Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Is Federal $$ For Rehiring Teachers Arriving Too Late?

Lou Alaimo, assistant superintendent for finance for the Greece Central School District thinks so.

"We're still very skeptical about what this is really going to mean."

GCSD cut 70 teaching positions following loss of $8.8 million in state aid.


SCATS ~~ As someone commented in the D&C, we can call this program "Cash For Flunkers."


Anonymous said...

This package of aid is really just a tax raise that comes early. This package will allow districts to hire/ re-hire teachers that they have determined they do not need using this (one-time) support from the federal government. Those federal dollars come from us as federal tax-payers, and our children and grandchildren who will pay off that debt in the future. Next year, when the federal dollars are gone, we will be asked to increase our local school taxes to pay for the new teachers we hired this year. I guess the feds believe we will pay for something once it is in place. They don't understand that we have found a way to live within the budget we can afford.
The key to real help is that it must be sustainable, and these one time "gifts" from Washington are no more sustainable than the aid from Albany.
This was nothing more than a way to garner support from the teachers unions.

Anonymous said...

And I would bet that the stipulation is as such, any teacher re hired with this money may not be let go.

GCSD should not use the money if that is the case as it is a loop hole to get by what the community voted and said it wanted.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Greece C.S.D. any and all potential Superintendent candidates.

SCATS said...

To 9:48PM ~~ That seems to be of little importance since O'Rourke feels so at home here and the BOE is just all so happy with him. Don't be shocked if he gets a contract.