Monday, June 07, 2010

The High Cost Of BOCES ...

Anonymous said...

Here's some real food for thought:
Derivative payrolls impact Greece budget.

Greece CSD subscribes to BOCES services. BOCES hires people and pays them to perform those services.

Looking at some of the salaries that they pay, one wonders if this is really a good value. What do you think?      6/07/2010 6:38 PM

SCATS ~~ Very interesting, 6:38PM. Especially so since first up on that list and paid the highest salary is one of the people GCSD enlisted to find us a new Supt. So far, she's failed to provide what the GTA ... er, I mean the BOE want!


Graehaven said...

It's outrageous. Just looked into the Boces-2 section where Monroe county is included. Dozens in the $80k and up range, all the way up to $146k????? That's ridiculous. These people aren't worth that kind of money for these services. No one is.

Anonymous said...

And yet, Greece (and other districts) pay it over and over and over, year after year.

You want the "service"? Pay! BOCES doesn't have to get taxpayer approval. They just bill.

There's no accountability!