Wednesday, August 04, 2010

GPD Nab Graduation Gift Grabber

WHEC-TV reports: 23 yr old Jonathan Nucci was arrested Monday and charged with burglary & petit larceny

SCATS ~~ If only we could get GPD to arrest Supervisor Alzheimer for perjury, we might be able to move on and recover from the scandals on John's watch ;)


Anonymous said...

Well the DA's office wouldn't pursue the Walt's thefts in computers and vacation time and other money siphoning which totaled over $2 million. But they sure liked to get publicity for a measly $100K or so at the water authority or Robutrad. If the crime is politically unacceptable to a desired image and publicity would damage the power brokers then it is ignored.
The evidence presented about Walts was overwhelming. No one locally or in Albany would touch it. We do not have elected officials. We have a complex consortium of elected white collar criminals, co-conspirators, holyier-than-thou flacks and manipulating political wannabes and cheerleaders whose fragile egos need constant stroking. Name any political officeholder, service group leader, D&C blogger, high profile business person and I'll show you someone that is either a closet felon or has protected the crooks and contributed to the immense decline of the Town of Greece and our school district. There isn't one public name in the town or country, save Duffy (who maybe on the take based on choosing Crista for the civic center) who is clean.
Moral of the story: The crooks win every time. The average citizen pays dearly.
But few will notice or care. And fewer will decide to take action.
Conclusion: If you like it here then learn nothing of what goes on around you. And be prepared to leave when you hear the toilet flushing. As it has been for sometime.

SCATS said...

To 7:28PM ~~ You've made some excellent points! Too bad integrity & politics can't coexist in upstate NY.