Thursday, July 22, 2010


Greece Town Board Votes 5 to 0 Opposing NY Power Authority's Wind Farm Proposal For Lakes Erie/Ontario

The D&C reports that Greece's waterfront homeowners oppose the project, according to John Auberger

"That's a residential area, and from an aesthetic standpoint, residents didn't want development into what they consider a national treasure, Lake Ontario." ~~ Supervisor John Auberger

"I'm pleased with the Town Board. I believe they're answering the call of the constituents also." ~~ County Legislator Rick Antelli

SCATS ~~ It's too bad Lake Ontario isn't really treasured by the Town of Greece. Supervisor Alzheimer "forgot" to mention that he doesn't support our own marina at Braddock's. He also "forgot" to mention that his girlfriend lives on the lakeshore ...  in addition to a number of other key Republican movers & shakers ;) And, where were you, Mr. Antelli, when the constituents told the Greece Town Board they wanted Edu-Cable, and not Time-Warner, for televising Greece's board meetings??   


Anonymous said...

That would be 350 Edgemere dr bought 6-24-2003 by Joan Fox and Herr alzheimer and then deeded to just the woman on 2008. The mortgage the 2 of them took out was paid off when she took out her own mortgage in 2-29-08 when it was deeded to just her. So he probably does relax over there and would not like to look at the windmills. Apparently there was some question about work being done for republicans by the robutrad workers and it was best to get his name off the deed.
How many more big wigs live on the lakeshore?

Anonymous said...

The public access channels are now a big joke.
they told us nothing would change

You forget that antelli has close connectins to morons ranting

Anonymous said...

Antelli was getting his wife a job with the County Clerk in the Motor Vehicle office so the taxpayers could pick up the Antelli family health coverage.

He was also getting reports of Hairburger's activities from Merrit Rahn so Antelli could Primary Hairburger.

Fortunately Downtown prevailed and Antelli moved to County Leg.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should rename Greece to NIMBY? Or is A just taking a page out of Tom Galisano's book when he opposed windmills in the Finger Lakes because he didn't want to look at them.
Guess politics is more local than we thought!

Anonymous said...

Stand by folks-
Watch closely to see if Downtown is over being mad at Hairburger.

Will the Hairburger finally go to the Water Authority,
will he continue to be punished for not campaiging for Sheriff Patric OFlibber unless he too got paid like Maggie did?

The BIG job is open at W A.

The list of Republicans to be sent off to pasture with the BIG pension is short. No, Monroe County Republicans don't retire to stud, their lack of ability is too well known.

Town Hall took delivery of a case of Tums this morning. Poor Hairburger, once again rotating atop the spike like the fencepost turtle he is.

SCATS said...

To 2:11PM ~~ Fencepost turtle? Is that you Hillary? I haven't heard that phrase since Slick Willy was trying to remember the definition of "is"!