Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Signs That GTA's New Contract Is Coming Soon ...

  • Greece school board delays renewing their search for a new supt. to September (they believe it will be so much EASIER with a new contract in place ;)
  • No GTA rep (or any other union rep!) spoke at the August BOE meeting (they only do this when they want something, so apparently they are feeling satisfied ;)
  • No picketing ... though last year's antics happened just prior to school opening ;)

Greece teachers in Sept. last year

Greece teachers in Sept. this year?

SCATS ~~ An interesting aside ... I tried to find ONE photo of a Greece teacher in action in the 2010-11 GCSD school calendar/handbook and discovered THERE ARE NONE! NOT EVEN ONE! What does that say about our district??


Anonymous said...

That calendar is to show case students, not teachers!

SCATS said...

To 8:15PM ~~ WHERE does it say that? It doesn't ;)

Everyone who has been around the GCSD block a few times is well aware that Greece teachers do not want to be recorded (video or voice) and now we can add photographed to that too. Kind of makes some of us wonder what they have to hide ... I discovered it myself while volunteering in an elementary school where a teacher could be heard SHREIKING at her pupils through her closed, window-covered classroom door. Please don't tell me it doesn't happen and isn't hidden. And FYI, it wasn't a one time event.

Anonymous said...

I think 8:15 is confused. The publication showcases student artwork. It also contains pics of some senior citizens and a parent or two. Scats is correct - no teachers anywhere. I think that's odd.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the NEW calender uploaded onto the district's web site yet? School starts in a week.

Anonymous said...

What they have to hide might be their photo on the sexual predator web site. Greece is playing catch up to other districts.

Anonymous said...

UNFORTUNATELY for GCSD employees, NY is a single party concent State when it comes to recording.

More unfortunately both Olympus & Sony sell very small digital recorders that can record an entire day at School so angry activist parents cah determine what the children learned that day.

Beckie, Biff, don't forget to punch Record when you go in the schoolhouse door, and leave Mr Recorder in your pocket. We won't need Cable TV for entertainment when we have Miss Nudnikk and Mr Twich to listen to.

If the pathetic ersatz teachers are signing a contract, it's mainly because they can lock in health care before the Jan 2011 rules kick in and really SCREW THE TAXPAYERS.

SCATS said...

To 11:43PM ~~ I think you made a great point about locking in their health care! What does our BOE have to say about that, I wonder ... ?

Anonymous said...

Scats; are we still paying the art teacher and the science and math teachers on the same pay scale? If so do we know if this is being negociated.

SCATS said...

To 7:04AM ~~ There are no changes in that arrangement. I've heard no mention of it made during negotiations, so it seems safe to assume that the K-2 gym teacher will get the same pay as the AP calculus teacher.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I have seen no more than any other reader. There are 2 items I would bring to your attention that was put on the table in 2006 when I was the board rep on negociations. The super (Steve A) took over in 2007 and I was fired which was ok as I was getting little progress with the union.

The 2 items were 'release time' for union reps and 'absenteeism'

Absenteeism is pretty much self explanitory and I would encourage all to read this part of the contract (page 35) and tell me improvement is not nessessary. It is the 'only' part of the contract that speaks to both cost and quality.
The second item is release time - simply put - taxpayers pay for people to leave thier teaching responsibility to do 'union' business (page 34). There is no item that should pi## taxpayers off more than this - presently over $100,000 per year with NO educational value.
To support the continuation of this item would be a true slap in the face of taxpayers - yes just as disrepectfull as the spitting on the taxpayers vote as has happened again this year.

Lastly if a contract has been agreed to the community should have plenty of time to check it out before the board votes - if the union members can view it so to should the taxpayers.

PS; don't forget the Comptrollers audit asking the board to 'show the benefit to the district' of any new contract (page 30 item 17) prior to voting.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the channel 13 local news last night? The "Graduates" are not prepared to do college level work so says the MCC rep. Students paying for and taking non credit remedial courses in ENGLISH and MATH.....(what a surprise) are at an all time high. She also stated that those AP courses the GTA crows about are not rigorous enough either. College level work , that is where the rubber meets the road and this bunch of greedy, whining, self described educators are not delivering. Yeah I know it is all about the kids but I just received my tax bill and I resent every GD dime I have to fork over to Don Palozzi and his cadre of loathsome non producing union dues paying parasites.

SCATS said...

To 12:22PM ~~ I saw the story online (13WHAM) and am not surprised at all. In fact, I'm aware of an RIT student from Greece who was not given credit for AP Physics after receiving a score of 5 on BOTH the AP test for calculus and the AP test for Physics as administered by GCSD. Sad, huh?

Anonymous said...

page 14 seems to have a music teacher with a student.

SCATS said...

To 3:46PM ~~ I think that's the PTA guy.

Anonymous said...

Folks, too bad. Stop your crying. If you don't like your taxes than MOVE. Leave Greece. Leave New York. If you have such a bad lot in life than fix it. Help yourself before you help others. If you feel so angry about a teacher making so much money, what about your Assistant Director of Human Resources in GCSD. She makes more than the upper tier teachers in Greece and she is a CIVIL SERVANT!!!! SHE HAS NO COLLEGE EDUCATION AT ALL!!! SHE MAKES OVER $80,000 (2009 SALARY). Complain about that.
SCATS...you are right about the AP courses not getting college credit at some colleges. But the fact is that is the same at ANY school district. In fact if you ever transfer college to college all of your courses might not even transfer. Those are the facts but you fail to report them. All you care about is making incendiary comments and not reporting all the facts. You are no better than an adminstrator in GCSD.

SCATS said...

To 7:39PM ~~ It doesn't take much to get the union's panties knotted into a twist, does it? Yours is the oh so typical union retort we've all grown accustomed to hearing, complete with use/misuse of the wrong word in the wrong place. You must relearn the proper use of "than" and "then" giving 100 examples for your homework ~ due 6AM Thursday.

Regarding the AP course I mentioned, what I didn't tell you was that it was at RIT. Guess what they say about Greece Central? They tell parents that they are very aware of how numbers are fudged on student transcripts and use GCSD as an example, then explain they recompute everyone's GPAs, etc. to put all applicants on a level field. That's a really swell reputation for our district, isn't it?

FYI, I CHOOSE TO STAY AND BE A THORN IN YOUR SIDE ... and try to help fix the mess that the muckety-muck politicians and NY union thugs have made. Deal with it :)

I may be no better than a GCSD administrator, but I do know the proper use of "than" vs "then" so that puts me above a GTA teacher, at least for today ;)

Anonymous said...

FYI, not a teacher, don't even work for the district. I don't even live in Greece. I made that choice years ago to move. I pay more taxes than you but I am a hell of a lot happier. Sorry for the misuse of a word. I think now you have empowered me to correct your future grammatical errors.

1. If Greece is such a good district than why can't you get a new Superintendent?

2. You corrected my grammatical errors rather than address the real issue of a non educated civil servant making more than most teachers.

3. Scats, why did you continue to volunteer in a classroom and keep quiet about a teacher "SHREIKING", rather than report it to the BOE?

4. Why does Dr. Deb Hoeft keep getting promoted after losing several lawsuits, and costing GCSD millions, rather than being demoted/fired?

5. Why does a GCSD civil service employee make more than most GCSD teachers?

6. If GCSD is such bad place to educate kids then why isn't there a mass exodus?

7. If Charlie Hubbard was so good at negotiating contracts then why wasn't one settled with him on the baragining team?

8. Why did Charlie Hubbard spell negociations (sic) rather than negotiations?

9. Being a public employee myself, I am prepared to stay up and pull an "all nighter" and finish your assignement. Then I will call in sick in the morning.

10. If I stay up and finish your assignment, then your tax payer money will be frivolously spent by paying someone OT to fill my spot.

SCATS...maybe I should just be a reader rather "then" a poster to your blog. On a serious note, if it wasn't for you most people would be ill informed. Enjoy.

PS. Should I really finish my assignment rather than go to work in the morning?

Anonymous said...

Isn't the AP Exam a state exam and scored by the State? It would have been more appropriate for RIT to not believe in the class grade.

Anonymous said...

Scats, I must have been laughing so hard I again used the wrong than/then.

#1 should have had then, rather than than.

Can you edit that for me using your red font?

SCATS said...

To 8:53PM ~~ For my convenience, I'll number the answers to correspond to your questions.

1 - In the one round of applicants vetted in our most recent Supt. search, I believe our BOE lacks the grit to hire anyone the union isn't onboard with. In my mind, one applicant stood out, far ahead of the rest, but I think their prejudices got in the way.(FYI - You should have used "then.")

2 & 5 - I think these are essentially the same question, right? I believe the BOE who adopted the contracts in question are the only folks who could respond to that. I'm no mind-reader ... but I keep trying!

3 - How do you know whether or not I did? The truth is, the teacher was already well-known by the BOE. They did what is typically done in such a situation - they (the Supt. actually, I believe) just kept reassigning her to different buildings as the complaints came in!

4 - Again, I can't read the BOE's minds. I think there are several people GCSD needs to purge from DO. Just my opinion.

6 - I think there has been a mass exodus. Enrollment is down by over 2000 students ... and never came close to the predicted swell of 16,000!

7 - ANYTHING requiring approval by the BOE requires 5 votes. He's just one person. I believe he says he was "fired" from the negotiating team. I suspect they didn't like hearing certain facts.

8 - Maybe he was a GCSD grad????

9 - Typical ... :)

10 - Why don't you do what the non-public sector employees must do? They pull the all-nighter AND THEN GO TO WORK IN THE MORNING!

10.5 - Thanks ... I think! :)

Yes, please pull the all-nighter. I'll be looking for your assignment posted to the comments on this thread with a time stamp BEFORE 6AM ;)

SCATS said...

To 9:13PM ~~ Sorry, I was apparently writing my responses when your request arrived. In reality, you used the wrong word at the end of your previous posting, too. That's why I insist that you do your homework AND go to the office in the morning, even if you aren't rested. It will give you character, instead of making you into one ;)

Anonymous said...

10 - Maybe it is not in the publics best interest that I stay up all night. Maybe I am a kind of employee who has a high risk job that could put the my life or someone's elses life in jeopardy. IE: electrician, construction worker, police officer, firefighter, etc.

Off to work, I don't want to lose my pension.

Smile, have a nice day. Life is fun. You know what they say...Laughing will increase the longevity of life.

SCATS said...

To 5:55AM ~~ Pssst! In this country we insist that interns, residents and others who make life-saving decisions multiple times daily go without adequate sleep all in the name of training. Like I said, it builds character. Too bad you chose unwisely :) You're fired!

Anonymous said...

05:55 "High Risk" yeah right sounds like you got nothing to do but blog cause you caught the mid watch. Take your high risk and stuff it the real risk takers just do their job and keep quiet about it. You sound like a union hack from some other union who has a vested interest in another generous contract for the teachers union. "High Risk" get over your self hero (nauseating).

Anonymous said...

You question the salary of a DO person - a very uninformed question when only based on yearly salary.
Perhaps you would try to make a comparison based on a per hour comparison, days worked, things like that.
Does this person have at DO have tenure or do they have to perform to keep thier job??????????

SCATS said...

To 9/01/2010 8:59 PM ~~ Sorry for the delayed response. No, AP exams are provided by the College Board, same folks who provide the PSAT & SAT exams.

Anonymous said...

Scats... "unwisely" so you say. But I did get a great nights sleep. I do thank you for that.

to 1:23pm
Don't have the "mid watch". I actually get up early, exercise before work. Just because you have a bad lot in life you can still change. There is always time for change. Don't be so angry. Life is short. You should not be in such a haste to be judging anyone. that is God's responsibility and only his. Let me guess you were one of the advocates to get rid of prayer before Greece Town Board meetings.

To 1:43
Oh she performed all right!!! That statement is not meant in any sexual connotation.

SCATS said...

To 7:20PM ~~ I have nothing to do with your ability to sleep, or not. But thanks for elevating my importance in your life ;)

Anonymous said...

1:23 here nah I am not one of the no prayer people I think it is a good thing deference to a higher power. I am a just anger kind of person and I am sick and tired of having whiners and their racketeer union and union reps constantly in my back pocket just because they can. As far as your high risk environment, most of the people who really have walked the walk don't ever talk about it get it now?

Anonymous said...

to 8:40...You are wrong. Most people in this kind of environment do talk about it because they are proud of what they do. They don't hide. The people who won't talk about their jobs are most likely the ones who don't care about their jobs. I "get it". You don't nor will ever get it because you choose to be ignorant and a "anger kind of a person." Where does that anger get you? Enjoy!!

SCATS said...

To 6:04AM ~~ Are you aware of how angry your most recent comment sounds?

Anonymous said...

1:23 here last comment on this one. Don't care about my job, wrong again and I got the decorations in my sock drawer to prove it. Like I said most of the people that do are never heard about they like it that way. Angry no, tired of bulls--t artists yelling look at me, or give me more of what you worked for, yes.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration is rejecting posting a comment for name-calling.

To the author of the comment ~~ While I see your point to a certain extent at least, I'm not posting it because once things have dissolved to this level, they never go back to being more civil. Also, you previously wrote: "You should not be in such a haste to be judging anyone." I think it might be wise to heed your own advice in this particular case.

Anonymous said...

Oh Scats. You need/want me more than you know. I am disappointed that you didn't post my comment. Correct me if I am wrong but I don't belive I called anyone names. It didn't make a judgement, I made professional opinion!!

Scats, I do truly appreciate you.

SCATS said...

To 10:55PM ~~ I still have the comment. You did call names. That's MY professional opinion ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS , What is the proper procedure for reporting that a teacher doesn't do their job ? I've heard it was allready proven they don't and nothing was done . Am I just wasting my time if I do ? I wasn't aware that it's common knowledge , that there are alot of them . If one teacher and/or coach isn't doing there job , aren't there alot of people not doing there jobs ? We could save tax payers $250,000 just by firing this one "teacher" and there immediate supervisors . Get rid of 10 of them and we could buy books , Kleenex , and laptops for every High School kid in the District .

SCATS said...

To 12:55AM ~~ The procedure would be to report it to their immediate supervisor, likely the building principal. I think a heads up to the BOE in writing (make sure YOU provide a written copy to each one individually to ensure it gets shared) is in order too. Of course, if the teacher has tenure, not much is likely to happen. If they don't, you can pray that they get put on an improvement plan and don't sue us up one side and down the other as a result. Sad, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

SCATS : So if a teacher has tenure they can teach 2 of the 7 things kids need to know for the ELA's and also coach a sport they have never played or have little knowledge of ? If this is true What are Principals and Athletic Directors paid for ? Paying them to back people like this up , makes no sense. If they are powerless , why not let them go .We could pay someone much less to make the schedule of events . Any Superintendant can have the greatest plan for improvement , but it's totally worthless with teachers like this ? May as well skip the Super too . Maybe this is why kids respect custodians more than administraters or teachers . Yes its sad .

SCATS said...

To 10:12PM ~~ I agree. Very sad. Costly, too. The kids pay the highest price of all while the taxpayers foot the bill for more waste.