Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's Lights Out Forever For Selke's Festival

13WHAM News reported at 6PM that Bill Selke's Festival For Youth will no longer be an annual attraction at Greece Ridge Mall. The fights that caused the festival to close early yesterday have permanently ended the 20 year event.


Anonymous said...

I didn't quite get that from the report link.It seemed to say it might shut down for good

It does not seem to be a certainty

SCATS said...

To 7:24PM ~~ This appears to be one of those instances where the website hasn't been updated to reflect "the latest" they had on their news. Selke was interviewed, and unless someone spiked my iced tea with crack, he confirmed that after talking to the mall gurus it was over for good.

SCATS said...

YNN reports: "After 20 years of giving teens a safe place to have fun together, the Greece Festival for Youth has been cancelled for good."

Anonymous said...

It is a sad commentary on our society that there is a large enough segment who hasn't learned respect for authority and the rights of others to pursue their fun in a non-threatening environment. In hindsight, we might have predicted the growth in the size of this segment over the recent past.

Years ago, children learned respect for those in authority at home, in school, in church. Today we see less and less of the life lessons being taught at home, fewer people attending any church at all, and our media has become the conveyor of more and more of the life lessons. Parents and teachers often seem more concerned with providing the good things they never had than teaching life lessons to the children with whom they are entrusted.

Perhaps it was the series MASH that started to promote the anti-establishment hero- a doctor who always knew the right thing to do, but never learned to obey the rules or listen to authority. Soon all the heroes (Dirty Harry,James Bond, Jack Bauer, please add your favorite to the list) were characters who somehow were the only ones who knew what to do and did their thing no matter how violent the means, no matter how devastating the consequences. Confrontation became "in your face" and bending the rules became outright disobedience.Reality TV has made stars of families that yell at each other; 'Ozzie and Harriet', 'Father Knows Best' and Andy Griffith wouldn't last more than a couple weeks except on an obscure cable TV channel. The end justified the means and the louder and more confrontational the means are, the better!

We saw this "new communication" with increasing disgust in our political discourse. And our children saw it too and learned the lesson: whoever talks the loudest, wins.

With no one teaching respect for authority, self-discipline and respectful discussion as a means to settle differences, is it any wonder that we see gangs of roving young people settling their differences with violence?

Where will our children learn to respect others and authority today?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that a bunch of lowlife thugs can ruin such an event. Maybe we need a couple of cops with K-9 dogs to patrol such events. That sort of element does not like these units.

SCATS said...

To 8:24PM ~~ I agree with you. However, I also believe that NOT arresting any of the trouble-makers, but then closing down the event has given the thugs the upper hand now. Clearly, they are in charge. God help us in the future.

Anonymous said...

Since Selke is in so tight with our esteemed town leaders, i guess i don't understand WHY this Festival for Youth is NOT held on the Town Hall property???? The town has acres of vacant land surrounding the golden palace and a bus stop is no where to be seen. This would keep the low lifes away (except our esteemed leader) and keep this festival family friendly. So, Bill, how about it? Instead of cancelling the whole show just move it to a location that is NOT on a bus route!

SCATS said...

To 6:59AM ~~ While I think your idea about a location is an excellent one, I do think that an RTS bus does pull through the Town Hall complex on its rounds. They probably have to deliver some of our good citizens to pay their taxes. Or maybe some have to appear in court?

Ben said...

Anyone remember the attempt at a youth center made by Perinton town government some time back in the mid-'70's.
It was on Ayrault Rd. just west of250.

After school hangout and weekend dances were the main activities. Didn't last long - lily white kids acted badly, especially at the dances.

And, I'll bet no one knows how many youth centers and special events have come and gone in the City of Roc? Many were sponsored by not-for-profit social agencies like ABC and the settlement houses, others by neighborhood hustlers looking to make money of the youths attending.

Guess what? Not too many planned ones going on today. Try none.

Now with all the twitter accounts on the smart phones you're paying for, outsiders can amass larger, mobile crowds in remote places at the press of a send button.

Oh, as an aside: back in the '60's, 9th Ward city kids would hold their gang fights in back of the new North Gate shopping center buildings because the Greece coppers couldn't see back there at night. It was like Little West Side Story.

Anonymous said...

Ben, remember the one not too long ago in Henrietta? That was not welcome there, either. Under-age club.