Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hold Onto Your Wallets Alert!


Due to a DECREASE in the taxable assessed valuation of properties within GCSD, the BOE will be UNABLE to establish a tax rate that is less than the 4% we were promised UNLESS they reduce the levy by approx. $600,000. Their options for doing so include:
  • Reduce budgeted appropriation
  • Use additional reserve or fund balance
  • Make no changes to revenues or expenditures and let the residents eat the increase
  • Formulate a combination of the above

SCATS ~~ Too bad Boily indebted us to funding a Family Support Center for THREE YEARS, when we don't even know if we can afford the program or whether it will provide any return for the investment. But then NOTHING is too good to ensure the continuation of West Ridge School regardless the cost to the rest of us ;) To fix the board's lack of vision, let's make everyone else's class sizes even larger!

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