Friday, July 30, 2010

The $930,000 Loszynski Report Released

READ the 86 page report

WATCH the press conference (I hope they keep this link up!)

Watch live streaming video from rocvideo at

SCATS ~~ For a man who accepts NO BLAME AT ALL in this monumental debacle, Uncle Auggie got rather defensive there today when questioned by the media.


Anonymous said...

930,000 for poop. Whether the allegations presented are true or not no evidence is provided to substantiate them in the report. We are left to "trust" Lozinski that th reports are true. Why?

Most of th rest are bureaucratic recommendations. Why weren't these implemented much earlier?

Anonymous said...

With all the problems within the police dept. and assessors office prior to Auberger taking office it does not speak well of him to say you just appoint dept. heads and just let them go with no oversite.

THAT would be irresponsible.

Anonymous said...

This report only tells the residents of Greece how imcompetant John Auberger really is. I am not sure why we had to spend so much money to find this out; I found this out just by hearing him spitting and sputtering his lame responses to Parinello's questions during the Rahn trial.
Augberger, when are you going to retire or resign? You are just looking more foolish as the days go on!

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the report. There were several instances in the report of money spent on trips to new orleans etc where there were unexplained added days to the trips. And in one case a mystery one way ticket from Baltimore to rochester. There were also trips using police vehicles and credit cards for gas for personal trips. The report does not tell us if the department or town was able to recoup the cost of those extra personal expenses. Last I heard taking public money for an unauthorized expense was theft. Is it called embezzlement? Maybe the state comptroller should be informed about this report and further investigation could include the attorney general.
The only cases of paying the piper are Rahn and Joseph and Pignato. And some unnamed staff "retired" to avoid scrutiny.
Seems like the Lozynski activity was a catalyst to get things going for the trials of the 3 and other than that just let's us know what we knew all along. Greece is corrupt along with all of Monroe county government. The CEO of Greece during all this should be ashamed and he should resign. But he won't have to worry. Mags will get him that cushy job as head of the water authority.
And we can see how he was reelected by the insightful responses to reporter's questions by the townees outside the library and senior center:D

SCATS said...

To 10:23AM ~~ You've summed things up very well from my perspective. I feel sick having read it and knowing it's so true :(