Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Postpone The Hunt For A Supt?

When the Greece BOE named an Acting and an Interim Supt. last week, I was left with a few questions.

First of all, why do we need to hire an "Acting Supt" at some special rate of pay to cover a couple of weeks of time? School is out for summer. A new interim Supt. will join DO shortly. Hiring someone for a couple of weeks is a lot like saying Achramovitch was so instrumental to the daily operation of the district that he couldn't take a vacation, and of course, we know that's NOT true!

Secondly, the D&C reported last week: "In May, the school board announced it was not satisfied with either of two finalists for the superintendent's job and would keep looking. That search is expected to begin in the fall." Why are we waiting until fall? Won't candidates who want a position already be settled into new jobs by then? Are we planning to keep an interim Supt. in place for the better part of a year, possibly longer? Aren't we limiting our options with this decision?

And last but not least, why do we need to provide up to 5 days of pay for Steve to transition-in someone to an interim position? O'Rourke has plenty of superintendent's experience in a variety of locations, including the Rochester 'burbs. Nadolinski has been in GCSD long enough to know where all of the skeletons are buried anyway. This sounds like some new precedent we're setting, but no one has explained the need. We didn't transition in Walts, Meg, Jo Kehoe or even Steve. Why are we spending money (potentially) on this now?


Anonymous said...

Sctas, don't you realize it is not their money they are spending. As far as they are concerned there is no amount of money too much for them to look affluent. The school board likes to look like we have unlimited funds. It makes them look good. They can pretend to be upper class when in reality they are not as well off as the mid step teacher in our district. That goes for the whole board. It makes them feel worth more as they golf and rub shoulders with these people that snicker about them when they are on their own. Despite the fact that we are being exploited by the board with their generous bridge the interim packages, they are being used by their "buddies" the superintendents and assistants.
Listen school board, you are unpaid and the administration is using you in your volunteer positions and "need to be needed" dysfunction. They are laughing at you as they look forward to long retirements with generous pensions and life long health benefits.
Now do you see, Scats?
And probably the search lady from BOCES is taking the summer off to a cruise in Alaska maybe. That's why they will resume in September. You don't think she cares if we have a superintendent soon.
And again what was wrong with the most qualified candidate for superintendent from the city schools who came with her doctorate already? Maybe she didn't belong to the right golf club. Yeah Board, I AM accusing you of that.

SCATS said...

You make some good points, 5:40PM. The golf club is mightier than the taxpayer's vote, I guess. I believe the city schools candidate was denied access because of racial differences. I heard she was snubbed by several on the BOE who attended the BOE dinner held the night she was here for the interviews. Sad!

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration rejected 2 short comments for bullying remarks.