Tuesday, June 08, 2010

District Recoups $190,000 In Overcharges

CIP related overcharges on 17 contracts by 10 different contractors is being returned to GCSD
"In financial times like these, we need to be using our dollars as efficiently as we can, and if there's any money owed to us we need to make sure we're getting it back." ~~ Julia VanOrman, Greece school board

"We're very happy to get this money back." ~~ Patrick Tydings, president Greece BOE


SCATS ~~ Please note: Julia does NOT mean to include any monies Steve Walts should return to GCSD. And Patrick has already spent the $190,000 (and even more!) on settling the new GTA contract ;)


george hubbard said...


Q#1: If GCSD recoups $190,000 from CIP/2000 overcharges, will the amount go (back) to CIP/2000 account?

Q#2: If the share split for CIP/2000 costs were approx. 20% local taxpayer and 80% NYS... will $190K x 20% = $38K go to GCSD... and $152K to NYS?

SCATS said...

Excellent questions George. I doubt anyone but a few within district office actually know.

Charlie Hubbard said...

The community should thank Ken Walsh, Joe Moscato, and Frank Oberg for their perseverance on this and these type of items. These men got Mrs. Keogh involved which led to the Comptrollers office getting involved.

Other members of the present board are 'johnny come lately's' on this and they know it. If members of the present board had the backbone of these men they would have stood up on other items like the Walts medical.

Anonymous said...

I want that money acknowledged when they establish the tax rate. I'll be watching!!!

Anonymous said...

to = too

Anonymous said...

George, the man of the hour when it comes to quetions. To bad he has no opinions!

Anonymous said...

4:00 - At least he is asking the salient questions. Those in authority should provide some answers.

Anonymous said...

If this is CIP money that is being returned (a refund of previously earmarked funds), then it must be accounted for within and expended on CIP related activity. This isn't rocket science.

If this is a penalty (a damages claim of some sort), then it doesn't have this same restriction.

I hope I'm not leaking any confidential information sharing this.

SCATS said...

To 5:52AM ~~ Do you honestly expect anyone in GCSD to correctly identify and handle it this long after the fact? It will end up in the General Fund ... along with all of those BOCES reimbursements ;)

Anonymous said...

Do those in authority, read this blog? They don't seem to care about public opinion. So if you want to hear from them, then ask them directly. At least you will then be on the record!

SCATS said...

To 10:30AM ~~ I'm told that at least some in positions of authority do read this BLOG. Speaking before either the school board or the Town Board is a lot like banging your head against a brick wall ... it feels so good when you stop ;)

FYI, it's because of the way they treat the public and dismiss them that created the need for this BLOG. If our local governing bodies were honest, trustworthy and functional, I'd be out of a job!