Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Russell Station Vandals Create Slater Creek Oil Spill

Vandals seeking copper from a transformer dumped 4800 gal. of oil causing an oil sheen on Slater Creek & on Lake Ontario which was reported to RG&E Monday morning. Anyone seeing an oil sheen is advised to avoid it & to avoid fishing in the area.

“We brought a local environmental cleanup firm onboard right away. They have placed absorbent booms in Slater Creek, I understand in a number of locations there. We believe that the vast majority of the oil is in fact on the ground or in the ground around the transformer area so eventually excavating that soil and removing it.” ~~ Clayton Ellis, RG&E spokesman


SCATS ~~ So we're back to the same old, same old in Greece. An incident known about early Monday morning doesn't get mentioned until more than 48 hrs. later? Why didn't our Supervisor address this at the Greece Town Board meeting last night? Did he forget? Or was he too busy gloating to the media about his court victory - "in the name of Jesus"? Oh, I know! We're still such a "Safe Town" he doesn't talk about the crimes. I'm thinking all of the above  ;)


Anonymous said...

oily stuff in Greece Who woulda thunk it.

More seriously where is the security around this plant

Anonymous said...

Can you say WHAT SECURITY?

The current owners of RG&E don't give a rats rump about Russel beyond it being another ine item on their balance sheet. Any expense that can be cut is being cut to show RG&E as more profitable so it can be sold.

A month ago All Traffic Flaggers in Eastern Monroe division were eliminated, now the linemanin the bucket is also required to flag traffic around the truck or stand by for impact. A loophole in V&T law is being used to increase profit.

Even worse, without Russel, that next power failure will last a hell of a lot longer. Thank you tree huggers. Don't even ask how much money RG&E got from selling the equipment at Russel, or bother ooking for your next pittance from the sale of the Nuke. You got screwed out of that too.

SCATS said...

Has anyone else noticed that when bad things happen in Greece, it's NEVER the "worst thing" but always the "non/low PCB" type of trouble?

Anonymous said...

Russell station was one of the nations largest polluters. If you have any allergies or breathing difficulties the place was bad news. There was some talk of refurbing it it. which might solve the capacity problem. I think I recall Schumer was involved.

Perhaps someone in the democratic party could get a contact through to him to look at this.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an article in Rochester Business Journal about the new name in 2009 of the company that holds RGE. it was called Energy East and is now Iberdrola.

Here is a quote from one of their executives.
“Directly linking the strong Iberdrola global brand—and its association with renewable, caring for the environment and focusing on customers—with our companies makes complete sense,” Iberdrola USA CEO Robert Kump said in a statement.

Since they were responsible for the safe handling and storage of the toxins and oil that has now corrupted and polluted our environment, lake and drinking water, shouldn't they be the ones who completely pay to clean it up without charging the customers for their lack of security? And they should be fined.
We would be if we poured motor oil down the storm drain.
It sounds like russell station could be the location of a future hoarders episode. What else are they storing there?

Anonymous said...

I read on scats facebook page that Maureen D is interested in this. This would be a good issue to raise some concerns about the environment in Greece which Auberger and the MC republican largely neglect

Go Maureeen go

Anonymous said...

The NYS Possum Police are on this like white on rice. You can rest assured when the PP smell a deep pocket like RG&E they will go after every penny they can extract, unlike the way they go after gas stations leaking contamination into the ground.

Possum Policing is all about money. Some times it's cash in an envelope in a desk drawer, and some times it's a fine + cleanup.

The acerage at Russel is primarily swamp that has been built up over the years with flyash. It is very stable and doesn't absorb or leach worth a damn. The transformer oil is very similar to the mineral oil a lot of people pour down their neck to ease the process of dislodging a politician into the toilet. Not actually much of a polutant. The transformer oil may well have been water soluable, but nobody is talking on that issue.

The RG&R spokesman who claimed the oil had been left in the transformer because it was the only way to prevent corrosion wasn't exactly telling the truth either. Those transformers are delivered without oil in them, charged to a positive pressure with nitrogen or another gas, and can be stored with a gas charge after the oil has been removed for corrosion prevention. The transformer itself may not actually have been stored, but rather one of the transformers that fed power from Russel. Again, nobody is talking and nobody can get in to see.

RG&E has been doing a wonderful job of mistelling the truth about generation going back to closing Bebee Station downtown. The original claim was Bebee was obsolete and the cost of rebuilding was too high. The truth was Tom Richards was able to make more money fast selling polution credits for Bebee and selling off the equipment than he could by keeping the station on line. The equipment was for sale 6 months after shutdown and was Listed as state of the art and only a few years old. The ratepayers got shafted and Richards got richer. Tom may well be the next Maya of Rochester, where he will demonstrate his skill liquidating a city.

When Russel was taken off line only #1 boiler needed replacement, and that would have been a routine maintainence item in the generating business. Instead, the ratepayers took a shafting, and NY taxpayers will pay for new transmission lines to bring replacement power to Rochester.

BTW, When the next regional blackout comes along, be prepared to be without power for a long time. Russel was the last Station in NY with a house generator, and restarting the grid without Russel will rely on power generated in Canada or Ohio. Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Guess what else, every killowatt of electricity in NY other than that generated privately by users like Kodak, is controlled by a bargain basement employee hiding in a windowless room in Albany. Guess where the lights come back on first after the next blackout.