Monday, August 23, 2010

An Alert* From GPD Capt. Uhrmacher

I wanted to pass along to you some information on several residential burglaries in the Dewey Ave./Northgate area.

Burglaries have been reported on the following streets in the month of August:
Desmond Rd., Dellwood Circle, Mosely Rd., Tait Ave., McGuire Rd., Delmar Rd., Veness Ave. and Cragg Rd.

Many of these jobs seemed to have happened during daytime hours. The point of entry quite often is a door forced open or a broken window. In many instances the cases have involved small items stolen, such as laptops, jewelry or cash. I give you this information as I know you have some very observant people in your area. Please pass along to them to call 9-1-1 if they see anything remotely suspicious. We would prefer to come out and deem something as not suspicious after all, rather than not hear anything until someone calls to report another burglary.

Thanks much and I will try to keep you updated.

Captain Brian P. Uhrmacher
Greece Police Department
Professional Services Bureau
400 Island Cottage Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612
585-581-4030 - office
585-581-4028 - fax

* Forwarded to SCATS


Anonymous said...

Scats, you are getting noticed by the town leaders. You provide a service by giving town residents a place to voice their concerns, ask questions, have a discussion on matters that matter to them.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Big hughs to the Greece PD for using this site to send out important information. I appreciate the information and feels good to have a professional working police department.
Thank YOu

SCATS said...

To 9:34AM & 9:49AM ~~ I'm not so sure that the "powers that be" are noticing in the way you mean, but I appreciate the support from readers. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

However you want to look at it SCATS, this site rocks! It has more up to date news and detail than just about any other media in town. The comments are insightful too. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, SCATSIPOO!

Anonymous said...

Dear Capt Gordy,
Eho are you trying to kid?

This crap with house burglary has been going on for years in the Barnard area and the laughing academy called the Greece Police Department has proven you'd rather misrepresent the problem than solve the crime.

Checking pawnshops, sure you are.
What have you done about the burglary on Bennington where the 2 female burglars spent an hour or two going from attic to cellar stuffing every gun in the house into garbage bags and lining them up in the driveway? Why haven't your jokes er I mean cops gone back and has a long talk with the neighbor who checked them out and smoked a cigarette in the driveway with them after they claimed they were cleaning out the house for the owner who was at work?

Why did your department bury that case by claiming it had to be one of the owner's relatives rather than than investigate it?

Instead your department chose to bring the wrath of the dog catcher elevated to building inspector on the homeowner.

WHEN is GPD going to admit the Department is a waste of taxpayer money? When will GPD admit the Department can't solve which side of a postage stamp to lick?
When will GPD admit it offers no protection to anyone beyond the politicians?

Gordy, you have no class in any uniform. You couldn't make Grill Captain at Mc Donalds.

SCATS said...

To 12:24PM ~~ Who is Capt. Gordy? Capt. Uhrmacher is the GPD person whose first name is Brian. Are you thinking of former RPD Chief Urlacher who went out in shame? Bennington Dr. is partially in the city & partially in Greece, correct? I'm confused by your apparent confusion ... :/