Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BOE Meeting Emulates Town Board

No one came to speak ... there was little discussion of items requiring a vote ... they dispensed with the "business" portion of the agenda in record time!

The meeting began a good 20 minutes late (rude & unlike the Town Board in that regard).

NO ONE spoke at Resident's Forum. NO ONE spoke from any union, not even the GTA! Apparently, this group has quickly driven away all interested parties in record time.

A resolution regarding the tax levy was read and several large numbers were iterated before the BOE unanimously (8-0) supported the tax levy resolution. Note to Charlie Hubbard: There was NO Roll Call Vote taken! (Sorry, but I didn't catch the numbers ... I think most of you will have STICKER SHOCK when you get your School Tax bills next month.)

Assessments under the revised NYSED rules were briefly discussed. There will be a future discussion of what GCSD is doing differently to address the changes (requested by Oberg & agreed to by O'Rourke).

Ferington revisited the need to have School Resource Officers this Fall. The BOE is exploring the idea of paying up to $120,000 from the reserve funds to pay for them IF it doesn't put the administrative budget over the limit in light of our contingency budget AND pending a discussion of getting some funding help and the go ahead from Supervisor Auberger regarding the cost and manpower requirements. (Lotsa luck on the funding issue ; Even if he gives it to you this year, he will likely take it away next year ... without telling you!)

There was a discussion of BOE Committees and Strategic Planning which I missed almost entirely. I did hear O'Rourke say this regarding BOE Committees: "What I'm really interested in is a different way of thinking ... What is it we want to achieve? ... How do we achieve it? ... How will we know when we've achieved it?"


Anonymous said...

"What do we want to achieve?" and "How will we know when we've achieved it?" sound remarkably like two questions involved in goal setting. One other important question with goals is "By what time do we want to achieve it?" A goal without a date is just a dream.
Note to board: HOW the goal is achieved is the responsibility of the Supt. The goal SETTING is part of governance, and that's on your side of the plate.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats; I did not hear what the tax rate was that they voted on - did you? I heard the total amount but did not hear within the resolution the increase that was finalized via the tax warrant.
Simply put the board voted 8-0 to approve the new tax levy (without voter approval) - sooo how much was that increase?
Sorry to have to say this but here we have a POPERTY TAX INCREASE without voter approval and there is NO DISCUSSION?????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Why do these board members keep removing stuff from the budget one week only to add it back without batting an eyelash the next week? Are they indecisive? Fence-sitters? Conflicted? Confused? We didn't get more money from Uncle Sam or Uncle Dave, did we? This is impacting my sense of trust in anything they do because it doesn't stay done.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I thought maybe I missed something, but apparently not. I got the feeling they didn't care what it was because they are feeling so good about each other ;)

SCATS said...

To 8:49AM ~~ GOOD QUESTION! I don't think they are aware they are doing it ... and sounding ridiculous while they are.

Anonymous said...

8;49 I also heard a board member wanting to add back something that was taken out just a couple months ago.
The other bad part was his reasoning was completely based on emotion. Again something already discussed at budget time and an item that is part of the everyday operation which is the superintendents job not the board. And as usual other board members have to chime in.

SCATS said...

To 10:53AM ~~ If we don't keep a close eye on them, we're going to end up with a budget as big as the one voted down!

Anonymous said...

Are Oberg and Julia failing in their new roles already? I thought this was the new leadership that was supposed to make everything better!

Anonymous said...

So scats, what was the tax increase approved?
Is it true that all membersvoted for an increase?

SCATS said...

To 1:41PM ~~ Apparently they are keeping the tax rate increase "secret." You'll find out in your School Tax Bill soon. Of the 8 BOE members in attendance, all voted "yes" on the tax levy figures.