Monday, June 14, 2010

Property Tax Caps, Triborough & Teacher Contracts

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the D and C editorial about how we have problems in New York State and they could be solved by putting a cap on property tax. Before I read the end of the article there was the question of how the items like education would be paid for if property tax was capped. Would our state income tax be increased? Then in the 2nd last sentence the editor says that we have to repeal the triborough amendment that sustains present contracts and step increases.

Funny that this paper always endorses the liberal and spendthrift politicians who are backed by unions. The only recent exception was their cowardly act of not endorsing anyone for the last Greece town supervisor race.   6/14/2010 6:44 AM


Anonymous said...

A property tax cap and repeal of Triborough can't do it. We must also enact mandate relief, where the state legislature can no longer pass required expenses and pass the cost on to the counties. Only by enacting all three legs can we get property tax relief.
Of course, in an ideal world, the state legislature would also recognize that along with mandate relief, they would also need to step up to the task of managing the state budget with fiscal restraint. That sometimes means that yo must say, "No" to special interests. With taxpayers abandoning the state in droves, the revenues will never be sufficient to pay for all the causes that the legislature would like. It's kind of like a family where the outgo cannot exceed the income. Simple economics, folks.

Anonymous said...

Goverenments are not families or businesses. Public finance is different finance in the private sphere.

That of course should not stop discussion of these important issues, but stop with the silly homilies.

Anonymous said...

1:24 you are right in one important way. Families and businesses cannot legally just print up more money like governments can.
12:42 I like your comparison which could be seen as a simile but not a homily. And definitely not "silly".

Anonymous said...

The paper is getting close but no cigars yet. Any cap on property tax (or any tax) must be inexorable linked to cost controls and the tools to effectively control those costs.

I hope the D and C continues evolving their position.

Tom Kackmeister

Charlie Hubbard said...

You can have all the property caps you want you will not overcome the hypocracy and socialist thinking that is the Greece school board.

At the May 26th meeting the super presented 'as requested' reductions in spending to get to the 'requested' 3.5% tax rate increase.
Board members sat there and added $470,000 in spending on programs that they (the board) had no idea wheather they were effective or not. Fetish programs put in over the recommendation of the super (the only professional educator at the table).
****Now the hypocracy****

After adding $470,000 for the unproven board fetish programs 5 board members voted NO to spending $47,000 ($25,000 extra because of time restraints) to allow the community to vote on the revised budget.


It is truly scary to think these people are in charge of educating our kids.
It shows how important DEMOCRACY is to some elected officials.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think the word you are looking for is hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

Then isn't it also "democrisy"??

SCATS said...

Very cute, 8:32 lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, two different words spelled two different ways.