Monday, August 16, 2010

Athena MS Supply List Promises "Bonus Points"

LOTE American Sign Language (ASL) – Mrs. Bishop

8th Grade Level 1A & 1B

􀂾 Minimal 4 GB Thumb Drive (label with Student’s name) if not already purchased for the class

􀂾 1 subject spiral notebook

􀂾 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder

􀂾 1 package loose leaf paper

􀂾 10 index tabs for Binder

􀂾 Highlighters (2 different colors)

􀂾 Color pencils

􀂾 2 glue sticks

􀂾 Pencils (#2 & pens)

􀂾 Notebook size 3 hole punch (extra)

􀂾 OPTIONAL – 3 blank writable CD’s (for storage of video portfolio Data)

Optional Extra’s for the general class use (5 bonus points for each optional supply)

􀂾 1 box of tissues

􀂾 1 hand sanitizer

􀂾 1 bottle Clorox clean up wipes

Summer Reading Books / Book Reports

􀂾 Deaf Child Crossing, by Marlee Matlin

􀂾 Deaf Like Me, by James P. Spradley
SCATS ~~ "Optional supplies" with "bonus points" reduces the teacher's credibility in objectively assigning student grades to zero! No wonder they ALL MAKE HIGH HONOR ROLL! Assigning "homework" over the Summer further reduces any faith I have in establishing the teacher's ability to perform the required duties for the salary they receive. I'd like to see a few lawsuits brought on these items. I'm not sure either "requirement" is legal!


Anonymous said...

The ASL teacher requires WORK for the points and is optional, my child will be reading for ASL . It is no different than the required summer reading and work that the kids have to do.

This year the incoming 8th graders had a required list of books that dealt with social justice issues.

SCATS said...

The BONUS POINTS require bringing in the "optional supplies."

Anonymous said...

Um skuse me teach, just WTF will we be doing with the divided notebook and all the other crap in an ASL class?

SIGN LANGUAGE teach, not lets write a book about your personal feelings. ASL is pretty damn well established, and no notebook is necessary if you're any kind of a teacher.

I only used 1 finger making it.

SCATS said...

To 12:37PM ~~ You get 4 bonus points ... for the fingers you didn't use ;) lol

Anonymous said...

I should get 9.
I kept the other hand in my pocket.

Who the hell do these so called teachers think they are? I've seen more honesty in a Vegas dealers break room.

The public has been conditioned to quietly accept crap they should be humiliating! Humiliation worked in years gone by and it's past time to pull it off the shelf, dust it off, and use it again. The so called teachers don't like being himiliated can either shape up or leave town.

Some dipstick claiming to be a teacher sent me a list like that I'd be calling them at their RESIDENCE for an explanation.

SCATS said...

To 4:39PM ~~ And IF you make that call, it is highly likely YOUR CHILD will become a sudden "problem" in school ... if you get my drift ;)

I agree that Greece parents need to grow a spine and use it. Unfortunately, the go-alongs know their kids will somehow be "rewarded" for the silence by their parents in the face of the ongoing dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

I hate being himiliated...

Anonymous said...

What are points for?

SCATS said...

To 7:20 AM ~~ Some teachers give points or credit for completing "the first homework of the school year" when the student shows up with ALL of the goodies on the school supply list as dictated by the teacher.