Friday, June 04, 2010

Editorial: No second vote for Greece

I was more than a little disturbed by the actions of the Greece school board on 5-26-10 for 'not' allowing the community to vote on a revised budget.

The reason given was the cost of that vote given as $47,000 approx. $25,000 more than the regular vote due to time constraints.

Not allowing the community to have a voice should concern us all. Your tax increase will be over your objections via your vote in May.

The cost concern; contrast 'this' cost to that of the 'release time' contained in the board approved teachers contract (page 34) where taxpayers pay teachers to leave their teaching responsibilities to do 'union' business on the taxpayers dime. A cost of over $100,000 every year.

Our priorities need to be questioned.

Charlie Hubbard - Greece


Anonymous said...

Someone needs a ghost writer - his name destroys any validity.

Anonymous said...

As far as the release time goes, this is standard practice for Union officials. Some unions don't have full release. But I also know several that do. Don't blame GTA. Blame the BOE.

Anonymous said...

The law is the law. A contingency budget is a legal option.

What is the percentage of approved budgets for Greece. C.S.D. vs. other Monroe county school districts over the past 10-20 years?

SCATS said...

To 5:02PM ~~ I find it most interesting that an anonymous poster would attempt (unsuccessfully, I might add) to shoot a named messenger for delivering the bad news. It speaks volumes.

To 7:20PM ~~ My guess is that Greece falls behind other distyricts slightly. Three yrs. ago the budget was defeated. I'm not sure if that happened more than once in the last 10 yrs. (not including the most recent vote).

Anonymous said...

Standard practice or not, the BOE was told to justify expenses with some educational benefit. Charlie is right to ask what the educational benefit is for this release time. It is probably not even possible to "spin" that cost. If we can wink at that ongoing cost, and the other recurring costs we have built in to our budget (insurance costs for ex-Supts, for example) one needs to wonder why the BOE has suddenly become so careful of the taxpayers' dollars. Maybe they know this will be another "no" vote and we'll then be forced to contingency budget. So why not skip the wasted expense of a vote???

Anonymous said...

5:02, sounds like else someone needs to "grow a pair", LOL!

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration has rejected posting a comment for name-calling.

It's become obvious over the past month that SCATS has really hit someone's nerves in a big way. The number of posts and email attempting to discredit me, silence me, attack me personally, get me to meet in public, talk by phone, etc. has grown significantly in recent weeks. To me that's a signal that I've become more effective, so thanks for the feedback ;)

Anonymous said...

Go Hubbard, go. As in keep it up.

Yes that release time is in the contract. However that doesn't mean current board members know it is there. And not knowing may mean they will not change it next time around.

Yes ignorance is bliss, but it can also be very expensive!!

Anonymous said...

No personal attacks were included in the post that you are referring to. It contained only an agreement with 5:02, restatement that Charlie quit mid-term and lost credibility as proof, and a true statement that SCATS will even post as "anonymous" to his own blog (as a contrast to your 8:30).

It is interesting how your ability to sit behind your own anonymity allows you to re-spin things in such a way.

There is/was no attempt to use it to silence you on my part, only to point out philosophical hypocrisy (something that you have said is what you do, btw).

Of note -- You have now used your unique position to do what you blame others of: silencing differing opinion and spinning it publicly to make me appear to be the one at-fault. How does the view from the "Walts Suite" look?

SCATS said...

To 5:33AM ~~ Please don't put words into my mouth. YOU used name-calling, so YOUR POST was rejected. The rest of my previous comment was made as a general observation/statement. The fact that YOU CHOSE TO TAKE IT PERSONALLY SPEAKS VOLUMES!

As for the other 3/4's of your false contentions, I'm confident readers will see them for what they are.

george hubbard said...


1. Some may ask, ‘What does 1.0 FTE mean for release time? Does it mean one teacher never teaches students in his/her classroom for a whole year? That can’t be right?’

2. Well, it may not be right, but it could be true. GCSD doesn’t have control.

3. A 1.0 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) could be one teacher NO SHOW 100% of the time - getting PAY GO at 100% (full salary, benefits, and raises, etc).

4. Or, it could be two teachers NO SHOW 50%... PAY GO 50%.

5. If leader pay is between steps #5 and #16 ($40K to $70K) for example, the yearly raises continues at $3.0K (+7.5% to +4.3%).

6. But, who does the performance review you ask? This must be a morale booster for those who are accountable for doing lesson plans and grade homework each day? The GTA contract says nothing about accountability... to any one, in any form.

7. When BOE votes on a new GTA contract, surely there will be a roll call vote... where each BOE member can comment on their vote.

8. Question: If PAY GO – NO SHOW continues, will District residents be satisfied with BOE comments?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hubbard ran for another term and got elected. He finished that term. Why hold the grudge? The community saw past anything negative. Why don't you, 5:33?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate what Charlie and George Hubbard do by keeping us informed. They don't have to do it and I'm sure they've got other activities they could spend their time on. They care about the Greece community and it shows. Thanks fellas.

Anonymous said...

George @8. Question: If PAY GO – NO SHOW continues, will District residents be satisfied with BOE comments?

Since when did the board care whether residents are satisfied or not? They just shoved a contingency budget with a big tax increase down our throats after we told them no didn't they?

Anonymous said...

To 5:33 about scats..."that SCATS will even post as "anonymous" to his own blog"

I know at least one other person posts. Haven't yet today (until now lol) but did yesterday.
And there is another Greece blogger that makes up many different identities and posts to her blog. Nothing to prevent her but it is entertaining to see the different faces she assumes.
This blog belongs to scats and that persona can post as scats or as anonymous or anyone. The rest of us can be informed and entertained. The town government can watch as well as the school administration not to mention the media.
When does the blogger become the news. Apparently scats doe not have the need for personal notoriety but is getting under the skin of the leadership of town and school. Good.
Why does that bother you,5:33. Just don't follow the blog and don't read it if it offends you.

Anonymous said...

for 5:33 - I'm lmao at your comparison of Scats to Steve Walts. Who are you kidding with that twisted logic? Has Scats built something that's crumbling? Stolen goods or services from Greece Central? Left a mess for residents to clean up with their taxes? Got health care for life? Caused lawsuits to be filed? Your point of view may be 180 degrees different but that doesn't make Scats into a Walts protege. Your analogy is so far off base you aren't even in the same ballpark.

SCATS said...

To 6:57PM ~~ Well now. I guess that makes at least three of us if we include 5:33 ... should we admit him into our little group? lol :)~

To 7:13PM ~~ I wish I'd thought of that argument. Thanks :)

By the way 5:33, there are around 90 followers of this BLOG on Facebook now (including many in media jobs)... 14 followers on Blogspot ... several others on Twitter ... And there are a number of others who post here either using their signed names or BLOGGER accounts. I assure you I haven't spent 4 yrs. writing 2000+ BLOG posts just so I can comment to myself anonymously, or posing as 100+ different people. I'm really not that easily entertained. 6:57PM asks a great question: Why does it bother you or anyone else if I get under Town leaders or GCSD administration's skin? I can't wait to hear the response to that.

Anonymous said...

Um, the people did have the chance to vote and they voted it down. So cut teachers, administrators, sports, programs, free lunches for kids, busing, special ed services... cut it all and balance the budget. enough of this "I'm disappointed people can't vote again" garbage! The people voted and now board members, including Frank Oberg, need to do their job and make the cuts. Whoever is impacted and suffers is besides the point now. I'm even getting tired of SCATS and commenters here griping about who they don't like and have personal vendettas against regarding board members. Stop the whining on both sides and make the cuts!

SCATS said...

To 3:20PM ~~ People want them to MAKE THE CUTS, as you say. They also want the chance to agree once they are made via a vote. There's nothing wrong about that.

I have no "personal vendettas" because I don't know any of them "personally."