Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GPD Hiring New Recruits ~ First In 15 Years!

13WHAM reports:  Four new Greece born & raised recruits begin 10 months of training tomorrow;

Chief Baxter reports "it it took some convincing to get approval, because it takes time and money to train recruits."

SCATS ~~ We'll just add this to the ever-growing list of additional costs the Rahn years brought to taxpayers,  thanks John Auberger!

Signs That GTA's New Contract Is Coming Soon ...

  • Greece school board delays renewing their search for a new supt. to September (they believe it will be so much EASIER with a new contract in place ;)
  • No GTA rep (or any other union rep!) spoke at the August BOE meeting (they only do this when they want something, so apparently they are feeling satisfied ;)
  • No picketing ... though last year's antics happened just prior to school opening ;)

Greece teachers in Sept. last year

Greece teachers in Sept. this year?

SCATS ~~ An interesting aside ... I tried to find ONE photo of a Greece teacher in action in the 2010-11 GCSD school calendar/handbook and discovered THERE ARE NONE! NOT EVEN ONE! What does that say about our district??

Will Your Child's School Be Ready For Learning?

GCSD website announces Apollo MS can't host social/orientation event. Other school buildings have materials piled high on their roofs.

Will YOUR CHILD'S school be under construction and distracting/detracting from  learning? Or will it be ready for the new school year?

SCATS ~~ Why is it that several schools JUST RECEIVED DELIVERY of materials onto their rooftops only about 10 days ago? What's with the delay?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Car Fires Create Worry On Judy Ann Dr.

YNN reports: Three fires in 3 days rattles resident's nerves

"Sleep is almost impossible right now. There's a constant fear that somebody is going to be coming back and do it again. The whole car was engulfed in flames. I’ve never seen anything like it. I kept saying ‘who would do something like that?’ It's just unbelievable." ~~ Jim Markese, victim of car arson

UPDATED @ 5PM ~~ WHEC-TV reports that Greece Police arrested 21 yr/ old Ryan Kalkbrenner, a Judy Ann Dr. resident, for torching his own car plus two neighbor's cars.

SCATS ~~ This line from the story jumped out at me: "Some that live in the area say their neighborhood was considered one of the safest in the country." WHERE did they get THAT idea!?

New Poll ...

<< =====

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Greece BOE & Clerk Relocate ... AGAIN!

Starting Friday, Aug. 27, the Greece Central School District Board of Education Clerk will be temporarily relocated to the ground floor of Apollo Middle School, 750 Maiden Lane. The clerk will work out of office G38B, which is adjacent to the east side elevator, until construction work occurring in district offices is complete. BOE meetings during Sept. will be held in the Apollo cafeteria. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Neighbors" On Opposite Sides Of The Fence Over Walmart

POINT ... 

“I blame the town of Greece for letting it (Northgate Plaza) become such an eyesore, and not enforcing codes that they should have been staying on top of. The people at Town Hall need to be more responsible. They’re too comfortable. Does our voice really matter? I’m thinking not.” ~~ Carol Messina-Provost, VP of Northgate Neighbors.


“I personally am very much in favor of this project (Walmart) going forth and being completed. Our frustration was all about nothing happening, and now finally something is happening.” ~~ Jeremy Carter, Pres. Northgate Neighbors.

(Source ~ Greece Post)
SCATS ~~ I agree 100% with Messina-Provost's opinion. Mr. Carter sounds like he doesn't care if a strip club goes in ... as long as "something happens."

Church Flyers Left On Cars On GCSD Property

Anonymous said...

OFF topic but get this. We had orientation at ATMS and when I cam e out the cars had been plastered with card board flyers ( postcards) from DESTINY PREPARATION CHURCH. The glossy card has a pic of the APAC and the rest of the church's info. I am upset that while at the school a non affiliated organization can come on to the property to flyer they cars.    8/25/2010 9:45 PM

Anonymous said...

They do use the APAC for church, but I am not in favor of the APAC and the school being on a church mailing as the school has no religious affiliation. It is one thing for the time and address, I feel a full photo of the APAC AND AT with the pastor is not OK.    8/26/2010 11:06 AM

SCATS ~~ Since when did it become OK to advertise like this on Greece School District property?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Has Auberger Given Baxter A Blank Check?

In the months since Chief Todd took the reins of the Greece PD, he's told various audiences how grateful he is that Supervisor Auberger has given him everything he's asked for. There have been a multitude of promotions, presumably accompanied by increases in pay, as Baxter builds a command structure. Quite a number of new hires have arrived and more are on their way. My understanding is that he is going beyond replacing those who fled the scene or were fired and expanding the number of cops Greece employs. OK, fine, I can accept that. However, the list of budget items appears to be growing.  

New website? CHECK! New cars? CHECK! New equipment? CHECK! Increased patrols @ Barnard Carnival, Dewey/Stone/Northgate areas, etc? CHECK! Code enforcement work? CHECK! Boy Scout Explorer's group? CHECK! Participation in National Night Out Against Crime? CHECK! Police Athletic League picnic? CHECK! Citizen's Police Academy picnic? CHECK! Planning/participation in the extravaganza in Greece Canal Park Sept. 24th? CHECK! Plans for a future "Teen Citizen's Police Academy?" CHECK! The list goes on and on and on!

The question becomes, how much is all of this costing us (a bundle!) and where is this going to stop? Are all of these items necessary? NO!

These are supposed to be hard times economically and we just spent (wasted?) $1 million to save Auberger's backside from the likes of the "evil" Merritt Rahn and his bunch of Keystone Cop pals. To toss a bunch of social activity bills in our direction on top of rebuilding a PD we can rely upon only adds insult to severe injury!

I'm all for having a reliable, trustworthy PD but let's do it with a healthy dose of respect towards the taxpayers. Enough is enough already. IT'S TIME TO DRAW THE LINE SUPERVISOR AUBERGER! Create a PD budget and make Chief Todd live within it.

Retired GCSD Teacher Barry Morris Acquitted

Barry Morris was found not guilty on all counts in a case alleging he sexually abused a minor. 


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Greece School Board ~~ 9 Tools Of The Union

To say I'm DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED by our BOE's performance at last night's meeting is a huge understatement! It's become painfully apparent that our BOE "leadership" has sold-out the community who elected him in the name of accountability & change! The hints are everywhere since the moment the oath of office was taken back in early July. They range from failing to obtain a roll call vote when adopting the non-voter approved tax levy to failing to follow policy #6431 on Employee Contracts & Addendums when approving two MOA's last night to failure to know anything critical about using Parliamentary procedures ~ as became painfully and embarrassingly apparent last night! Perhaps that embarrassment is what fueled the unusually quiet and reserved tone to get the agenda behind them and get the hell out of that meeting ... ?

Whatever the case, our school board once again thumbed its nose at the community AND at their own policy by not telling us what those Memoranda of Agreement were all about last night. (One BOE officer seemed to understand they were being under-handed when she asked if the content of the MOAs were posted online, but settled for the response from the BOE clerk! Apparently Lynne Armstrong now runs the district. Who knew!?)  Board Policy #6431 states:

The District shall prepare an estimated cost for each portion of any new employment contract or addendum to the extent feasible. The estimated costs will include the anticipated amount needed for each year of the new contract or addendum. This cost estimate shall be attached to all new contracts or addendums and shall be available to the public. It will be the responsibility of the Superintendent and the Human Resources Department to have these figures available, if possible, ten days prior to any Board discussion of contracts and/or addendums.

The Board will discuss and report the projected costs of such contracts in open session and the projected costs will be recorded in the official meeting minutes.

The Superintendent, the Executive Director of Human Resources and Support Services and the Board Officers, will be responsible for coordinating these tasks.

If by chance the GTA MOA turns out to be laying the groundwork for the new GTA contract expected to be adopted in mid-Sept., they will be even more embarrassed trying to 'splain to the community WHERE THE $$ CAME FROM, especially since we're under a "bare bones contingency budget" that they couldn't risk asking for voter approval to support.

Tools of the union ... and District Office Administration ... defines them all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

NY State 1 Of 9 Race To The Top Recipients

$696 million in federal education funding grant called "critical"

"New York's schools have made strong strides towards excellence and this grant will accelerate that progress. This is great news for parents, teachers, and taxpayers across the state." ~~ Sen. Chuck Schumer



What's In The MOA's the BOE Plans To Approve?

Tonight, the Greece BOE will vote to approve (presumably) a Memorandum of Agreement for GTA and another one for GUSS during their BOE meeting.

What's in those agreements?

Will we hear BEFORE they vote?

Monday, August 23, 2010

An Alert* From GPD Capt. Uhrmacher

I wanted to pass along to you some information on several residential burglaries in the Dewey Ave./Northgate area.

Burglaries have been reported on the following streets in the month of August:
Desmond Rd., Dellwood Circle, Mosely Rd., Tait Ave., McGuire Rd., Delmar Rd., Veness Ave. and Cragg Rd.

Many of these jobs seemed to have happened during daytime hours. The point of entry quite often is a door forced open or a broken window. In many instances the cases have involved small items stolen, such as laptops, jewelry or cash. I give you this information as I know you have some very observant people in your area. Please pass along to them to call 9-1-1 if they see anything remotely suspicious. We would prefer to come out and deem something as not suspicious after all, rather than not hear anything until someone calls to report another burglary.

Thanks much and I will try to keep you updated.

Captain Brian P. Uhrmacher
Greece Police Department
Professional Services Bureau
400 Island Cottage Rd.
Rochester, NY 14612
585-581-4030 - office
585-581-4028 - fax

* Forwarded to SCATS

Colleges Create Activities To Dislodge "Helicopter/Velcro Parents"

Universities Develop Some Unique Methods As They Seek To Separate Teens From Parents Quickly

"It began on a recent evening, with speeches in the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel. Then the incoming freshmen marched through the gates of the campus — which swung shut, literally leaving the parents outside." (Read more ... )

SCATS ~~ How odd that Greece Central claims parents are too uninvolved, but colleges see parents as over-involved ... maybe another sign of GCSD's dysfunction?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Add "Lying" To Closed, Clubby & Corrupt

Tuesday's Greece Town Board meeting drew undue attention from the media over the fact that it was the first meeting since the judge ruled in favor of the Town of Greece in the lawsuit over the offering of a prayer at the start of their meetings. OK, even if I don't agree with the decision, I'm fine with anyone who felt the need to point that fact out. However, what I'm not at all OK with is the apparent lie fed to the media (it sounds like a press release was sent) claiming that this was "the first meeting to allow prayer in two years" ... since the court case was filed!

On August 17th, 13WHAM ran the following story:
Greece, NY - The Greece Town Board will be able to open tonight's meeting with a prayer for the first time in several years.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State had filed suit over the matter, but earlier this month, a federal judge ruled that such prayers are not unconstitutional.

Town leaders call the decision “a victory for free speech."

WHEC ran a similar story that same evening:
For the first time in two years the Greece Town Board opened its meeting with a prayer Tuesday night.

This was the first meeting since a court ruling rejected a suit filed by the Americans United for Separation of Church and State on behalf of two residents who challenged the long time tradition.

The town's policy is to invite clergy from all religions to offer a prayer.

The Greece Post chimed in with their own summary in last week's print edition by making the same claim in a news brief titled "Board Resumes Prayer At Meetings."

Apparently, everyone in local media believes everything John Auberger's administration feeds them WITHOUT CHECKING THE FACTS!

The TRUTH is that the prayers were never discontinued!

The PROOF is on the Town of Greece's own website! Here's some examples:

Approved Agenda of the meeting held Oct. 20, 2009 states: "MOMENT OF PRAYER - Rev. Patrick Mederios of Greece Assembly of God Church"

Approved Agenda of the meeting held Jan. 19, 2010 states: "MOMENT OF PRAYER - Father Louis Sirianni of St. Mark's Church"

Approved Agenda of the meeting held July 20, 2010 states: "MOMENT OF PRAYER - Pastor Dan Astuto of Greece Assembly of God Church"

Clearly, prayer has been ongoing at Greece Town Board meetings throughout the duration of the lawsuit despite the false contentions made to multiple media sources last week. I don't blame the media for this story so much as I blame its source: Our self-proclaimed, self-righteous Supervisor/"hero" of the "In Jesus Name" group.

How long will his nose grow before he does the right thing and steps down? He should be very ashamed!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Helicopters, Horses & Hotdogs, OY VEY!

Greece, Gates & Ogden Police Departments
plan picnic extravaganza

Sept. 24th, 5-9PM at the Millenium Lodge
in Greece Canal Park off Elmgrove Rd.
Food by Greece American Legion Post 468
Ground displays from the Greece, Gates & Ogden PD's; NY State Police & Monroe County Sheriff's Dept.
Operation Safe Child
Mounted Police
Spencerport Ambulance
K-9 Unit
Greece Fire Dept.
Border Patrol Helicopter
Keystone Pipe & Drum Band
And much more!

GCSD: Opportunity To Sell Stored Steinway

Craiglist ad (see below) seeks sellers of Steinway pianos. This is an opportunity for the cash-strapped Greece School District to recover some of the $100,000 wasted on this "asset" that sits in storage. Has ANYONE actually ever seen it, let alone played it?


Date: 2010-08-19, 5:35PM EDT

Reply to: see below
I am looking to immediately purchase a used steinway grand piano! any age, size, or condition will be considered! WILL PAY CASH AND PICKUP! Call 866-333-0142.

•it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
PostingID: 1908169362

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"How's He Doing?" ... Chief Todd's First 6 Months


To say that Greece's new police chief's first 6 months on the job has been a whirlwind of activity is an understatement. Just reading through the list of major policing related events that have transpired since Chief Todd Baxter took his oath in February left me dizzy! Here's a recap:

The Resch murder/suicide; the triple homicide; stepped-up Dewey Ave patrols; GPD's internal reorganization/promotions; the Rahn trial; the mob @ the mall on Memorial Day; release of the Loszynski report; Chad Rahn's arrest following the arrest of Frank Arena & Matt Montrois in another case; Russell Station transformer vandalism ... what did I miss? 

I didn't mention the dozens of appearances Chief Todd has made speaking to community groups. Nor did I mention his participation in a fundraiser where he offered himself up for a stint in a dunk tank. I also left out how he presided over the new, expanded format of the National Night Out Against Crime event.

Bottom line: it appears Chief Todd is doing exactly what he promised us in late January when he said: "My three main goals are: (1) to rebuild community trust; (2) create more security within the department and bring stability to the police department; and (3) support those officers and bring back morale."

OK, so far, so good right? Well, that depends. I give him an "A" for saying what he means and meaning what he says. His words have been backed up by action, a must for building trust. He and his new department have "served" the community well. My issue is with how well we've been "protected."

In his 6 months on the job as Chief, crime seems to have become more prevalent in Greece. I say "seems" because it's hard to know what was reality under the "Safest Town" smokescreen built by Supervisor Auberger when Rahn was on watch. Certainly it's fair to say that more violent crimes have been in the news in Greece than at any time in the recent past. While Baxter has tended to his expressed goals, he's said little about what is needed TO PROTECT THE COMMUNITY IN GREECE.

After the mob @ the mall shutdown Selke's carnival early and permanently, Baxter predicted: "Just because we didn't make any arrests that night doesn't mean they're not going to be held to the letter of the law.” So far as I'm aware, no arrests have been made.

Back in March, Baxter pledged a crackdown using the "broken windows" theory of policing when he told a group: "We're going to have Code Enforcement on speed-dial." Has it happened? Again, I've heard nothing.
Looking ahead, I'd like to see Chief Todd make crime prevention an area of focus in this community. I'd like to see him take on the issue I wrote about in January when I stated: "Chief Baxter talks about needing the eyes & the ears of the community. Mr. Baxter, will YOU step-up and tell our Supervisor & Town Board that Neighborhood Watch groups MUST become a priority, instead of a nonentity? Those signs that dot the town look pretty, but are meaningless! "

When I wrote that, it was around the time that our Deputy Supervisor told a group that Greece had "three or four" Neighborhood Watch Groups operating in town. When pressed as to the specifics, he could only mention a group in Koda-Vista, one on the lakeshore and the Northgate Neighborhood Group - a group which has NOTHING to do with Neighborhood Watch. It isn't clear if the lakeshore group was related to a Charlotte group (think city, not Greece!), or one in Greece that is fighting windmills in the lake, instead of crime in the streets. Obviously, Greece has next to no true Neighborhood Watch Groups operating in town as of today! This MUST change.
I'm pretty sure Chief Todd is up to the task. The bigger question is, will Supervisor Auberger let him? It's time that the people of Greece be given this tool for crime prevention that empowers them to take back our neighborhoods from the thugs who have migrated out of the Tenth Ward and right up Dewey Avenue. Chief Todd can't do it all alone. He needs the community's help.

Empower The People: Make Neighborhood Watch a priority in Greece!

Where, Oh Where Did Our "Old" Maggie Go?

They say a picture is worth 1000 words ...

(New Maggie)

(Old Maggie)

New Book On School Spending Available For Free

Anonymous said...
Check out the Sunday D and C local book review page 7C "Many Options FEW EASY" re: controlling school spending. Should be a must read for anyone seriously interested in controlling education costs.

Tom Kackmeister

(The Monroe County library system does not list this book in their calalog. I'll check to see if they have it ordered.)   8/16/2010 11:42 AM

Anonymous said...
That book is available from the author free of charge. It is worthwhile reading - I ordered one for every board member and administrator in the district where I live. It's a quick read and well worth your time.     8/19/2010 5:41 PM

GPD Looking For Link In Copper Thefts

Greece Police are re-examining copper cable thefts from Barnard Carnival site in June to see if it might be connected to the copper theft from Russell Station this week.

The WHEC website reports: “I immediately thought it was possibly the same perpetrator, I guess you would say. It's just very uncanny that large amounts of copper would be stolen in such a short time period.” ~~ Dick Young, co-chairman of the Barnard Fire Department Carnival

Young says a ride vendor discovered that a large, 750 pound copper cable was missing from his power house to the rides. It was 250 feet of thick, multi-conductor wire that runs the rides. But that's not all. “When the ride vendor packed up his show Saturday night, and arrived in Geneva, he discovered that three more rides had also been vandalized and burglarized, at a total cost to the rise vendor of $16,500. That's huge for a ride vendor and a carnival like ours.”

Firefighter Young says the thieves must have known what they were doing as they dragged this heavy cable through the woods at the back of the firehouse property to a waiting truck on the next street. “I've been a carnival chairman for several years. I've been a fireman for 30 years and we've never had this happen on our property.”

Barnard Fire Department and the ride vendor are offering a combined $2,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction in their theft.

Greece Police ask anyone with information to call their tip line -- 581-4016.

Crime, Crime, Crime ...

Two Plead Not Guilty In Greece Car-Jacking/Robbery

Darius Hill & Stephen Stemmer are accused of stealing $700 cash and a car from a 31-year-old city man on McCall Road in Greece about 6:50 p.m. yesterday. The D&C reports, they are also accused of hitting him on the head with a shotgun before they drove off in the victim’s car. The men knew one another (which ones, the D&C doesn't say) and told police they had met at a convenience store on McCall Road for a drug deal.

SCATS ~~ Looks like the vermin from the 10th ward have crept right over the border and into Greece!

GPD Catch 3 Adult Store Robbers

Greece police arrested 3 men who robbed the Adult Mart Industrial video & book store on Mt. Read Blvd. at 1AM Tues. According to the D&C, all three men were arraigned in Greece Town Court and were each remanded to the Monroe County Jail in lieu of $25,000 cash bail or $50,000.

SCATS ~~ Thank gawd the adult store is safe again!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Elmhurst Illinois City Council May Ban Eye-Rolling

Audible sighing & eye-rolling caused a frustrated citizen to be ejected from a meeting in June. The city's attorneyy is researching the definition of "disorderly conduct" to potentially ban "Making faces behind the mayor's back ..."


SCATS ~~ And I thought such total stupidity was only found in the Greece Central School District's school board's meeting room! We can claim to be "leaders" in this realm by arresting a citizen for sighing years before Elmhurst thought of it ;)

Russell Station Vandals Create Slater Creek Oil Spill

Vandals seeking copper from a transformer dumped 4800 gal. of oil causing an oil sheen on Slater Creek & on Lake Ontario which was reported to RG&E Monday morning. Anyone seeing an oil sheen is advised to avoid it & to avoid fishing in the area.

“We brought a local environmental cleanup firm onboard right away. They have placed absorbent booms in Slater Creek, I understand in a number of locations there. We believe that the vast majority of the oil is in fact on the ground or in the ground around the transformer area so eventually excavating that soil and removing it.” ~~ Clayton Ellis, RG&E spokesman


SCATS ~~ So we're back to the same old, same old in Greece. An incident known about early Monday morning doesn't get mentioned until more than 48 hrs. later? Why didn't our Supervisor address this at the Greece Town Board meeting last night? Did he forget? Or was he too busy gloating to the media about his court victory - "in the name of Jesus"? Oh, I know! We're still such a "Safe Town" he doesn't talk about the crimes. I'm thinking all of the above  ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Come Pray With The Closed, Clubby & Corrupt Bunch Tonight

Greece Town Board Meeting, 6PM
Preliminary Agenda

SCATS ~~ I think this is one of those "bring your own snake" type of meetings ;)

Morris Trial Date Moved Up To Monday

The D&C reports: Former Greece teacher Barry P. Morris will go to trial Monday on an indictment charging him with a felony of first-degree criminal sex act and the misdemeanors of second-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

Morris, who was a teacher for 33 years and taught fourth grade for 19 years at West Ridge Elementary School, was charged in July 2009 with assaulting the girl, who is a Greece resident but was not a student of Morris.

The school district placed him on administrative leave after his arrest. He retired in February.

SCATS ~~ His name even appears in the pricey 12 pg. GCSD mailing that hit my mailbox yesterday! Isn't it interesting that our BOE chose to spend the money necessary to announce the "retirements" (i.e."firings") of folks like Morris & Achramovitch at the same time they chose NOT to provide adequate funding for classroom and janitorial supplies? I wonder how deeply their heads are buried into the sand to not be able to see what they are doing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Athena MS Supply List Promises "Bonus Points"

LOTE American Sign Language (ASL) – Mrs. Bishop

8th Grade Level 1A & 1B

􀂾 Minimal 4 GB Thumb Drive (label with Student’s name) if not already purchased for the class

􀂾 1 subject spiral notebook

􀂾 1 ½ inch 3 ring binder

􀂾 1 package loose leaf paper

􀂾 10 index tabs for Binder

􀂾 Highlighters (2 different colors)

􀂾 Color pencils

􀂾 2 glue sticks

􀂾 Pencils (#2 & pens)

􀂾 Notebook size 3 hole punch (extra)

􀂾 OPTIONAL – 3 blank writable CD’s (for storage of video portfolio Data)

Optional Extra’s for the general class use (5 bonus points for each optional supply)

􀂾 1 box of tissues

􀂾 1 hand sanitizer

􀂾 1 bottle Clorox clean up wipes

Summer Reading Books / Book Reports

􀂾 Deaf Child Crossing, by Marlee Matlin

􀂾 Deaf Like Me, by James P. Spradley
SCATS ~~ "Optional supplies" with "bonus points" reduces the teacher's credibility in objectively assigning student grades to zero! No wonder they ALL MAKE HIGH HONOR ROLL! Assigning "homework" over the Summer further reduces any faith I have in establishing the teacher's ability to perform the required duties for the salary they receive. I'd like to see a few lawsuits brought on these items. I'm not sure either "requirement" is legal!

SCATS' Letter To The BOE Prez Re: School Supplies

If I'm not mistaken, one of the first things HMO did when elected was to provide some extra funds for classrooms for supplies. Well, it might be time to seriously revisit what's going on with that. Last Friday's Greece Post ran a story about the high cost of school supplies and included a list of the "required supplies" for a Longridge School first grader. Among the items on this list are 20 glue sticks & 36 pencils! That's approx. one glue stick for every other week of school! The newspaper estimated the required supplies to cost $47.57, not including sneakers for physical education class or a book bag (or burro) to haul it to school with! In addition to that, the school's website shows that the same classrooms are also asked to provide: a box of 1 Gallon size zippered bags, a box of sandwich-sized zippered bags, an art smock AND 2 boxes of tissues! Parents are then "reminded" that individual teachers may have ADDITIONAL requests! Those things did NOT make the cut in the newspaper story. I wonder why not ... ?


While at Wegmans, I picked up lists for several other schools including each grade at Kirk Rd. and for Olympia HS. One list for Kirk Rd. ends with requests for 4 boxes of Kleenex, a bottle of hand-sanitizer and wet wipes! The list for Olympia HS "requests" students bring a flash drive for nearly every class, including "library"!! As far as I'm aware, high school students don't have "library" as a class. This request for flash drives begs the question of whether or not students are EXPECTED to have a HOME COMPUTER. What about internet service, too? I'm sure that if you ask, you will be told that the students who lack such things have access at school. I'm fairly certain that is less than a 100% truthful answer - schools often LIMIT THAT ACCESS to very strict time-frames, so as not to inconvenience staff.

On SCATS & other forums (Facebook, comment areas on other media sites, etc.), teachers complain that school administration has either cut classroom supply funding, or limited it severely to ridiculously low amounts that barely cover the cost of the copy paper they must use (since textbooks are in short/nonexistent supply)!

Somewhere along the way, someone seems to have forgotten that taxes for most parents were raised with increases the BOE voted to allow for those using the enhanced STAR exemption. The BOE also voted to have the community swallow a tax increase of almost 4% that we weren't given a chance to vote on after saying "NO" to an even higher amount. Half of this town just saw significant increases in their assessments. The unemployment rates remain high. Foreclosures are expected to take longer than thought to become reduced to more normal levels. Given these facts, I ask again: WHERE DOES THIS INSANITY END??? HOW MUCH SHOULD PARENTS BE EXPECTED TO FORK OUT FOR "SCHOOL SUPPLIES?"

Are sports teams doing without chalk for the fields? Balls? Protective gear? Coaches? Buses? NO!! But the classrooms are being used as a means to blackmail parents into sending in supplies for "communal use" (and janitorial tasks) ... that means teachers OFTEN use the supply list for applying the first "homework grade" of the year! If you don't bend to the demands, your child gets a zero!

The BOE needs to look into this situation and ASK PARENTS what they've been requested to provide. Ask students if they had a grade on the line for satisfying these supply lists. Look at individual school websites and get an EYEFUL!

This problem grows worse each year Frank. You are in a position to do something positive about it in a meaningful and lasting way. Please don't miss this opportunity. It's time for a solid policy that has teeth in it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now THAT'S Hot!

Atty Richard Roberts May Represent Client In Triple Homicide

Noted Defense lawyer Richard Roberts of "American Gangster" fame has been requested to defend Andrew Wright in triple homicide case.


SCATS ~~ I wonder who will play Chief Good Cop Todd in the next movie ... ?

Friday, August 13, 2010

How Many Glue Sticks Does It Take To Educate ONE Child??

Longridge School First Grade Supply List Seems Unrealistic ... and Pricey!

___ 3 packages of 12 wooden, plain yellow #2 pencils (sharpened please)
___ 1 box of 24 crayons
___ 4 large pink erasers
___ 20 glue sticks
___ 1 pair of scissors
___ 5 pocket folders - red, blue, yellow, green and purple
___ 1 set of thin Crayola markers
___ 1 black and white marble cover composition book
___ 2 packages of 100, 3x5 white book index cards
___ 1 sturdy small pencil box (no bigger than the size of a small shoe box) (NOT A BAG, P LEASE)
___ 2 package of thin dry erase markers
___ 1 package of 3”x 3” Post It notes

(TOTAL COST of above: $47.57 according to today's Greece Post)
___ Sneakers for PE day

Helpful for Classroom Success:
___ 1 box of sandwich size plastic zipper bags
___ 1 box of gallon size plastic zipper bags
___ Art smock
___ 2 boxes of tissues

*Please label all items with your child's first and last name.
** Please Note: Your child's classroom teacher may notify you the first week of school with any additional items that may be required.
*** Check for lots of sales in July!

Revised 6/16/10
SCATS ~~ Will the children be snacking on the 20 glue sticks, 36 pencils and 4 large erasers?? Of course, the tissues & zippered bags will be shared, but what about the 20 glue sticks?

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Anonymous said...

Thursday Aug 12, 2010 Greece Police patrol car traveled over curb and across sidewalk on Mt. Read Blvd and became disabled on grassy area overhanging a ditch.

Tow truck gave assistance 9:20pm.

Other facts are known.

What was the cause and is there a public record?    8/12/2010 9:53 PM

School Board Approved 3.89% Tax Rate Increase

At the Tuesday night business meeting, the Greece School Board's resolution on the tax levy recommended a tax rate per of $22.542958 per $1,000 of assessed valuation for 2010-11.

GPD Recruiting Special Police Volunteers

Town's website says qualifications include: being at least 18 years of age, a United States Citizen, have earned a high school diploma, have a valid driver’s license, and must be medically and physically fit. Applicants must be able to volunteer a minimum of 12 hours per month and be a resident of Monroe County.

“This program helps strengthen our commitment to keeping residents in the Town of Greece safe. Our Special Police are a vital part of Greece being recognized as one of America’s safest communities.” ~~ John Auberger, Supervisor

SCATS ~~ After all that's happened, Supervisor Alzheimer still believes in the fantasy that Greece is one of "America's Safest Communities." Good golly gee whiz, I bet he believes he hasn't raised our taxes, too ;)

RTA/NYSUT Pull Endorsement Of Morelle

NYSUT ends support based on RTA's recommendations related to Morelle's support of mayoral control of Rochester City Schools.

"You can't have a piece of legislation that has a profound effect not only on teachers, parents, students, but the community at large without asking, at least asking them what they think about it. And if we can work together we all would have worked together to try to do something. What he tried to do, he tried to do something to teachers and not with teachers – that's wrong." ~~ John Pavone of the Rochester Teachers Assn.

"When you make a decision that you are going to guard the status quo, a decision that you are okay with 46 percent graduation rate, then we are going to have to part company. I believe our children can do much better."  ~~ Joe Morelle


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chad Rahn Case In Court Because Of "New" GPD

Anonymous said...

If Merritt Rahn was still the police chief of Greece this would never have gone to court. You never heard of any crime in Greece being solved when he was chief, especially if it involved his son or his friends. They must have thought they were invincible because they were connected to the Rahn dynasty. But no more.

Thanks for the link to the indictment of these 2 gangsta wannabees. Although they are dangerous. Apparently the indictment states that the police facilitated the victim of the beating to record the assailant. Again something that never would have happened during the Rahn reign. This case would have been swept under the rug even after the young man was robbed and beaten in retaliation. In fact the house that was the subject of the tip would have been given a warning so the weed could have been hidden.

There still remains one big problem in Greece. All of the favoritism and looking the other way while police crashed into victims while drunk and coked up and lecherous officers extorted sexual favors from women in return for leniency and special drug program teens get to crash cars while under the influence and the toxicology results are fabricated.....all of this was perpetrated under the leadership of our same Greece Supervisor. Until he leaves office we can't be sure we won't again be under the reign of terror of that police state. It went on for so many years with no oversight. We should make sure that 1- the present chief stays and keeps doing this great job and does not become corrupted by the scum that still has not been eradicated. And 2-we should make sure we get a new supervisor.   8/10/2010 11:55 PM

READ the Indictment of Frank Arena & Matthew Montrois ~ The men charged with beating Chris Spahn after getting tipped off by Rahn.

SCATS ~~ Excellent points are made above! Under Rahn's reign as Chief of Safe Town USA, such a crime as the one involving Arena/Montrois/Rahn probably would never have been reported, let alone made public. I agree that the ultimate responsibility for ALL THAT HAPPENED BEFORE falls to Supervisor John Alzheimer, who chose to look the other way and then "forget" that he did so. Until the Supervisor position is filled with someone as capable as Baxter appears to be, we are still vulnerable to reliving the past corruption that decimated GPD.

Is Federal $$ For Rehiring Teachers Arriving Too Late?

Lou Alaimo, assistant superintendent for finance for the Greece Central School District thinks so.

"We're still very skeptical about what this is really going to mean."

GCSD cut 70 teaching positions following loss of $8.8 million in state aid.


SCATS ~~ As someone commented in the D&C, we can call this program "Cash For Flunkers."

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BOE Meeting Emulates Town Board

No one came to speak ... there was little discussion of items requiring a vote ... they dispensed with the "business" portion of the agenda in record time!

The meeting began a good 20 minutes late (rude & unlike the Town Board in that regard).

NO ONE spoke at Resident's Forum. NO ONE spoke from any union, not even the GTA! Apparently, this group has quickly driven away all interested parties in record time.

A resolution regarding the tax levy was read and several large numbers were iterated before the BOE unanimously (8-0) supported the tax levy resolution. Note to Charlie Hubbard: There was NO Roll Call Vote taken! (Sorry, but I didn't catch the numbers ... I think most of you will have STICKER SHOCK when you get your School Tax bills next month.)

Assessments under the revised NYSED rules were briefly discussed. There will be a future discussion of what GCSD is doing differently to address the changes (requested by Oberg & agreed to by O'Rourke).

Ferington revisited the need to have School Resource Officers this Fall. The BOE is exploring the idea of paying up to $120,000 from the reserve funds to pay for them IF it doesn't put the administrative budget over the limit in light of our contingency budget AND pending a discussion of getting some funding help and the go ahead from Supervisor Auberger regarding the cost and manpower requirements. (Lotsa luck on the funding issue ; Even if he gives it to you this year, he will likely take it away next year ... without telling you!)

There was a discussion of BOE Committees and Strategic Planning which I missed almost entirely. I did hear O'Rourke say this regarding BOE Committees: "What I'm really interested in is a different way of thinking ... What is it we want to achieve? ... How do we achieve it? ... How will we know when we've achieved it?"

Chad Rahn's Pals Arraigned, Plead Not Guilty

Frank Arena & Matthew Montrois were arraigned & pled not guilty to charges of Burglary 1st Degree, Robbery 1st and 2nd Degree, and Assault 2nd Degree.

“The victim in this case knew both of the defendants so identification is less of an issue.The case is particularly strong based not only on what the victim has to say but a number of other pieces of evidence, including electronic data (and) conversations that have been recorded things like that that we discussed with the court." ~~ ADA, Doug Randall


READ the Indictment

GPD Catch Purse Snatcher

Monday evening, Greece Police apprehended an individual who took a customer's purse from a shopping cart in Big Lots. This has been reported by a witness to the arrest which was made in the parking lot.

"Why Public Employees Are the New Welfare Queens"

Article in The New Republic discusses the fact that retirement packages for public employees appear to be much more generous than the ones for private employees.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

BOE Meeting 6:30PM On Tues. @ Olympia HS

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session at 5:30PM to discuss collective bargaining & the emplyment history of particular person(s).


Establish 2010-2011 Tax Levy (W/A)
Assessment Results (O/I)
Board Committees
Board Goals/Strategic Plan

SCATS ~~ Sadly, BoardDocs has NO DOCUMENTATION for the community to consider regarding the tax levy issue! Will they just pull some numbers out of the air? How will they decide?

Friday, August 06, 2010

Prayers @ Town Board Meeting Constitutional

The D&C reports:

U.S. District Judge Charles Siragusa ruled Thursday that the prayers at the board meeting are not unconstitutional ~~ “The Town did not begin having prayer at meetings in order to proselytize or advance any one, or to disparage any other, faith or belief … The Town’s prayer policy, to the extent that one exists, is to invite clergy from all denominations within the Town, without any guidance or restriction on the content of prayers. The Town will also permit anyone who volunteers to give an invocation, including atheists and members of non-Judeo-Christian religions such as Wicca, and has never denied a request by anyone to deliver a prayer.”

SCATS ~~ Please check out Auberger's involvement as one of the "heroes" of  http://www.prayinjesusname.org/ shown on the SCATSBLOG posting from Nov.2009.


Project On Rezoned Parcel Opposed By Group

Greece Planning Board hears loud opposition to proposed senior housing complex near Sawyer Park.

Many complain they never received notice that land was to be rezoned.

“How did we get to this point? ...  residents are losing faith in local government.”~ Parkside Lane resident Jill Sandor


Planning Board Meeting Minutes, July 7, 2010, page 16

SCATS ~~ By jove, I think she's onto something there! Do you hear us now, Supervisor Alzheimer? People are wanting some accountability!

What's On Your Child's Back-To-School List?

How Much Will It All Cost?

Clothing                   $240
Shoes                         100
School supplies            90

Toiletries/grooming     50

Accessories                  60

Books                           170

Cosmetic services          50

Beauty products           70

Sports equipment          100

Health care                    140

Cell phones                     100

Computer/laptop              530

Orthodontic braces         240

Furniture                         140

Musical instruments          130



SCATS ~~ Notice this list doesn't include hand sanitizer, wet wipes, paper towels and a variety of other "must haves."

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

GPD Nab Graduation Gift Grabber

WHEC-TV reports: 23 yr old Jonathan Nucci was arrested Monday and charged with burglary & petit larceny

SCATS ~~ If only we could get GPD to arrest Supervisor Alzheimer for perjury, we might be able to move on and recover from the scandals on John's watch ;)

Head Lice Might Not Be The Only Hitch-Hiker Riding To School On Your Child This Year ...

YNN reports: Bed bug infestations are up 57 percent nationwide in the last 5 yrs. & upstate NY is seeing this problem grow

SCATS ~~ Ewww ...

State Budget Cuts School Aid By $1.4 Billion

It repeals the tax exemption on clothing purchases under $110, adds a $1.60 tax increase on a pack of cigarettes, and adds about $1.1 billion in new taxes and fees.


SCATS ~~ So all of that grandstanding was just for show? Why am I not surprised?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

DA Plans No Further GPD-Related Charges

WHEC-TV reports: Cases referred to DA's office "were either barred by the statute of limitations or we didn't have enough information or evidence to rise to the level of prosecution." ~~ Sandra Doorley, First Asst. DA

SCATS ~~ No surprises here. The witch hunt ended last Friday under Supervisor Alzheimer's keen watch ;)

3 Yrs Post-Approval ... Walmart Is Coming ... Eventually ...

Asbestos removal began already;

Plaza owners in court last week over complaints about the plaza's condition;

Big Lots remains through January.


SCATS ~~ My prediction is that the 10th ward feel taken on by the Dewey/Stone area will continue spreading northward on Dewey Ave. Within the next 10 yrs. it will become difficult to discern where the city line ends and Greece begins along the declining Dewey corridor.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Parrinello On Pignato Hiring ...

“My story has not varied one iota." (SOURCE)

SCATS ~~ And Supervisor Alzheimer's inability to recall ANYTHING hasn't varied either. Time to demand his resignation!

Inmates Better Nourished Than Schoolkids

"When you take a look at the school lunches kids receive in America's cafeterias, jail food looks like a meal at a five-star restaurant ... I find it hard to believe that a prison could find a way to feed its inmates dairy and five servings of fruits and veggies a day, and the best school cafeterias can do is dish out processed chicken patties and rubbery hot dogs." ~~ Sarah Parsons, Sustainable Food


SCATS ~~ Think about it folks. Rahn, Pignato & Joseph might be getting better nutrition than YOUR kids!