Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Read the Schamerhorn Arbitration Decision

In the Matter of Arbitration Between
The Town of Greece
and CWA 1170 (Gold Badge Club)

37 page arbitration report

"While the Director's (Loszynski's) efforts to raise standards may be applauded, the relevant standards are those that prevailed two years ago."

SCATS ~~ So despite paying nearly $1 million for Loszynski's investigation, we now find that his conclusions don't hold up to the light of day. I wonder how many other areas covered by his "internal investigation" will crumble as time goes by. I wonder if there will be ANY value at all in the report he wrote.
To refresh your memory, here's the Settlement Agreement

Summarizes Schamerhorn' past actions


Anonymous said...

I suppose we should be glad that Mr. Loszynski didn't charge us for the investigation and then tack on a per diem charge for the days he actually worked, like our state legislators. Maybe after he's had a few more investigations to lead, and is more "experienced" in the ways of the politically wise, he will learn that the salary is merely the starting point. The "real money" is in the extras that can be added in. I wonder if the $171 per day that our legislators get (to cover their expenses to stay in Albany) are tax-exempt. Let me guess.....

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

MEMO: for those who didn't buy a program.

When looking at the settlement be aware of who the lawyers are.
Plaintiff was represented by LaDuca & associate, not exactly the leaders of the plaintiff trial bar.

Bernie Iacavenglo's firm represented the Town. Bernie is John Hairburger's divorce attorney, and his firm gets a lot of work from the Town of Greece.

Bernie is also the man who keeps trying to get a gigantic soccer complex built on the west side. He tried Greece first and got shot down. Then he bought swampland in Parma and tried again, and was shot down. Oddly after Bernie's soccer complex got told no way, Parma saw a Primary develope for the Town Supervisor race. Nobody seems to know how Pete McCann financed his campaign, or why Pete ran.

Larry Andolina came out of the DAs office when Relin canned him along with the now Judge who presided over Nikki Joseph's trial along with a few other ADAs because Relin didn't think they were team players. Larry represents a number of Police Unions. He represented the Locust Club for years and may still. Larry spent a lot of time riding with the immediate past President of the Locust Club. Larry also represented Nikki Joseph in his trial.

Given the Lawyer players on this settlement and the terms of the settlement requiring everyone to pay their own lawyer settlement was a very cost effective move for Greece taxpayers.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration deleted the comment posted at 1:31AM for name-calling and launching a tirade over a named individual that has little, if anything, to do with the topic.