Friday, July 16, 2010

Chad Rahn Charged With Computer Trespass Felony

The D&C reports he is also charged with misdemeanors for official misconduct & fourth degree criminal facilitation regarding info he provided a Greece resident related to a police tip.

He remains free on his own recognizance.

“He’s adamant, adamant, that he’s not guilty of these charges.” ~~ Atty. J. Matthew Parrinello

Read the Indictment

SCATS ~~ Could we possibly get a discount rate by taking over an entire cell block & saving ourselves some local tax $$ ?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone believe that this is the first time he has done this? He didn't just learn in the past 2 months how to use the county computer. And if he can do it they all know how to do it. The only difference is he gave the info to someone who was hell bent on revenge and they both got caught.
So no matter what,an anonymous tip is never anonymous. We should all bear that in mind. Whether it is a tip to the whistle blower line in greece central or the anonymous tip line at the schools or a complaint to the town about unkempt property. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, "Hey if there is grass that is knee high and a dog is tied to the clothesline, a gun might live in that house." Live with the messy yard down the street. He might be an "acquaintance" of a cop or other public official.
And the cities wonder why there is a "no snitch" rule about crimes. There are no witnesses because there will be retaliation. Who thought that the police in the suburbs would be responsible for the facilitation of the revenge.

SCATS said...

To 5:38PM ~~ Especially true of a town as corrupt as Greece has been.