Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grand Jury Begins Hearing Evidence Against Chad Rahn

Rahn is suspended with pay from his job with Irondequoit PD pending investigation

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Anonymous said...

Why is it that the State Police investigate Jr. in Irondequoit, and we get Loczynski and a 1M+ tab to boot?

Anyone see the difference in the incompetence of John "Alzheimers" Auberger?

Anonymous said...

For those who have forgotten, Supertroopers were looking at GPD & Rahn before the S#!* hit the fan on the fateful day of shredding.

Supertroopers were the ones who screwed the pooch by grabbing and bagging the contents of the dumpster WITHOUT A WARRANT! That little screwup by the ballbearing metermaid queens of traffic tickets caused SP to disengage from the investigation.

Hairburger was more than happy to bring in his own investigator so he as Greece's top law enforcment official by law could run the show.

SCATS said...

To 2:51PM ~~ Did they ever ascertain WHAT some of the shredded documents were? I heard they were trying to piece some of it back together at one point. After that, I heard nothing more (except that no one was ever charged for anything related to shredding evidence).

Anonymous said...

Was the shredding at the precinct at Island Cottage or at the town hall?
Who would the search warrant have been made out to for the confiscation of the bagged shrediment? If you want a search warrant for a person who lives in an apartment the warrant is made for that premises and served to who answers the door. If they are not there they break in or the super opens the door. If it is a house that you own and live in the same. BTW they had a warrant/subpoena already for records at the police dept only they served that warrant the Friday before the shredding. That gave the staff/officers enough private time over the weekend to get rid of the incriminating paper trails before Monday. Good thinking on the county's part to give them that warning shot and lead time. That way there was no embarrassing hard copy for the supervisor to answer to. Unexpected that someone turned them in, mid-shred.
So the subpoena for the records came from the county which was stepping on the toes of a state investigation? That subpoena warned the administration what to get rid of over the weekend.
Like the time that the Greece cops unwittingly did a search of the billiard place that exposed his hidden money that he was keeping from his own criminal colleagues. Oops. Whose toes did they step on that time? Of course that jurisdiction is overseen by uncle rico who does his own enforcement.

SCATS said...

To 7:45PM ~~ The shredding was at Island Cottage HQ.

Anonymous said...

There is a world of difference between a subpoena for records and a Search Warrant. Serving a subpoena for records by Team Green was a stupid move, and NORMAL for that group.

Team Green is overstaffed with po "investigators" doubledipping the Pension System, and the majority of them couldn't find the urinal in a mens room without a map, but the ADA supervising the investigation by that office with the intent to take the case before a Grand Jury certainly should have been able to think beyond the office door and conduct a Search with a Warrant on GPD records.

Further, GPD hasn't used typewriters in years to generate documents. A Warrant could have been generated for computer records, and a minimally talented computer teck could have found those records. Team Green lost that opportunity when the Meter Maids grabbed the garbage.

Obviously the NYSP had a pair of eyes inside GPD so more of their BRILLIANT investigative talent could be displayed. More obviously the NYSP couldn't resist the opportunity to prove they are Meter Maids extrodinare. Rather than have a Trooper sit on the dumpster owned by GPD on GPD property while they obtained a warrant for the shreddings, they opted to have face time on camera and render every bit of the shredded evidence worthless in any court.

Should the most pompus Meter Maids have known better? Absolutely, it's Evidence 1.01 taught to every Trooper at the Academy. The only question, was it a screwup or was it a deliberate act by the Meter Maids? Perhaps a second question, why weren't the shredders themselves smart enough to toss a match in the dumpster full of shreddings? Attival time for Lakeshore FD would have been sufficient to insure a full burnoff.
This leads to another question, was the NYSP informant one of the Shredding Party?

Someone clearly knew NYSP was eyeballing GPD. On a Saturday the manpower component at GPD headquarters on Island Cottage will generally be 1 or 2 streetcops, and it isn't very likely a streetcop will be the link to a NYSP BCI investigation.

There is NOTHING in the entirity of this whole deal from the hiring of Piglet and Nikki tothe Trial of Rahn that rings true.