Thursday, August 19, 2010

GPD Looking For Link In Copper Thefts

Greece Police are re-examining copper cable thefts from Barnard Carnival site in June to see if it might be connected to the copper theft from Russell Station this week.

The WHEC website reports: “I immediately thought it was possibly the same perpetrator, I guess you would say. It's just very uncanny that large amounts of copper would be stolen in such a short time period.” ~~ Dick Young, co-chairman of the Barnard Fire Department Carnival

Young says a ride vendor discovered that a large, 750 pound copper cable was missing from his power house to the rides. It was 250 feet of thick, multi-conductor wire that runs the rides. But that's not all. “When the ride vendor packed up his show Saturday night, and arrived in Geneva, he discovered that three more rides had also been vandalized and burglarized, at a total cost to the rise vendor of $16,500. That's huge for a ride vendor and a carnival like ours.”

Firefighter Young says the thieves must have known what they were doing as they dragged this heavy cable through the woods at the back of the firehouse property to a waiting truck on the next street. “I've been a carnival chairman for several years. I've been a fireman for 30 years and we've never had this happen on our property.”

Barnard Fire Department and the ride vendor are offering a combined $2,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction in their theft.

Greece Police ask anyone with information to call their tip line -- 581-4016.

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Anonymous said...

Why are we just hearing about the theft in the Barnard Exempt field right now? There might be a connection but if the public had been informed about that great theft in July we might have been able to give police a tip and put the thieves on notice that they better not strike again. Also the yards that buy this type of "scrap" would have been on notice in July to look out for the stolen copper. Then we might have put the crooks in jail and they would not have ruined the stream and lake. I thought the new police were supposed to be more open.