Monday, July 05, 2010

BOE's Reorganizational Meeting Tuesday

Olympia HS Library ~ 6:30PM

Who wants to be BOE Prez? VP?

Regular Monthly Meeting Follows

Agenda Highlights
Board Goals
GCSD Goals
Appointment of Parliamentarian (FINALLY!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Tonight the school board will hold its very important reorganization meeting with the election of a new president and vice-president. Fortunately, as a result of last May's election, the Boily faction has lost the majority and their choice for president, McCabe, won't happen.

Tonight's meeting will determine the fate of the district for the next three years as they will hire our next superintendent. The new leadership will come from a coalition led by Oberg, VanOrman, O'Toole, Ferrington and new member, Race.

For the sake of this district and its students, let's hope our new leadership will get it right this time and hire a person capable of turning this district around, a process started in 2005/06 and scrapped by succeeding boards obsessed with power, politics and control.

The appointment of a parliamentarian is an excellent idea as the past three presidents have had no clue as to Roberts Rules, especially Boily who made up the rules as he went along.

SCATS said...

To 10:29AM ~~ I hope you are right about predicting who will be the new leadership. I'm not certain that Beth Race is either trustworthy or predictable. I see her as the swing vote. Regarding the Parliamentarian, I suggested previously that they put the BOE clerk in charge of that job since she isn't up for re-election every 3 yrs. What happens if you have Oberg for Prez. and then Boily as Parliamentarian??? It could make things even worse than they are now.