Monday, July 26, 2010

National Night Out Against Crime

Tuesday August 3rd   5-8 PM

3000 Dewey Ave. (Barnard-Bethany-Two Doors Parking Lot)

Police cruiser; Bikes; ATV; Displays & Equipment; Safety Displays; Fire trucks; Rescue Vehicles; Fire Safety Displays; Hands-on Activity

$1 Hots, $1 Cold Drinks
(Fundraiser for Two Doors Comm. Resource Center)

--- Abbott’s Frozen Custard --- 
Visit from “Abbott the Rabbit”

Candy Bar & Snack Sales by Troop 195

Free Haircuts - Kids 10 & under  - Courtesy of House of Hair -


Anonymous said...

And one of the nice officers from the New and improved Greece PD will conduct a class on how to help Officer Friendly take the report of your home burglary while you were attending.

ATTENTION GPD, get off your donut laden butt and catch the burglars operating in Barnard like it's a rummage sale.

SCATS said...

To 12:52AM ~~ Haven't you heard? That part of Greece is becoming part of the 10th ward of the city ever since Greece's town board turned their back on it.

Anonymous said...

RE free hair cuts: Amen! We certainly know that we don't want our future model citizens looking like long hair hippie freaks!