavoidable that wage workers must submit to lower expectations.

It's not true.

SCATS said...

To 2:08PM ~~ Increases? In what? Pensions? These days private retirees may not even have any pension.

Anonymous said...

Keep the promises made to exsisting teachers - we should honor our commitments. I agree though, new hires will have to have a different package or the taxpayers will go broke.

By the way - lets not leave administrators out of this discussion. Same should go for them!

SCATS said...

To 8:35PM ~~ Promises should be kept for PERFORMING teachers, agreed. We owe nothing to those who don't succeed in their jobs (my opinion & I'm still entitled to it).

Can anyone tell me how a teacher's pension compares to other public employees pensions (like police 0r firemen) given that teachers work shortened work years (185 days or so)?

Anonymous said...

Teachers have to work at least 30 years and to at least 55 yrs of age. Police/Fireman only have to work 20 years.

By the way...public employees are not the welfare queens. Deal with the "real" welfare recipients, which most are leaches of society, on a regular basis and you would understand this.

SCATS said...

To 9:38PM ~~ Just an FYI regarding the "welfare queens" reference: I didn't write that title.

If I'm not mistaken, the predominant recipients on welfare are young children and single mothers. Maybe it's time we make those over the age of preschool gets jobs .. ;)