Saturday, July 10, 2010

GPD Cracks Down On Under-Age Drinking

Holiday weekend parties end with Greece Police charging 4 people;
Three charged with hosting parties for under-age drinking;
Another charged with DWI


Johnathon Beaver charged with unlawfully dealing with a child & criminal nuisance

Chance Karn charged with unlawfully dealing with a child & criminal nuisance


Anonymous said...

dog and pony show for the media

SCATS said...

To 12:06PM ~~ Maybe ... maybe not. The difference is that something has been done to stop a particular problem and it hasn't been swept under the rug. I wonder if the Beaver kid is related to our infamous past C of C prez ... ?

Anonymous said...


Haven't you noticed a lot of pr on the polcie department in the d and c on the local media. on ah 9 the news reader was reading a town script

It is planned and scripted

I don't care if an 18 year old drinks at a private party unless he or she drives.

SCATS said...

To 1:22PM ~~ A town script about this story?? I saw & ignored the one with the officer on patrol. Of course there's a lot of PR right now. Uncle Auggie is doing the happy dance because Rahn is in jail. That won't last for long. Greece thrives on scandals ;)

Anonymous said...

1:22 Now you might care if the party was hosted by your next door 20 year old neighbor and they were outside drinking and relieving themselves and vomiting. Not to mention the noise.
What seems to be different now is that in the Rahn days when a call was made to report noise because of a part, the police took so long to get there which allowed the connected youth at the party to be warned by family for the quieting of the party and possible escape. Connections of 911 dispatch, police radios, firemen especially, teen explorers at the party do help.
It will take some time before those alliances are built once again in Greece through bribery and intimidation and blackmail. It takes time.

Anonymous said...

The hockey moms and dads will protest at the next town board meeting and the charges will be dropped

SCATS said...

To 8:03AM ~~ I sincerely hope you are wrong about that!

Anonymous said...

I am very happy there is a crackdown on these parties where the underage drinking happens. It is about damn time. I think it is disgusting and very poor parenting when you have parents who ALLOW any kid under 21 yrs to drink while hosting a party. I hope the GPD will start arresting parents as well. And put their picture in the paper too.

I never allowed any underage drinking at my home ever. There was lots of pressure to do so too but you have to be a parent first. Not your kid's friend. And i always told my drink and drive and get arrested........don't be calling me to bail you out cuz i won't be coming! Tough love? Sure is! But that's what you sign on for when you have kids!

Glad GPD is finally doing the jobs they are supposed to do! Go GPD!

Anonymous said...

I hope 12:06 and 1:22 aren't the same people who whined about NOT seeing any stories in the news about crime in Greece when Rahn was Chief. Clearly they just want to beat up on whoever is there and will take both sides of an issue at different times to support their attacks on the Chief. Sorry kids, others here were sick and tired Rahn wouldn't let the truth be known. Baxter is doing that now and it's up to the press to cover or not cover the story. Don't dump on Baxter for doing exactly what we here want him to do. Thanks for playing though.