Sunday, August 22, 2010

Add "Lying" To Closed, Clubby & Corrupt

Tuesday's Greece Town Board meeting drew undue attention from the media over the fact that it was the first meeting since the judge ruled in favor of the Town of Greece in the lawsuit over the offering of a prayer at the start of their meetings. OK, even if I don't agree with the decision, I'm fine with anyone who felt the need to point that fact out. However, what I'm not at all OK with is the apparent lie fed to the media (it sounds like a press release was sent) claiming that this was "the first meeting to allow prayer in two years" ... since the court case was filed!

On August 17th, 13WHAM ran the following story:
Greece, NY - The Greece Town Board will be able to open tonight's meeting with a prayer for the first time in several years.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State had filed suit over the matter, but earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that such prayers are not unconstitutional.

Town leaders call the decision “a victory for free speech."

WHEC ran a similar story that same evening:
For the first time in two years the Greece Town Board opened its meeting with a prayer Tuesday night.

This was the first meeting since a court ruling rejected a suit filed by the Americans United for Separation of Church and State on behalf of two residents who challenged the long time tradition.

The town's policy is to invite clergy from all religions to offer a prayer.

The Greece Post chimed in with their own summary in last week's print edition by making the same claim in a news brief titled "Board Resumes Prayer At Meetings."

Apparently, everyone in local media believes everything John Auberger's administration feeds them WITHOUT CHECKING THE FACTS!

The TRUTH is that the prayers were never discontinued!

The PROOF is on the Town of Greece's own website! Here's some examples:

Approved Agenda of the meeting held Oct. 20, 2009 states: "MOMENT OF PRAYER - Rev. Patrick Mederios of Greece Assembly of God Church"

Approved Agenda of the meeting held Jan. 19, 2010 states: "MOMENT OF PRAYER - Father Louis Sirianni of St. Mark's Church"

Approved Agenda of the meeting held July 20, 2010 states: "MOMENT OF PRAYER - Pastor Dan Astuto of Greece Assembly of God Church"

Clearly, prayer has been ongoing at Greece Town Board meetings throughout the duration of the lawsuit despite the false contentions made to multiple media sources last week. I don't blame the media for this story so much as I blame its source: Our self-proclaimed, self-righteous Supervisor/"hero" of the "In Jesus Name" group.

How long will his nose grow before he does the right thing and steps down? He should be very ashamed!


Anonymous said...

Maybe he forgot again. Maybe someone needs to check to see if he's firing on all eight. Maybe he should be replaced. I think he needs serious medical attention. It's costing this community dearly in lawsuits, arrests, reputation, taxes, and God only knows what else. I will pray for him. In the interim, can't we have him vet checked?

Anonymous said...

I have tapes of all these meetings with prayers


SCATS said...

To 8:02AM ~~ How convenient that would be!

Brian ~~ and I have copies of the agendas saved, just in case they "vanish" ;)

Anonymous said...

If the GPD investigation was done on the up and up the FBI would have been the investigating agency. But with the Feds Auberger could not be guaranteed the political outcome he wanted. Lozynski was only a conveniently available political operative. Saw a disgraced resigned GPD command staff member at Lowes on the Ridge about 1430 on 8/22 was obviously armed, clearly visible under his white shirt, they still let these guys walk around with guns?

SCATS said...

To 5:42PM ~~ I'm pretty sure the PD takes away their weapons, but that doesn't mean they don't possess and carry their own personally licensed guns, right? You raise an interesting question though. At what point does a person lose the right to own/carry a gun after committing a crime, if at all? Do NOT think I'm implying the person in question was charged and/or convicted of anything. I'm merely asking the question in general.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, c'mon. We all know that if you don't go to the Greece Megachurch (TM) you can't possibly be the right (and correct) type of Christian. It naturally follows that any pre-meeting words from any of those godless heathen preachers can't possibly be the right (and correct) prayer for our beloved town. One could easily argue that they are not prayers at all!