Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rahn Juror: Auberger Lied

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire meeting and found some of the answers to questions being asked towards the end being a unrealistic, (Mostly Augberger's responses).

Augberger flat out denies any involvment with the Pignato hiring. With the few responses he did give tells you that he received the background check in a matter of less than two weeks when normally they take 6-8 weeks. He also said he never looked at it but his remarks from 7-30-10 state that he endorsed Pignato to the town board due to the completed background check and the information it had, (but he never read it).

Augerger also said on 7-30-10 that he trusted Rahn and had no reason to doubt that trust. In court, Augie explained his knoweledge of Rahn's missing gun from 1999 thru 2000 and that he finally asked for a written memo on all details a year after he had already known about this incident. He also said during the trial that he gave Rahn a verbal repirmand after he received the memo; Like, Merritt, you need to be more carefull with your gun. You could of fired him then but you did not, Why?

Apparently Augberger thought this was not a big deal in 2000. A decade later, the Green Team charged Rahn with 5 felony's over this one incident in 1999-2000.

My opinion is that our Town Supervisor out right lied giving those answers yesterday. I also believe he had a great deal of involvement with hiring Pignato and Joseph and was trying to make the entire stolen gun thing go away as quickly as it could.

Augberger also mentioned that these rumors going around about his involement are nothing more than individuals or political groups who has an agenda against him or his party.

Well, I have no agenda! I am a Republican! I have voted for Augberger in the past! I have always given you and other town officials the respect that your positions deserved!

So Mr. Augberger, what is my Agenda? Am I just a stupid resident of Greece who is easily led by others?

I been thinking you are nothing more than corrupt politician since I heard you give your testimony and I believe there are 14 others who sat with me during your testimony that feels the same way. After hearing you doing the same yesterday only makes me more upset that you have not apologized to the Greece residents or done the proper thing by stepping down.

I believe that you might not have broken any laws but you were very much involved and as you said, "I was in charge of the GPD".

Chuck Male
7/31/2010 9:56 AM

SCATS ~~ You make some excellent points, Chuck! Especially about Rahn's missing gun and Auberger's continued and unflagging trust in him. Today's D&C quotes Auberger as saying: "I had no reason to believe there were problems." Well, now we all know, that's just plain poppycock. There's no "agenda" needed to arrive at that conclusion!


Anonymous said...

Another reason Augberger should of realized there may have been issues in GPD under Rahn was when Elia Visconte sued 4+ Greece Police Officers on Feb. 7, 2003.

Apparently Ms. Visconte had an agenda then, that is why the Town of Greece decided to settle the suit out of court.

Mr. Auberger, does your nose feel like it is growing?

Anonymous said...

Auberger lie? Hard to believe. I don't he can remember enough to lie

Anonymous said...

Mr. John Auberger lie? Has there been any doubt about it? I watched this meeting yesterday also and saw and heard a different supervisor other than the one I read so much about with his, I don't remember responses. Must be taking his medicine again. But who I am to say this, I am only a resident of Greece with no agenda!

SCATS said...

To 1:42PM ~~ Personally, I'm offended by Supervisor Alzheimer's notion that anyone who doesn't support him has a political agenda against him! I dislike politics and have never pledged allegiance to any party. I try to vote for the person with the better character which means a person that has values like honesty, loyalty, respect for others, etc. Supervisor Alzheimer clearly only respects those who support his politically motivated nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Republican Chuck has spoken. At the risk of flogging an apparently dead horse, are the local democrats going to make any statement on this? I know that Ray Levato on ch 10 said he had contacted Dan Maloney who had not yet responded. But is he even a spokesman for the party. Is there a party head in Greece at all now?

SCATS said...

To 4:21PM ~~ I heard Ray Levato mention that, too. I thought it was a bit odd. If I were Maloney, I don't think I'd comment publicly either. What's the point, other than to target yourself for abuse and shenanigans from the closed, clubby and still corrupt powers that be in Greece? I don't know if the Greece Dems ever had an official spokesperson. Do the Reps? If so, who might that be?

Anonymous said...

The Greece Dem Leader is now Phil Fedele. After being totaly shut out by the sheeple of Greece in what should have been THE year for change, Greece Dems have quickly been dis-heartened back to the days of ineptitude.

don't expect much out of the Dems for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what party someone belongs too! A liar is a liar and when he is running our town, it should concern all of us and we should speak up against this political corruption. Damn it, Auberger has forgotten who he works for!

SCATS said...

To 8:29PM ~~ Actually, who he works for is likely the only thing he recalls. It's good ole Magpie ;)

Anonymous said...

We here at Downtown ReDemopublican Headquarters would like to thank the voters of Monroe County for continuing to buy the concept That Can't Be Happening, and focusing their attention where we desire it to be.

We also wish to thank you for having the memory of a huusefly and the attention span of a gecko.

You are a good taxpayer. No go watch something on the Cable TV you pay for so we can send propoganda directly to your hovel.
Don't forget to pay your taxes on time.

Haha, they still think Maggie is more than a puppet.

This announcement has been delivered by Howard Handupme on behalf of your leaders.

Anonymous said...

Geckos eat housefly's and sell car insurance.

Anonymous said...

"I try to vote for the person with the better character which means a person that has values like honesty, loyalty, respect for others, etc."

SCATS, if you voted for Dan Maloney last year, you just proved yourself incorrect.

I'll be happy to elaborate if you'll let me.

SCATS said...

To 11:49AM ~~ There's no need for elaboration, since that will be unlikely to prove anything. I witnessed enough episodes of Supervisor Alzheimer in action prior to the election to know that if his mouth was moving, he was probably lying (ex. - he was repeatedly challenged to a debate by Maloney but DENIED IT on Lonsberry's show a day or so before the election!). That was plenty for me.

Since then, his "colossal Alzheimer reaction" (Parrinnello's description which appears to be quite accurate given both media and juror descriptions) where he was the ONLY INDIVIDUAL out of some 30 who testified to have any significant recall issues has shown many others that my first statement about him is true. If his mouth is moving, be careful.

As Chuck Male has asked, how can he claim to fully place his trust in Rahn AFTER the gun incident in 1991 and then stand there with Loszynski & Baxter on Friday and claim he had NO REASON not to trust him?

By the way, Supervisor Alzheimer threatened residents with visions of skyrocketing taxes if they voted in the "union boss." Most of them have since discovered that Supervisor Alzheimer heftily boosted their taxes ON HIS WATCH JUST WEEKS POST-ELECTION.

I've just described three incidents in his first 7 mo. of a new term. Short of a Bernie Madoff fraud scheme or a homicide, your elaboration will sound like child's play in comparison, so please don't bother.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration has rejected posting several short zingers, some aimed at specific individuals.

Anonymous said...

Auberger does not seem to trust his own town board members to speak out in their own voe at a town board meeting. Why would anyone think he trusts his staff or department heads in the manner he says he does.

SCATS said...

To 1:52PM ~~ Another excellent point, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I still don't see proof of a lie just because this guy says so. Need more facts and not opinions and attacks against named individuals. Thank you.

SCATS said...

To 3:16PM ~~ Apparently, you haven't been tuned in. Or don't understand the specifics on this thread.

Go back to when Rahn's gun was stolen, approx. 10 yrs. before all hell broke loose in GPD in 2008 after Joseph crashed his car. When Rahn's gun disaappeared from his car, Auberger did NOTHING to show he had any issue with Rahn's handling of things, including his own weapon. To normal people, that incident would be a signal to keep an eye on Rahn. Not so for Supervisor Alzheimer. He claims currently that he had FULL TRUST in all of his employees ... despite that kind of track record??

If you don't get it, 3:16 then it's likely you don't want to get it or that fairy tales are something you want to believe in.

Anonymous said...

Auberger said in his last interview to the media questions that he trusted all his people, including Rahn and had no reason not to trust them, including Rahn.
This was his first lie because any sane person in charge of group of people would know that when Rahn had his gun stolen and it was found in a crack house by the Sherriffs department, would of set off a light bulb saying I need to follow up on this incident, (I know I would have).

But this wasn't the only incident from the GPD, a woman is man handled by a GPD officer and sues the Greece and names at least 4 more Police officers in the suit. The Town of Greece settled out of court in 2003 over this. Once again I would say I have more common sense to believe I have personnel issues in the GPD that warrants my attention.

Auberger also said that he did recommended the Pignato hire to the Town Board based on the findings of the background check, (what findings, who's findings, he never read it).
He told the court, (of Rahn"s trial)that he recommended the hire of Pignato to the Town Board based on the completion of the background check and had no idea what it said due to he never even opened up the binder once, (but it was sitting on his desk for his review by his HR Manager).

In July he says it was based on the findings why he recommended Pignato and in April he states it is because the background check was completed.

I do believe it was his HR manager and Sgt. Trowbridge who mentioned that the usual time frame for completing a background check is 8 or more weeks from the day that the Town Supervisor does his meet and greet interview, ask for a background check to be done and the police department starting and finishing all the necessary requirements for completion.
In this background check, this was started and completed and back on Auberger's desk in less than two weeks. I know I and many others would of read it or even skimmed through it with some type of detail if I was not expecting it for at least another 4-6 weeks to be on my desk.
Instead, he asked his HR manager to set up the Town Board meeting so they could vote on the hiring of Pignato without looking into the contents of the binder.

The background check included the part in Pignato's life when he was a RPD officer and played a joke on another RPD officer by paying a transvestite prostitute to give that officer oral sex during his B-Day party. This was actually the reason why Pignato was terminated from RPD.

Auberger in his most recent interview says that these allegations against him are from people who have an agenda against him, (The Town Supervisor) or his Party, (Republicans).

To me, that is also a lie. Parinello might of had an agenda but his client was found guilty and in jail and the case is over but he still wants the people know that Auberger was involved. He is also a Republican so I don't see that being a reliable reason either. So what agenda does Mr. Parinello have? Maybe justice or truth!

I have also voiced my opinions about Auberger. My opinions are all based on what I heard him say and what he claims he doesn't remember and just plain common sense! I too would like to see justice and the truth to be known.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine a supervisor NOT meeting with dept. heads on a regular basis asking about a,b,or c items taking place in the town.

To belive the supervisor knew nothing is simply not believable.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Male for clarifying and acknowledging that you don't know for a fact what is and isn't a lie and that these are simply you opinions instead. And unlike SCATS, thank you for not doing so in a mean spirited and nasty manner. You have more class that our fine host!

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth, Rahn was known to complain that Auberger and hes men ran the department. He claimed to have little to do with day to day operations. If true that would also seem to indicate that Auberger was more involved than he claims

SCATS said...

Thin skin 11:40?

Anonymous said...

RE: 11:40

I believe when someone says they never looked at, read it or even opened up the binder vs. saying the findings of the background check is what made me decide are contradicting statements that you can find on record from the Trial and the other from the news conference from last Friday.

The rest is just circumstantial incidents that would be out of the normal routine or procedures.

If you rather feel it is my opinion, then so be it. I am sure there are many that may hear it as a lie.

Chuck Male