Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rahn Juror: Auberger Lied

Anonymous said...

I watched the entire meeting and found some of the answers to questions being asked towards the end being a unrealistic, (Mostly Augberger's responses).

Augberger flat out denies any involvment with the Pignato hiring. With the few responses he did give tells you that he received the background check in a matter of less than two weeks when normally they take 6-8 weeks. He also said he never looked at it but his remarks from 7-30-10 state that he endorsed Pignato to the town board due to the completed background check and the information it had, (but he never read it).

Augerger also said on 7-30-10 that he trusted Rahn and had no reason to doubt that trust. In court, Augie explained his knoweledge of Rahn's missing gun from 1999 thru 2000 and that he finally asked for a written memo on all details a year after he had already known about this incident. He also said during the trial that he gave Rahn a verbal repirmand after he received the memo; Like, Merritt, you need to be more carefull with your gun. You could of fired him then but you did not, Why?

Apparently Augberger thought this was not a big deal in 2000. A decade later, the Green Team charged Rahn with 5 felony's over this one incident in 1999-2000.

My opinion is that our Town Supervisor out right lied giving those answers yesterday. I also believe he had a great deal of involvement with hiring Pignato and Joseph and was trying to make the entire stolen gun thing go away as quickly as it could.

Augberger also mentioned that these rumors going around about his involement are nothing more than individuals or political groups who has an agenda against him or his party.

Well, I have no agenda! I am a Republican! I have voted for Augberger in the past! I have always given you and other town officials the respect that your positions deserved!

So Mr. Augberger, what is my Agenda? Am I just a stupid resident of Greece who is easily led by others?

I been thinking you are nothing more than corrupt politician since I heard you give your testimony and I believe there are 14 others who sat with me during your testimony that feels the same way. After hearing you doing the same yesterday only makes me more upset that you have not apologized to the Greece residents or done the proper thing by stepping down.

I believe that you might not have broken any laws but you were very much involved and as you said, "I was in charge of the GPD".

Chuck Male
7/31/2010 9:56 AM

SCATS ~~ You make some excellent points, Chuck! Especially about Rahn's missing gun and Auberger's continued and unflagging trust in him. Today's D&C quotes Auberger as saying: "I had no reason to believe there were problems." Well, now we all know, that's just plain poppycock. There's no "agenda" needed to arrive at that conclusion!

Friday, July 30, 2010

John Parrinello Says "Poppycock" Once Again

Claims Town of Greece has spent in excess of $1.2 million to get rid of Rahn, Mackin & Trowbridge

"In 1991-92, they used the same tactics to get rid of Chief Phelan ... In 1991-92, the town hired me and for under $20,000, I was able to convince Chief Phelan to retire."

Parrinello says Auberger "has a colossal Alzheimer's reaction" in his inability to recall hiring Gary Pignato while in Parrinello's office.

Parrinello describes Rahn's treatment in prison so far.

WATCH the interview

You're Wrong Uncle Auggie ...

"The most difficult undertaking for any leader is to launch an investigation of your own staff." ~~ Supervisor John Auberger at today's press conference

SCATS ~~ No John, you're wrong. Accepting blame is the most difficult undertaking for any leader. That's how we know you aren't a leader! You absolutely refuse to accept YOU had a role in all of this by your complete & total LACK OF OVERSIGHT!

The $930,000 Loszynski Report Released

READ the 86 page report

WATCH the press conference (I hope they keep this link up!)

Watch live streaming video from rocvideo at

SCATS ~~ For a man who accepts NO BLAME AT ALL in this monumental debacle, Uncle Auggie got rather defensive there today when questioned by the media.

TGIF Forecast ...

There is a better than average probability that Uncle Auggie will release the long-awaited Loszynski report today ... merely because it's a Friday which allows everyone to be "unavailable" for comment through the weekend ;)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Good & The Bad Regarding NY Test Results

To: Concerned Individuals
From: Doug Skeet
Re: School District Comparisons on 2010 Test Results

Based on this am D&C paper we are able to make school district test result comparisons with the new NYS scoring system.

Of the 17 suburban Monroe County school districts Greece scored SECOND from the bottom. Of the 19 suburban school districts, two from Ontario County, Greece scored SECOND from the bottom. The Rochester City School District is in last place.

Greece had 56% of the students at a passing proficiency rate.

Of the 17 suburban Monroe County school districts Greece scored FIFTH from the bottom. Of the 19 suburban school districts, two from Ontario County, Greece scored SEVENTH from the bottom. The Rochester City School District is in last place.

Greece had 68% of the students at a passing proficiency rate.

The ranking in math is an improvement for Greece. Greece has scored in last place and second from last for years in math. To be at seventh from the bottom is great.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NYSED Releases Test Scores

The percentage of Greece students who met or exceeded the new standards (met Level 3 or Level 4 proficiency):

Grade 3 ELA- 59.5%
Grade 3 Math-68.9%

Grade 4 ELA-59.5%
Grade 4 Math-70.8%

Grade 5 ELA-51.7%
Grade 5 Math-72.6%

Grade 6 ELA-57.5%
Grade 6 Math-64.5%

Grade 7 ELA-52.4%
Grade 7 Math-70.1%

Grade 8 ELA-53.3%
Grade 8 Math-61.4%

FIND Your Child's School Results (Greece is on pgs. 415 - 418)

READ BLOGGER David Hursh's Take On The Results

Signs That O'Rourke Could Be Our Next Supt.

The 65 yr. old John R. O'Rourke took over as GCSD's Interim Supt. on July 23rd. Last night was his first board of education meeting. From the sound of things during this first work session, the Greece school board and O'Rourke are liking each other ... a lot. All sorts of kind words and expressions of appreciation for each other were uttered during the course of this study session. It was a veritable love-fest compared to the last 4 years. Most notable were O'Rourke's contented words at the end of the meeting : "I feel like I'm in the process of finding a home. I'm very happy I'm here."

Earlier in the meeting, O'Rourke volunteered to help the BOE formulate a larger plan to provide district oversight using the BOE's laundry list of identified goals for the upcoming year. Oddly, the only time that anyone at the meeting mentioned conducting a search for and hiring a new Supt. was when Frank Oberg began the Goals Discussion by reading a condensed list of a handful of goals the BOE created at a previous meeting!

Add to that the fact the Greece school board decided to postpone until Fall any resumption in their search for Achramovitch's replacement and one gets the feeling that there is no hurry at all in finding someone to take the district helm.

Could it be that O'Rourke is the man the BOE has set its eyes on to be the next Supt? Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

BOE Approves 3 Year GUSTO Contract

GUSTO gets second contract
since GTA's contract expired!

The GUSTO agreement provides 0% increases for the 1st & 2nd years and a 3% increase in the 3rd year.

Hold Onto Your Wallets Alert!


Due to a DECREASE in the taxable assessed valuation of properties within GCSD, the BOE will be UNABLE to establish a tax rate that is less than the 4% we were promised UNLESS they reduce the levy by approx. $600,000. Their options for doing so include:
  • Reduce budgeted appropriation
  • Use additional reserve or fund balance
  • Make no changes to revenues or expenditures and let the residents eat the increase
  • Formulate a combination of the above

SCATS ~~ Too bad Boily indebted us to funding a Family Support Center for THREE YEARS, when we don't even know if we can afford the program or whether it will provide any return for the investment. But then NOTHING is too good to ensure the continuation of West Ridge School regardless the cost to the rest of us ;) To fix the board's lack of vision, let's make everyone else's class sizes even larger!

AAP Suggests Scratching "No Nit" Policies

American Academy of Pediatrics updates protocols for diagnosis and treatment of head lice:

"No healthy child should be excluded from or miss school because of head lice, and no-nit policies for return to school should be abandoned."

SCATS ~~ As a parent, I could not disagree more!

Three Weeks & Still Counting ...

WHERE Is The Loszynski Report?

Monday, July 26, 2010

National Night Out Against Crime

Tuesday August 3rd   5-8 PM

3000 Dewey Ave. (Barnard-Bethany-Two Doors Parking Lot)

Police cruiser; Bikes; ATV; Displays & Equipment; Safety Displays; Fire trucks; Rescue Vehicles; Fire Safety Displays; Hands-on Activity

$1 Hots, $1 Cold Drinks
(Fundraiser for Two Doors Comm. Resource Center)

--- Abbott’s Frozen Custard --- 
Visit from “Abbott the Rabbit”

Candy Bar & Snack Sales by Troop 195

Free Haircuts - Kids 10 & under  - Courtesy of House of Hair -

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Double Duty: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?

The D&C reports that Gates Police have added code enforcement duty to their shifts.

"Ninety-eight percent of people comply. It's been rewarding ... Our view was taking care of neighborhoods and not letting them deteriorate is a big crime issue. We needed to keep the neighborhoods from falling off a cliff." ~~ Gates Police Chief David DiCaro

SCATS ~~ Imagine if a Greece police officer reported visible code violations back for the town to follow up on with each call to a residence or business ... Greece would look better within a month since GPD makes 1200+ calls in a week!

Friday, July 23, 2010

BOE Study Session Tuesday @6:30PM

It is anticipated that the BOE will go into an Exec. Session @5:30PM to discuss contract negotiations &the employment history of particular person(s).

GUSTO Contract Approval
Medicaid Compliance Training
Tax Levy Discussion
Board Goals Discussion
Board Committees
Roberts Rules of Order Training Discussion

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Congratulations Bill Reilich!

YOU Are SCATS' 100th Facebook Friend :)


Greece Town Board Votes 5 to 0 Opposing NY Power Authority's Wind Farm Proposal For Lakes Erie/Ontario

The D&C reports that Greece's waterfront homeowners oppose the project, according to John Auberger

"That's a residential area, and from an aesthetic standpoint, residents didn't want development into what they consider a national treasure, Lake Ontario." ~~ Supervisor John Auberger

"I'm pleased with the Town Board. I believe they're answering the call of the constituents also." ~~ County Legislator Rick Antelli

SCATS ~~ It's too bad Lake Ontario isn't really treasured by the Town of Greece. Supervisor Alzheimer "forgot" to mention that he doesn't support our own marina at Braddock's. He also "forgot" to mention that his girlfriend lives on the lakeshore ...  in addition to a number of other key Republican movers & shakers ;) And, where were you, Mr. Antelli, when the constituents told the Greece Town Board they wanted Edu-Cable, and not Time-Warner, for televising Greece's board meetings??   

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Walgreens Developer Ran Out Of $, Delayed Project

WHEC-TV reports: It’s been weeks now since there has been any work going on at Walgreens project in Greece.

The store is at the corner of Long Pond and West Ridge Road. Today, News 10NBC learned work on the project, which has been stalled for weeks, will begin again in about two weeks. Work ceased on the project because the developer ran out of money. This information is coming from a managing partner of the Hart Lyman Companies. That’s the company that bought out the original developer, HDL Property.

Guy Hart told News 10NBC his company is infusing hundreds of thousands of dollars into this project to get it finished. It just put a million dollars into the Walgreens at Mount Read Boulevard. told News 10NBC his company is infusing hundreds of thousands of dollars into this project to get it finished. It just put a million dollars into the Walgreens at Mount Read Boulevard and Maiden Lane. It is now finished and has been bought by Walgreens. Hart says HDL Property became insolvent, so parts of it were sold off and what was left became part of the Hart Lyman Companies. Merchants and residents say the delay has been disappointing.

Hart says his company, which is based in Syracuse, has completed $70million in development work in Rochester and is committed to this area. He says workers are on deadline to have the store completed by October, in time for the holidayshopping season.

SCATS ~~ The Greece Town Board had to approve extending the application for construction on this project even BEFORE work began! That was several YEARS AGO! Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Greece doesn't need another drugstore? How long before we are confronted with a slew of empty, closed down drugstore buildings due to approving too many?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greece Police Dept. Calls For Service

Year To Date

From 07-12-2010 thru 07-18-2010

Scats ~~ Do these figures include the number of times Chief Todd got dunked at the festival last  Saturday?

Two Weeks Have Passed Since The Last Promise Was Made ...



How long will he continue to take
our $$ to cover
Auberger's backside?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Signs Whistle Blower Policy Isn't Working

Anonymous said...

I have tried the Whistle Blowers hotline several times but to no avail. After waiting three days and calling back, it always tells me that Ann Mitchell needs more information and I should contact her directly. Why would I do that? What exactly does that protect?    7/16/2010 12:07 PM

Anonymous said...

Ann Mitchell is where the buck stops? OMG! What if she's part of the problem that you're reporting!?!

Why wouldn't a representative of the Board of Education be the person?

This is t-h-e reason why to n-o-t trust the system. Just shut up and keep your head down. Bullying at DO is ALIVE AND WELL!    7/17/2010 10:25 AM

SCATS ~~ I've continued to receive such comments on a regular basis since the BOE adopted and instituted their Whistle Blower policy. Clearly, telling someone to contact Ann Mitchell directly is NOT the way to handle things, especially not if you want to address complaints and fix what's broken.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wilmorite Sues NY State For $3.1 Million Tax Credit Loss At Greece Ridge Mall

Revocation of Empire Zone program for The Mall at Greece Ridge squelched plans for a $25 million project.

NY State decertified the mall "for failing the 1-to-1 benefit-cost test," meaning a requirement to match every dollar of tax credit with a dollar of wages, benefits and investment. (D&C)

SCATS ~~ What took them so long to rid us of this tax sham???

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chad Rahn Charged With Computer Trespass Felony

The D&C reports he is also charged with misdemeanors for official misconduct & fourth degree criminal facilitation regarding info he provided a Greece resident related to a police tip.

He remains free on his own recognizance.

“He’s adamant, adamant, that he’s not guilty of these charges.” ~~ Atty. J. Matthew Parrinello

Read the Indictment

SCATS ~~ Could we possibly get a discount rate by taking over an entire cell block & saving ourselves some local tax $$ ?

Where Is He Now?

George M. Kisha
  • Fled GCSD for the Pittsford School District when GCSD was served with papers related to an appeal to the Commissioner of Education by Greece resident Tom Kackmeister
  • Joined Steve Walts when he was Appointed Assoc. Supt. for Finance & Support Services in Prince William County Schools in August 2005.
  • Abruptly resigned from PWCS without explanation as reported by SCATS via the Washington Post Metro Section on May 23, 2008. There were rumors of an inappropriate sexual relationship with a colleague, among other allegations.
  • Became a licensed realtor & began hawking real estate for Century 21 Stackhouse & Assoc. in the Prince William County area
  • Created a MySpace page with bio
  • Updated his Facebook page to omit his real estate connections AND to say he has "recently retired" to NYC following SCATS' announcement this past week that we are planning to post about notables from Greece's past! Oddly, he "forgot" to change his location ;)

Where, Oh Where Did $8-9 Million Go?

In an article outlining the EXCEL construction project work taking place around our schools this summer, the Greece Post cites construction guru Lou Bianchi on the project cost: "The approximate cost of the complete construction is in the area of $12 million to $13 million, Bianchi said."

When this project was readied to be put before the voters, we were told the cost was around $21.4 million. This BLOG from Dec. of 2007 and this GCSD web page clearly states that amount.

After the CIP debacle, which we're STILL trying to clean-up from, one would think such obvious lapses as this wouldn't be a problem!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Does Greece's BOE Use Facts In Decision-Making?

D&C Editorial raises some interesting issues and employs some telling word choices

School boards should groom potential superintendents

The difficulties of the Greece school district in hiring a new superintendent should sound off alarm bells for other school district.

Yes, Greece as a large district poses special challenges — 12,500 students and frequent turnover of superintendents and board members. The Greece job attracted just 11 applicants; the board rejected two finalists and plans to begin a new search.

Considering that almost 46 percent of all superintendents in New York state plan to retire by 2013, even school boards in smaller, more stable districts should proactively prepare for the inevitable.

Boards face several challenges. A 2009 survey shows the candidate pool is growing smaller, and candidates are getting older and planning shorter tenures.

One solution is for school boards and current superintendents to focus more on succession planning and grooming administrators and principals for top jobs. That's not done frequently enough according to the survey conducted by the New York State Council of School Superintendents.

School leaders also should do a much better job of preparing women and minorities. Although women have made great strides in recent years, they still account for only 30 percent of all superintendents in New York.

The statistic for people of color is much worse; the survey found that less than 3 percent of respondents were people of color. That's terrible, given the diverse makeup of many student bodies.

Recognizing the need to groom future talent, the superintendents council offers training for potential superintendents and current ones; district leaders should pay for staff to participate.

Finally, school boards should do some soul-searching on their effectiveness. Superintendent candidates will be more attracted to a school district where the board works cooperatively and bases decisions on facts.

SCATS~~ With all of the myriad of troubles facing our school board, I think the expectation that these unpaid volunteers will spend their time and invest our dwindling monetary resources on "grooming" future superintendents is unrealistic. However, I do agree that the Greece school board would be very wise to note the suggestion made in the final sentence about basing their decisions on facts. Example: Tuesday night's meeting included two mistatements (one by a BOE member) about Greece enrollment declines totalling only "one or two hundred" students! Corrections to such fallacies should be made swiftly.


Tick ... Tick ... Tick ...


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where Is She Now?

Meg Keller-Cogan

After departing Greece Central with a fistful of cash in one hand ($200,000+) and a "positive" letter of recommendation and a gag order against the Greece BOE in the other, Meg landed downstate in the Clarkstown School District.

Today, it appears she has really settled into her new school community. Her most recent budget got passed easily (as have most since her move there) when 69% of registered voters supported it by a two to one margin. Also, her teacher's union just settled a new 5 yr. contract that agrees to an 18 month pay freeze during these times of economic uncertainty. Her paycheck totals $225,000/yr. Looks like it was Greece's loss after all.

Greece PD's Weekly Blotter An Eye-Opener

Police Dept's web page lists "Calls for Service" and the types of calls made

For the week of 07/05/2010 - 07/11/2010, there were:

Calls for Service = 1,369

Calls for service included, but are not limited to:

Criminal Mischief = 22
Domestic Arrests = 2
Domestic Reports = 39
DWI Arrests = 5
Larceny Reports = 15
Traffic Arrests = 2
SCATS ~~ The obvious question is that out of more than 1300 calls, only 85 have been categorized, so what were the preponderance of all of those calls related to? Also, with so many calls made, what made the 7 that details were given for on the web page stand out? I certainly hope this isn't intended to replace the D&C or Greece Post's list of police calls! As bad as they are, this is beyond pathetic! C'mon Chief Todd, you CAN do better! Was this the John Auberger approved report??

BOE Develops Lengthy "Laundry List" Of Issues

Hopes to focus on a handful with help from interim Supt. O'Rourke

School Choice/Signature Schools/Open Enrollment
Building capacities
5 yr. strategic plan
The Lottery - Hold in public?
Graduation rates/Drop-out rates
Types of diplomas earned
College-prepared graduates?
Literacy assessment (primary grade levels)
District website - make user friendly
BoardDocs - continuation?
"The Connection" - "Accuracy must be excellent"
Social promotion
Diversity - Study done with Dr. Brown?
Adherence to district dress code & code of conduct
Supervision on trips (Can ya believe this one STILL isn't in shape??)
Athletic policy
Closing of buildings
Contracts/cost controls
Spreading successes from one school to others

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where Is She Now? *

Kathleen Pagano-Fuller

Terminated by the HMO - led BOE in the aftermath of the Steve Walts/Meg Keller-Cogan mess, Ms. Pagano-Fuller landed herself another job as assistant superintendent for student learning in the Monticello School District. Monticello Superintendent Pat Michel  "believes the Greece fiasco was a case of veteran teachers resisting accountability." (He's very insightful, but only sees half the picture!)

Following three and-a-half years of service in Monticello, Ms. Pagano-Fuller decided to retire at the end of the 2009-2010 school year and made this brief statement: "My motto since I was a teenager has been to leave a place I have lived or worked a little better than I found it. Therefore, I hope that as a result of working with so many wonderful adults and children in Monticello, I have made a “positive difference” (in this district.)

SeeThroughNY  shows she was making a hefty salary of $128,800 per year which should serve her well as she settles into her new life in  Tennesee.

* As time and energy permits, SCATS will post updates on the current status of former local public employees, politicians and/or other "notables." A special thank you to my researcher for digging through Google, directories and other references to unearth the latest.

Golisano Wins Big In Property Tax Case

Plans fall forum Sept. 29 at the Doubletree Hotel in Henrietta with presentations by lawyers, appraisers and assessors on how property owners can challenge their assessments.

"I think it's ludicrous we can have a tax system that can have such an obvious disparity." ~~ Tom Golisano (source)
SCATS ~~ Challenging your assessment is something everyone CAN do with a little preparation. Based on many conversations I've had with people in Greece who schedule an informal hearing, most get at least partial relief and many get exactly what they sought.

Monday, July 12, 2010

BOE Clerk Relocated To Olympia HS

Due to construction at Apollo MS this Summer, District Clerk Lynne Armstrong has been relocated  temporarily to the Olympis HS Library. Her hours will be 7AM to 3:30PM Tuesday through Friday with a lunch break scheduled for sometime between 11:45AM & 1:30PM.  

Suddenly, Consistency Matters ...

"One of the major challenges in managing a district of this size is making sure you are consistent in how things are carried out, whether that's curriculum and instruction or assessments, how the facilities are managed or in having effective communication. But a district of this size provides great opportunities too because you have the ability to see within the district where the high performers are and why and replicate that throughout the district." ~~ Former Supt. Steve Achramovitch on finding his replacement (Source)

"What Greece needs is some consistency. I'd like to see a superintendent be here for five or seven years so we can have some time to see what they accomplish. I'd like to see the same board be here and let's see what we can accomplish in five or seven years. All this turnover is astounding and sad for the district." ~~ Sean McCabe, a future former BOE member
SCATS ~~ There's been a lack of consistency in creating and applying school board & district policies. There's been a lack of consistency in where administration has made budget cuts. There's been a lack of consistency in how schools attempt to teach curriculum. There's been a lack of consistency in almost everything except for GCSD's ongoing need to find a true leader who is willing to stand up to the special interest groups and just say "NO!"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

GPD Cracks Down On Under-Age Drinking

Holiday weekend parties end with Greece Police charging 4 people;
Three charged with hosting parties for under-age drinking;
Another charged with DWI


Johnathon Beaver charged with unlawfully dealing with a child & criminal nuisance

Chance Karn charged with unlawfully dealing with a child & criminal nuisance

Federal Discrimination Lawsuit Against GCSD Alleges "Racial Animus"

Former substitute teacher John Niles' lawsuit claims his Greece Central supervisors called him "a shifty, lazy black guy" in their emails and "figuratively" expressed surprise "that the black guy can use 'many long words.'"

The D&C reports that: "The suit notes that while Niles could not get interviewed, four English teachers were hired, all of whom were age 40 or younger. And, the suit notes, the Greece Central School District's English Department of more than 75 faculty had no African-American teachers."

SCATS ~~ I'm going to go out on a limb here ... How could GCSD be accused of discriminating against African-Americans when they have none employed?? Oh wait ... I think I get it!

Teacher's Grades Reflect Upon What Student Did ...

... Instead of What Student Learned

This Shocking STORY From Across the Border Will Make You Cringe ~ Partially, Because It COULD Happen Here!

Thursday, July 08, 2010

BOE & District Goals ...

Next Tuesday, the Greece school board will be meeting to formulate goals for themselves and for the school district. With new leadership in place, this might be the time to make some thoughtful and creative suggestions and have your ideas heard. What goals should the Greece BOE have? What goals should Greece Central have? Should we dump "Student learning is the goal"?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

NYS Education Commissioner: "Grade Inflation" Is Culprit

Study concludes that New York State students are moving through elementary, middle and high school with test scores they believe to be adequate, but once they get to college, they find they are not prepared.


SCATS ~~ SERIOUSLY!? I can't wait until they do the study that attempts to correlate grades with graduation rates!!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The New BOE Officers Are ...

Frank Oberg, President ~ "I will do my best."

Julia VanOrman, Vice President

Lynne Armstrong ~ appointed to be the BOE Parliamentarian

Once again, the BOE delayed work on developing any school board or district goals!

Loszynski's 2 Cents Worth On His $1,000,000 Investigation

He's putting the final touches on the final report which he expects to be released in a week to 10 days.



Judge Affronti: "As chief, it was in fact, your job to know. You were not merely an enabler. You turned a blind eye and ordered the misdeeds of your subordinates, who followed your orders to the letter."

Rahn: "I have nothing I would hide, I have nothing I'm embarrassed about. I'd take a polygraph test today ... It's unfortunate I didn't take the stand in my own defense - it's unfortunate. Again, hindsight is 20/20. This is the first time you've heard my side."


“The fate of those who violated our trust has been determined and we continue to move forward. I would like to thank the residents of Greece for their patience and make a special expression of gratitude to the men and women of the Greece Police Department for their perseverance during this difficult period. As a department, we are poised for greatness. Today, the Greece Police Department is, top to bottom, a completely different organization with a dedicated group of men and women led by Chief Todd Baxter.” ~~ Supervisor Auberger (SOURCE)

"Rahn is going to Elmira prison. The irony is that's where Nick Joseph is." ~~ Berkeley Brean Twitter

Monday, July 05, 2010

BOE's Reorganizational Meeting Tuesday

Olympia HS Library ~ 6:30PM

Who wants to be BOE Prez? VP?

Regular Monthly Meeting Follows

Agenda Highlights
Board Goals
GCSD Goals
Appointment of Parliamentarian (FINALLY!!!!!)

Greece In The News ...

Rahn To Be Sentenced Tuesday - probation to 11 yrs. possible (STORY)

Woman shoots boyfriend during argument (STORY)

Fight between men at Dewey & Ling results in stabbing (STORY)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy July 4th!!

Happy 234th Birthday, America!!


Hope You Have A Blast !

Rahn Verdict Stands

Judge Refuses To Set Aside Conviction;

Sentencing to be Tuesday at 9:30AM

Thursday, July 01, 2010

2392 ... 2393 ... 2394 ... 2395 ...

A politician Who Works

Robach Missing Opportunity To Do Something Meaningful

13WHAM News reports that no New York State Senate Republicans are supporting the bill for mayoral control of Rochester city schools.

SCATS ~~ Joe Robach's fear of the teacher's union speaks for itself and should be remembered by all in November.

Parrinello Says Jury Erred In Rahn Conviction

He wants the conviction thrown out before Rahn is sentenced on July 6th

"It is more than obvious that the jury's verdict in this case was based on speculation and emotion rather than separately considering the elements of each of the offenses they considered during their deliberations." ~~ John Parrinello


SCATS ~~ I know it's unlikely but what would Uncle Auggie do if Rahn's conviction did get thrown out?