Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elmhurst Illinois City Council May Ban Eye-Rolling

Audible sighing & eye-rolling caused a frustrated citizen to be ejected from a meeting in June. The city's attorneyy is researching the definition of "disorderly conduct" to potentially ban "Making faces behind the mayor's back ..."


SCATS ~~ And I thought such total stupidity was only found in the Greece Central School District's school board's meeting room! We can claim to be "leaders" in this realm by arresting a citizen for sighing years before Elmhurst thought of it ;)


Anonymous said...

Time to let it go. How many years ago was your incident, Larry?

SCATS said...

To 6:09PM ~~ Let go of it? No, no no! This is what puts Greece on the map! Our dysfunction is historic AND we've led the nation ;)

Anonymous said...

And you better watch that middle finger!

Charlie Hubbard said...

The Larry situation was the result of elected officials (school board) who felt 'they' were the only ones who knew anything and could make up the rules to reflect anything 'they' wanted.
Whenever an elected official reaches this level - watch out.

Unfortunatly we are slideing back to that level now. The rules this school board laid down yesterday mean nothing today. The policies approved yesterday mean nothing today. Just make up your rules as we go along.
2 clear cut examples. The school board in 2008 accepted and agreed with the findings of the Comptroller, that was yesterday, today we don't 'want' to follow those rules.
The choice to ignore the VOTE of the community unfortunatly is not new. What was new was the reason for not having another vote via a new found concern about costs.
Rumor has it a new teachers contract is coming down the pike - remember these two items if and when that happens.

Anonymous said...

Our LEaders and elected officials need to get "thicker skin". No wonder we are a nation of cry babies.

SCATS said...

To 7:16AM ~~ I have a philosophical question. If we chopped off a person's middle finger for using it "inappropriately" wouldn't one of the other fingers become "the middle finger" then? If so, which one would it be? The ring finger or the index finger? ;)

To 9:02AM ~~ Don't hold your breath waiting for that to happen. They LOVE the power they yield. It's ALL about OD'ing on control which is what makes Greece so DYSFUNCTIONAL!