Friday, July 30, 2010

John Parrinello Says "Poppycock" Once Again

Claims Town of Greece has spent in excess of $1.2 million to get rid of Rahn, Mackin & Trowbridge

"In 1991-92, they used the same tactics to get rid of Chief Phelan ... In 1991-92, the town hired me and for under $20,000, I was able to convince Chief Phelan to retire."

Parrinello says Auberger "has a colossal Alzheimer's reaction" in his inability to recall hiring Gary Pignato while in Parrinello's office.

Parrinello describes Rahn's treatment in prison so far.

WATCH the interview


Anonymous said...

Does seem very strange that all sorts of allegations against others were investigated and "laid to rest" in our $1M report. Yet this allegation, publicly made by John Parrinello that John Auberger hired Pignato based on his request, is conspicuous by its absence. Not even a mention and a dismissal!
So the game continues and the doubts persist...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the interview on Channel 13 TV? Why is Auberger's lower lip quivering with the question about the Parinello allegation? Is it a sign of being nervous, dishonest, aroused, trapped? Anyone well versed in body language?

SCATS said...

To 6:26PM ~~ Yes, I saw it. I think that lip quiver precedes his nose growing ... again ... or maybe it happens just before he cries ... or both ... ;)