Friday, July 30, 2010

You're Wrong Uncle Auggie ...

"The most difficult undertaking for any leader is to launch an investigation of your own staff." ~~ Supervisor John Auberger at today's press conference

SCATS ~~ No John, you're wrong. Accepting blame is the most difficult undertaking for any leader. That's how we know you aren't a leader! You absolutely refuse to accept YOU had a role in all of this by your complete & total LACK OF OVERSIGHT!


Anonymous said...

It WAS difficult for him because after years of ignoring the corruption - and hoping it would just go away - he was forced to deal with it!

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire meeting and found some of the answers to questions being asked towards the end being a unrealistic, (Mostly Augberger's responses).

Augberger flat out denies any involvment with the Pignato hiring. With the few responses he did give tells you that he received the background check in a matter of less than two weeks when normally they take 6-8 weeks. He also said he never looked at it but his remarks from 7-30-10 state that he endorsed Pignato to the town board due to the completed background check and the information it had, (but he never read it).

Augerger also said on 7-30-10 that he trusted Rahn and had no reason to doubt that trust. In court, Augie explained his knoweledge of Rahn's missing gun from 1999 thru 2000 and that he finally asked for a written memo on all details a year after he had already known about this incident. He also said during the trial that he gave Rahn a verbal repirmand after he received the memo; Like, Merritt, you need to be more carefull with your gun. You could of fired him then but you did not, Why?

Apparently Augberger thought this was not a big deal in 2000. A decade later, the Green Team charged Rahn with 5 felony's over this one incident in 1999-2000.

My opinion is that our Town Supervisor out right lied giving those answers yesterday. I also believe he had a great deal of involvement with hiring Pignato and Joseph and was trying to make the entire stolen gun thing go away as quickly as it could.

Augberger also mentioned that these rumors going around about his involement are nothing more than individuals or political groups who has an agenda against him or his party.

Well, I have no agenda! I am a Republican! I have voted for Augberger in the past! I have always given you and other town officials the respect that your positions deserved!

So Mr. Augberger, what is my Agenda? Am I just a stupid resident of Greece who is easily led by others?

I been thinking you are nothing more than corrupt politician since I heard you give your testimony and I believe there are 14 others who sat with me during your testimony that feels the same way. After hearing you doing the same yesterday only makes me more upset that you have not apologized to the Greece residents or done the proper thing by stepping down.

I believe that you might not have broken any laws but you were very much involved and as you said, "I was in charge of the GPD".

Chuck Male