Friday, August 06, 2010

What's On Your Child's Back-To-School List?

How Much Will It All Cost?

Clothing                   $240
Shoes                         100
School supplies            90

Toiletries/grooming     50

Accessories                  60

Books                           170

Cosmetic services          50

Beauty products           70

Sports equipment          100

Health care                    140

Cell phones                     100

Computer/laptop              530

Orthodontic braces         240

Furniture                         140

Musical instruments          130



SCATS ~~ Notice this list doesn't include hand sanitizer, wet wipes, paper towels and a variety of other "must haves."


Anonymous said...

Gee, they completely forgot to include
Safety helmet .......... $56.72
Fluorescent safety vest with reflective stripes ...... $27.39
Emergency locator beacon ... $192.50

How will we ever find little Beckie and Barclay when the Crapstar built schoolhouse collapses?

Surely we aren't depending on Miss Ditzbrain, Union Teacher to lead them from the carnage because she has an IQ high enough to recognize disaster in the beginning stage.

Maybe Baeclay will switch his cell on and report his exact location to arriving rescue personell.

SCATS said...

To 1:37AM ~~ You make an excellent point. Emergency locator beacon ... check!

Anonymous said...

We spent $80 for school supplies for middle school.
We also have a lists for younger kids and for all three is was $45.

We only buy what we need, only shoes if the old don't fit. We shop through out the year as the kids need things and some wants too! We don't fall into the "back to school" trap to spend just to spend!

Anonymous said...

Someone overdosed on their misogyny pills early this morning...

Anonymous said...

Another little bit of info is that there are 3-5 schools in Greece that ask parents to buy supplies and then the teachers pass them out and your child may not get the items you bought, I really wonder what parents/folks think about this...

SCATS said...

To 10:28AM ~~ That's ridiculous! I'd send in a note stating it was my expectation that my child was provided with the things I bought. I'd send everything in marked with my child's name using a Sharpie marker, too.

SCATS said...

To 8:27AM ~~ I don't think the person who commented is a misogynist. I think the employer (GCSD) might be though ... given the few number of male teachers they employ ;)

Anonymous said...

Come on scats-I'm hearing tenative agrrement with teachers-your slipping

SCATS said...

To 12:35PM ~~ I'm not slipping. I reported it recently. Right now, all parties are sitting on it. I think they want to roll it out around the start of the new school year, so they can have another BOE meeting lovefest with the interim Supt. presiding. Everyone just "appreciates" each other so very much now! ;) (aargh! I choked on a hairball wreiting that!)

Anonymous said...

How are orthodontic braces a back to school expense? Does the kid only have teeth in school? Kids need these things. The same is true for toiletries and grooming,and medical expenses. These are the costs of having a child. They don't have anything to do with school.

SCATS said...

To 11:58PM ~~ You've never heard of school physicals & updating immunizations as required by law?

Anonymous said...

You people just don't understand.

Have you any idea how frightened I am each day when the nannie puts Yardley on the school bus for Harley knowing that bus is filled with your vermine covered rabble children? Yardley might be exposed to a bug.

Yu lower classes should at least dip your issue in parefin or insecticide. Could you tape drycleaning bags over their heads as well so my prescious Yardley isn't exposed to the lice and other bugs too?

Our McMansion on the lake would be perfect if Yardley weren't exposed to your children!

SCATS said...

To 1:13AM ~~ Yardley??

Speaking of bugs, did you mean head lice, bed bugs or both? The pediatricians say lice are fine in school now ;)

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that children should not have yearly physicals and immunizations? The school just makes sure they had them. That's part of not neglecting your children.

Anonymous said...

Our prescious Yardley should not be exposed to any bugs or vermine carried by the children of the poor. Is in not bad enough he must ride the yellow bus so we can recoup some of our school tax money? Do you expect the darling to be exposed to lice and strep and other such infectious elements like lower class children?

Yardley is being reared to become a proper executive like his father. We even require his nannie to employ hand sanitizer to her arms and wear proper garments when in contact with him.

I'm certain Yardley's pediatrician wouldn't agree with so called doctors treating common children. Bugs have been with the lower classes for centuries, and they have probably built a tolerence.

SCATS said...

To 2:14AM ~~ I'm not sure whether your comment was aimed at me or someone else. My comment at 12:38AM was intended to remind the previous person that the law dictates some medical expenses, it's NOT a choice.

Anonymous said...

Scats it's aimed at you. Not taking your children to the doctor for yearly check ups and vaccinations is child neglect. Morally it is not a choice. You might not get popped for it by CPS, but it is neglect pure and simple. You want to have kids, take care of them. Don't blame the school. "Physical Neglect: Not meeting a child's essential needs for food, clothing, and shelter is the most basic form of neglect. But there are many other forms. Parents may not obtain preventive dental or medical care for the child, such as vaccinations and routine physical examinations."

SCATS said...

To 11:52AM ~~ Wow! What did I say to cause you to question me on morals & parenting skills? I answered a portion of another person's question by stating it's THE LAW to get children immunized & to have their school physicals. I've said NOTHING about neglecting to do so!

While you are entitled to your opinion about what constitutes neglect, you have already admitted your standards are more rigorous than what CPS goes by. Believe it or not, some children have conditions that preclude them from getting certain vaccines. They are NOT neglected.

Personally, I disagree with having to get a 10-11 yr. vaccinated for what is essentially an STD in order to send him/her to school! The decision to opt for that should be based upon morality, mine, yours, everyone else's. It should be a choice, not a mandate.

I also think getting chicken pox might be healthier than getting an immunization when we're not sure of it's ability to protect over the longer term. Getting chicken pox as an adult (after getting vaccinated against it as a child) can have life altering consequences, especially for men.

This is an area where our govt has become TOO invasive with mandates. Vaccines like MMR, Polio, DPV are wise to get. The two I mentioned above are questionable.

How do you feel about the potential to make ALL kids get Gardasil? I think it's ridiculous! Another attempt by corporate America to get rich off of govt control of our lives. Enough already.

Anonymous said...

The Gardasil vaccine is not required, it is recommended by doctors. About 45% of 20-24 year olds are infected. So even if you never have sex until marriage, you're basically flipping a coin that your partner won't be infected. It's about 25% of 14-19 year olds. Condoms aren't especially effective against this one. Most people shed the virus within two years, which is why you probably see the infection rate go down after 24, but some people don't and may get cancer.

SCATS said...

To 4:02PM ~~ I know it's not required ... YET. There was talk about requiring it for all children, not just the girls. What a boon for the drug mfr! The last I heard, that may come up for consideration again in the future once they get things sorted out about their side effects and such.

Either way, it's still intended to prevent a sexually transmitted disease and as such it's THE PARENTS PLACE TO DECIDE,not anyone else's. It does NOT prevent all forms of infection, either. From the Gardasil website: "GARDASIL may not fully protect everyone ..." So there are no guarantees ;)

By the way, for people who lack health care coverage, it's nice to know you've passed your moral judgment on them as parents. I know there are options like Healthy Child, etc. BUT NOT ALL QUALIFY FOR THESE PROGRAMS.There are some people who fall through the cracks for various reasons. I know one such family very well.

Anonymous said...

SCATS just an FYI any child with no insurance can get CHP, no matter the parents income of insurance status. It may not be free but they can get it! The full month premium is about 150. The kicker is the child must not be enrolled in any plan at the time of application, so generally there is a month that the child goes with out coverage. The child may also be removed from any plan for any reason. If the family is deemed a full pay premium ( or not finacially needy based on fed poverty guidlines) and they choose CHP they may endure a 90 day waiting period.

SCATS said...

To 10:39AM ~~ I know it's hard to believe, but $150/mo is cost prohibitive to many families in this economy. It can be the difference between electricity or health care.