Monday, June 14, 2010

District Offices Relocated For Summer

Asbestos removal & other work have resulted in Greece Central relocating their District Office staff to Kodak Park for the Summer. All phone numbers remain the same, but appointments are necessary to visit the offices due to security at Kodak.


SCATS ~~ Interpretation: Seeing the District Clerk just became a nightmare ;)


Anonymous said...

I wonder why we are paying $50,000 for 2 months of space at tax break park when there are probably district facilities that could be used especially in the summer.
A little political payoff? I bet other companies get the Doug Dobson discount to move there.

Also for those who wanted a revote: the #50,000 for Comida (er Kodak) tax break park could have paid fro the revote eh?

Anonymous said...

Where will they post the meetings and the job postings? That new location has to be printed in a newspaper with wide circulation. Posting the notice of meetings on the internet is not enough.
The district clerk has to be available for summons service and fulfilling freedom of information requests. She has to be open for drop-ins without an appointment. There are many documents such as the asbestos plan and the list of available records that are by law available on request immediately.

SCATS said...

To 2:27PM ~~ You make an EXCELLENT couple of points. I'll rattle a few cages and see what I can find out ;)

Anonymous said...

Why don't we just put her office in Tim Hortons parking lot. It's 2 months not an eternity!

SCATS said...

To 9:28PM ~~ Your point is that it's not important for the clerk to be accessible? You should run for BOE. You'd fit right in ;)

To 2:27PM ~~ Here's one response from a BOE member:

It is my understanding that people can "just visit" they can't just walk in. A visitor would go to the security gate, Lynne would be called, get a pass, walk to the security gate and pick up the person, then walk them out when done. Board members have to go through the same thing.

Anonymous said...

OK So has the board publicized her new location in a newspaper with wide circulation in the district according to the public officers law? Has the board also publicized the new place where posting of meetings is located? Will we have to go to kodak to see the posts for the meetings? Where will we park to get to "visit" the clerk? Where will bidders on projects turn in their closed bids? How will those be publicized? Where will the jobs be posted? In many cases there are in house people that have to be considered first.

9:28 Were you considering a trailer? Actually it's not a bad idea and suits the culture of our administration, although I suspect your intention was to put down the concern. You are one of the "get a life" solution to squelch concerns and criticism of our sacred and holy untouchable board and administration.

SCATS said...

Here's a response from another BOE member. It seems they have completely different views of what's "legal."

"It may be a bit more difficult but ALL district phone numbers are the same as before. The article makes note of that. "Dropping in" is not a wise idea at ANYTIME. Even if everyone was still at Apollo they do step out of office from time to time for various reasons. Calling ahead makes great sense unless one has time and energy to waste in abundance. I NEVER "drop in" without calling ahead first.

I find nothing in law that says the district clerk "has to be available for dropins without an appointment." If I missed something perhaps the critic could cite chapter and verse for my enlightenment.

The meeting notice postings, etc. will be done at Olympia which is the temporary site of board meetings. That is fully compliant with the law.

The heightened security is Kodak's doing as it is their facility. The district has to comply. Methinks our district critics are making a problem where none exists."

Anonymous said...

"methinks" ???
Well hey nonny nonny nonny fa la la. Aren't we being renaissance faire?

Regarding "The meeting notice postings, etc. will be done at Olympia which is the temporary site of board meetings." But up until this very minute we didn't know that information. Was it a secret? If a meeting is posted and no one is informed of where that posting will be located, does it make a noise in the forest? Get thee to a telephone and beg the newspaper to publish this information. Oh what a bother the public is, anon and anon.

Until the board makes it clear about where we park and the hours and locations the law is not being served and that shows the existence of a very big problem. Board member and scofflaw should not be synonymous, but apparently adhering to the directives of the state is both an annoyance and nuisance to the board's arrogant majority.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the construction workers will fine the rest of the "bugs" Walts and his minions planted around the 3rd floor while they are tearing out the asbestos!

The board members who responded are the typical "yes" people for the district. They along with the district head honchos could care less about customer service. HELLO.........HELLO.........did you forget.......WE pay the bills.

SCATS said...

To 11:50PM ~~ They can't even adhere to the policies that they write ;)