Monday, August 02, 2010

Parrinello On Pignato Hiring ...

“My story has not varied one iota." (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ And Supervisor Alzheimer's inability to recall ANYTHING hasn't varied either. Time to demand his resignation!


Anonymous said...

Scats, pretty harsh opinion but an opinion I have had since April of this year, (We should demand Auberger to step down). Auberger should resign or retire or whatever it is that politicians who lie, cheat or involved in criminal acts do when they have lost all respect from the people who they works for, in Auberger's case; (Town of Greece Residents).

You know JP is correct in saying that his story has not changed one bit in a year. But Auberger's recall has changed a few times with contradictions just since April. One of the Captains of GPD said it during the trial, "it is really hard to be a good liar but it is real easy to tell the truth all the time".
Apparently Auberger hasn't heard that yet because he thinks he can say what ever he wants to us ignorant Greece residents and get away with it.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should invite NancyPelosi to Greece. I see on the web news today that the Congressional Dems have declared that they have finally cleaned up Congress.
(I wonder if she has a "Mission Accomplished" banner to hang in her office!)