Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chad Rahn Case In Court Because Of "New" GPD

Anonymous said...

If Merritt Rahn was still the police chief of Greece this would never have gone to court. You never heard of any crime in Greece being solved when he was chief, especially if it involved his son or his friends. They must have thought they were invincible because they were connected to the Rahn dynasty. But no more.

Thanks for the link to the indictment of these 2 gangsta wannabees. Although they are dangerous. Apparently the indictment states that the police facilitated the victim of the beating to record the assailant. Again something that never would have happened during the Rahn reign. This case would have been swept under the rug even after the young man was robbed and beaten in retaliation. In fact the house that was the subject of the tip would have been given a warning so the weed could have been hidden.

There still remains one big problem in Greece. All of the favoritism and looking the other way while police crashed into victims while drunk and coked up and lecherous officers extorted sexual favors from women in return for leniency and special drug program teens get to crash cars while under the influence and the toxicology results are fabricated.....all of this was perpetrated under the leadership of our same Greece Supervisor. Until he leaves office we can't be sure we won't again be under the reign of terror of that police state. It went on for so many years with no oversight. We should make sure that 1- the present chief stays and keeps doing this great job and does not become corrupted by the scum that still has not been eradicated. And 2-we should make sure we get a new supervisor.   8/10/2010 11:55 PM

READ the Indictment of Frank Arena & Matthew Montrois ~ The men charged with beating Chris Spahn after getting tipped off by Rahn.

SCATS ~~ Excellent points are made above! Under Rahn's reign as Chief of Safe Town USA, such a crime as the one involving Arena/Montrois/Rahn probably would never have been reported, let alone made public. I agree that the ultimate responsibility for ALL THAT HAPPENED BEFORE falls to Supervisor John Alzheimer, who chose to look the other way and then "forget" that he did so. Until the Supervisor position is filled with someone as capable as Baxter appears to be, we are still vulnerable to reliving the past corruption that decimated GPD.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: What if it is true that baby rahn was the one that told the fast acting arena who blew him in about growing marijuana?
Is it possible that rahn might not want arena to testify against him about where he got his intelligence? Shouldn't arena be afraid of rahn or rahn's blue line friends.
This is starting to look like the da again may not have a leg to stand on type of case. Even if rahn is found guilty they still should be afraid.
Are the police offering protection to the man who was beat up? Are they offering protection to the 2 that beat him up in case they are going to turn state's evidence? Does Greece offer a witness relocation program? Does Merritt feel safer in prison?