Wednesday, August 04, 2010

State Budget Cuts School Aid By $1.4 Billion

It repeals the tax exemption on clothing purchases under $110, adds a $1.60 tax increase on a pack of cigarettes, and adds about $1.1 billion in new taxes and fees.


SCATS ~~ So all of that grandstanding was just for show? Why am I not surprised?


Anonymous said...

So let me understand...the legislature passes a cap on property taxes to help the oppressed homeowners and raised the state taxes by another $1.1 Billion!?!?! How about a cap on state taxes to help the oppressed taxpayers all over the state?
Interesting how both the state and the utilities play the same game. The Governor tells us for moths how we have a multi-billion dollar shortfall and we'll need cuts and increased revenue to deal with it. RGE says they need $30 per rate-payer to make repairs and pay for the cost of delivering electricity. In the end RGE is trying to get about $3.00 per rate-payer and the state is "only" raising taxes by $1 Billion.
That's supposed to make us feel good???!?!?

SCATS said...

To 9AM ~~ About that "tax cap" ... "But the Assembly didn't vote on it. Gov. David Paterson threatened to call the Assembly back into session later this year to take up the tax cap, which polls show New Yorkers support."

Anonymous said...

The property tax cap is almost worthless anyway. The cap is set high enough that 99% of the school budgets would slide under the cap. Even the second budget (the one we didn't vote on) was just over the cap. What is really needed is the elimination of unnecessary administrative authorities (like the Thruway and 100 others!) and consolidation into a single legislative branch. Think of the office worker bees and staff we could save.

Anonymous said...

Scats; a 2% cap on property taxes or cpi which ever is lower?

Upcoming school tax increase of 4.5% will be effected how?

Charlie Hubbard said...

If any reader ever doubted the incompetence that is Albany, read the article on the d+c site.

This budget represents a SPENDING increase of **7.6%**

Absolute insanity!!

SCATS said...

To 10:25AM ~~ I think they conveniently forgot to explain how they will accomplish that ...

To Charlie ~~ Spending is the only thing rising in Greece Central ... along with salaries.

Anonymous said...

I can't get anyone to explain the property tax cap. I pay taxes based my property value to the school district; the county; the town; and the fire department.
Would the cap apply to each of these separatly or collectivly?

And what tools would the entities be given to hold down costs so some other tax doesn't replace the property tax?

They think we are fools; they may be right.

Anonymous said...

To All:

On Monday of this week we had a $9.5 Billion gap in balancing the NYS budget. Yes $1.4 was cut from school aid, yes some other tax increases BUT I have seen, read or heard where the other cuts were made.

Did the State of New York again borrrow approximately $8 Billion dollars to balance the budget? As they have to have a "Balanced" budget. Please say it isn't so.



SCATS said...

To 3:37PM ~~ We ARE fools. We keep re-electing the same people!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

A TAX cap is crap - a SPENDING cap, now we are getting some where.

Sorry to change the subject somewhat but there is a bigger issue I would like readers to think about.
The PEOPLE in California VOTED against gay marriage and now a judge has said 'sorry' your vote doesn't count.
The PEOPLE in Missouri VOTED to disallow the health care from being inforced and it appears the federal government is saying screw you 'WE' call the shots. Your vote doesn't count
Next week the Greece school board is planning to raise your taxes after YOU VOTED NO - screw you 'WE' know whats best. YOUR vote doesn't count.

This is america???????

SCATS said...

To Doug ~~ I heard Paterson on the news tonight and he was emphatic that there was NO borrowing. Some of the new forms of "revenue" will be coming from longer video gaming hours, repeal of the clothing tax (in Oct it gets phased out), and other new taxes & fees.

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned, we need to get rid of all incumbents. I too agree. The life time law makers have their own agendas, and we are not part of it.

How do you get rid of an incumbent who is running un-opposed? An example is David Gnatt(?..please verify spelling))...he appears to be a do nothing law maker, who deserves to be let go. How do you get rid of an unopposed incumbent?

SCATS said...

To 1:09PM ~~ It's G-A-N-T-T

You oust them by running against them or finding someone who will. I don't know of any other way, sadly ...

Anonymous said...

The citizens elected Charlie Hubbard to represent their interests and he said screw you and quit, mid-term.

The citizens elected Joe Moscato to represent their interests and he said screw you and quit, mid-term.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Yes, this is America.

SCATS said...

To 7:15AM ~~ You are so far off base, you aren't even in the same ballpark! FOR THE VERY LAST TIME, I'll explain this so that EVEN YOU can understand: Charlie Hubbard did quit midterm during his FIRST TERM on the BOE. Guess what? The residents VOTED HIM BACK INTO OFFICE a short time later! Joe Moscato did NOT quit mid-term! He quit a few weeks prior to the expiration of his term to try to accomplish something since the board "leaders" were so entrenched in games to protect some GCSD felons that building a case against them became impossible!


THIS IS the AMERICAN WAY, regardless your color preference :)

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 7:15 (anonymous)

I will give you credit for being half right. I did as you half a## decribe say screw you but was directed to an unethical administration and a rubber stamp school board who would not stand up to the super (sound familiar?) I was NOT going to be a part of what was the 'fleecing' of the taxpayers. Others were willing to look the other way.

If the circumstances were repeated I would do the same - no reservations and no appologies.

Just so you know it took a while but I was proven right.

We have a situation now where 'some' board members think 'they' know better than the community - they think 'they' are above all others. All I can say to the community is 'these' people with 'this' type of mindset are in Albany and Washington now - BE CAREFULL - the key word is TRUST.