Sunday, June 20, 2010

Did DA Give DeFazio A Deal For His Testimony Against Rahn?

Remember Kenneth DeFazio, the convicted felon who claimed he stole Merritt Rahn's gun from the car parked in Rahn's driveway? Well, he's in trouble again, this time for sexually assaulting his girlfriend's son's sons.

A recent D&C article about his most recent run-in with the law states: "DeFazio was paroled from prison in April on a burglary conviction."

SCATS ~~ It was also in April that DeFazio testified against Rahn while wearing his prison garb and was brought into the court in shackles. Sounds like he was let go following his testimony ... I'm sure it was for "good behavior" on his part, right Mr. Green?


Anonymous said...

Clarification about the victims. "The boys are the children of the girlfriend of DeFazio's son, MacBride said."
Must be very young. Disgusting. That man should be in jail forever. Shame on the DA for letting him out for testifying against Rahn.

SCATS said...

To 1:50PM ~~ Good catch, thank you! I've corrected the posting. Just to be clear, this incident with the children became "known" after his parole following the Rahn trial, although it occured in 2008.

Anonymous said...

I posted it before the trial, and now it is slowly becoming published.


Rahn is no saint, and I sure wouldn't want him for a neighbor, but that trial was a complete witch trial.

The cops who testified were paid off in some way, Hairburger was allowed to not remember and Parinello was prevented from defending Rahn. Relin was in the deal to his neck making sure Rahn got nailed this time.

Everybody on the Green side knew Rahn's personality wouldn't let him fold and leave the game, and they took full advantage. Rahn should have seen it coming and retired due to stress, but he couldn't do that.

As I write this I am certain Relin is calling in favors to get Rahn thrown into general population at some Corrections facility rather than into Copjail with Piglet & Nicki.

TRACPHONES are wonderful things, even elected and civil service criminals know how to use them.

SCATS said...

To 3:08PM ~~ Did you try posting it here? I think there were quite a lot of comments posted about all of the deals given to the people who testified. I just didn't realize Green would sink this low! The Democrats should boot him out of office for impersonating a liberal.

Anonymous said...

3:08 pm - Are you the same person who said Rahn would get at least 8 years in prison because he rejected a deal before the trial ended?

Anonymous said...

Did you know Difazio or his female friend were never charged for stealing Rahn's gun.

Did you know when he was given a deal then, he was told all deals were gone if he lied. Knowing that, he originally told the investigator in 2000 that the female friend who was stealing with him, actually stole Rahn's gun.
Later, he found out that she never threw him under the bus like he thought and told the investigator that it was he, who actually stole it. Point being, he lied anyways and still got the deal of not being charged with stealing Rahn's gun.
I guess if another deal was made with him for his testimony this past April, we didn't hear about it during his testimony. I believe that Parinello asked but the Prosecuting team objected and we never got to hear that answer.

Parole was probably something that Difazio deserved anyways, considering this guy has been in and out of jail for more than half of his life, a known liar, thief, forger, burglar, is also a known crack head and now maybe a child molester.

I wonder what deal he can make now?

As for Relin, well we did see him in court the last day or two before we deliberated. He was their for our verdict also. He looked good, nice and tanned and remember someone telling me that he plays a good deal of golf now that he is retired. Must of been pretty important for him to see Rahn get nailed with 7 guilty's to give up some golfing days.

Parinello said all along that this trial was nothing more than a witch hunt.

I said this before, I would not be upset if Judge Affronti sentenced Rahn probation.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Testimony was given by William Mackin - he was allowed to retire. He received full immunity. He is receiving full HMO benefits for the rest of his life by the Town of Greece.

Trowbridge - He was charged with a felony. He was told that his felony may be reduced or eliminated depending on his testimony and the outcome of the trial.

Defazio - is paroled from a prison sentence the same month that he testified for the Prosecuting team.

Two police Lt.'s were promoted to Captains the same day that the Jury convicted Rahn of 7 out of 9 indictments.

Sgt. Schamerhorn was demoted by Rahn and Mackin to officer shortly after his bumbling of responsibilties of the Nick Joseph car crash.

Bob Loszinski is hired by Auberger to oversee our police department in a position that has only been used before in the past to replace a GPD chief. I believe that was Merritt's role before becoming our Police Chief.

Pretty much everyone else who worked for the Town or GPD is now retired that gave testimony.

Bob Loszinski report still not being issued until Merritt Rahn's sentencing date, (or will it).

Jeff McCann told me at the NGN meeting that the Loszinski report had to be edited before it was released to the public but it will be released.

Bob Loszinski claims he interviewed our own Auberger last August and said he found no criminal acts by Augie, what a freakin relief.
I wonder if being a blunder at your job was criminal, if he would of made the same statement?

I also read that Jeff McCann claimed the report only cost us 250thousand dollars last August and it wasn't costing the Town of Greece Residents anything. I wonder if he can still make that claim?

Chuck Male

SCATS said...

To Chuck Male ~~ Did you know that DA Mike Green (a Democrat, supposedly) attended the Greece Police Dept. promotions ceremony at 1PM on April 29th, the same day as the jury returned Rahn's verdict? Do you know he was very friendly with the Phelan family ... Gerald Phelan, former Greece Police Chief and a REPUBLICAN? He hugged and shook hands with Gerry & Patrick and then sat with the family. Very cushy ;) Green was among a plethora of Republicans in that room on that day. I just thought you might like to know.

Anonymous said...

3:08 here; Were I to dump all I know here SCATS would have to swap his litterbox for his computer chair, then he'd go nuts trying to edit what I know about these police administrators and politicians who can walk under a snake without bending over.

The Sunday before opening arguments Rahn was offered a deal, 2 years time in full satisfaction of all charges for a guilty plea. He was also told if he didn't take the deal and was convicted of any single count he would get more time than Pignato or Joseph got.

This crock of crap goes back over 20 years, and there are old scores being settled with the trial of Rahn.

Rahn was Tom Cook's boy going back to Rahn being a Sgt at RPD and Cook being Conserv. Party Chair. owner of the Bench & Bar ginmill, and DWI lawyer. Rahn was also an alcy in maintainence drinking stage as an RPD Sgt. His nickname was Shakey.

Rahn was stuffed over at Goodman Sec by Warshaw in hope he couldn't do much damage, and Joseph and Piglet were sent to work for Rahn.

Duffy was becoming a rising star in that timeframe with his nose up Warshaw's @$$, and his lips kissing Maya Grady.

When the Chief job in Ogden opened Rahn wanted it and Ogden was willing to hire him (Tom Cook influence). Civil Service law only allows a Lt or above to become a Chief, so Warshaw promoter Rahn to Lt for 3 days prior to the effective day of Rahn's retirement. Rahn retired from RPD with full tier 1 retirement and went to Ogden.

Phelon a/k/a Swine 1 was Chief in Greece at that time, and had incurred the rath of Roger Rabbit Town Stupidvisor. Roger being less than the brightest bulb forgot Phelon invented the Comissioner path to run Chief Paul out of town a decade before, and brought Rahn to Greece as comish to run Phelon out of town.

Phelon had embarrased Roger by admitting he was an alcy, going off to a 2 week treatment program and coming back to announce in a press conference he was "cured".

For comedy, Chuckles Zona, GPD Sgt was moved off the line to be Rahn's eyes & ears. Zona was GPD's token runt, hired when Phelon lost a bet at Barnard Exempts. The winner got to pick the candidate Phelon swore he could make a cop out of. GPD had to buy custom tailored uniforms and a booster seat for the patrol car.

Around this point Rahn notarized some petitions for Tom Cook, and did so illegally. Relin got into the act and did his best to get Rahn for the unlawful notary action. Relin made a complete fool of himself in the process, and Rahn skated.

Since SCATS has developed a nasty habit of editing my stuff, I think I'll just see if he lets this run rather than wasting my time typing.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Male
I've asked before, but SCATS pulled the post due to his overbearing use of the delete key.

Did the jury find Rahn guilty of 7 counts because the opinion of the jurors was a man charged with so many things had to be guilty of something?

From what I saw of that trial the jury would still be deliberating had I been a juror.

SCATS said...

To 1:42AM ~~ I'm wondering why you've held back so much for so long? You could easily write a volume of books, instead of posting here & there on a BLOG read by such a limited group. While I'm fascinated, I'm also cautious. Who wants to get sued over the likes of the people you "tell all" about? I know I don't.

To 1:48AM ~~ Last time you asked, you didn't put it quite so nicely ;)

Anonymous said...

SCATS this may come as a shock to you, Greece is NOT a nice place, and people who play nice get walked on.

Nobody I name in any of my posts is going to sue anyone for what I post because they all continue to hope nobody remembers. Politicians rely on the voter's lack of knowledge and short memory!

The people I write about are fully aware records exist and even though many records were purged when the Town moved to the new Town Hall they know carbons were retained and photocopied going back to the days of George Badgero. Some more blatant offenders are even wondering if the infrared film of their little trips to happiness at Barnard Exempts can still be printed.

I've been in town a long time, and I have a good memory. I well recall Gordon Howe leaving Greece to run the County and the Tofany years. I survived the era of Swine1's goonsquads untouched because certain unnamed individuals knew they weren't the only ones who knew how to bug a town owned building.

SCATS my boy you are clueless as to the depths town officials have gone to in the past, and the current generation of elected officials are pathetic by comparison to previous administrations. The current set of pols in office is the gang that can't shoot at all let alone shoot straight.

You worry about politicians sueing, you're kidding. They won't sue because doing so would bring exposure and attention they don't want. They won't sue because they lost the legal right to sue the moment they took the oath of office. Like the current resident of the Whitehouse, Greece & County politicians seek only to keep the past locked in the closet.

Today is nothing other than a repeat of last year with different names & numbers on the players shirts. I will not crawl in fear of punk politicians. They may break my knees but they will never bend them!

SCATS said...

Ed. Note ~~ I'm told (today) that DeFazio was actually up for parole in April. It's ALL one big conicidence that he got out right after his testimony.

There goes my Citizen's Detective Academy standing!

Anonymous said...

RE: 1:48pm:
Well it is obvious you never sat in at the trial over the 5 weeks while it was going on nor while the jurors were deliberating.

Found guilty due to how many indictments he had against him, give me a break!!

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

What about this chaterton they made a captain?

SCATS said...

To 11:30PM ~~ Chatterton was one of 5 Lts. under Rahn. Three of them were promoted to Captain: Phelan, Chatterton & Uhrmacher. I'd like to know about Phelan too. Also, Kowalski didn't get promoted from his Lt. position, why? And how was Lt. Wise able to skate out of the dept. so freely to his new job at SUNY Bport, despite the investigation? So many questions!

Anonymous said...

You're right Chuck, I didn't sit there for 5 weeks. It didn't take 5 hours to determine the majority of P witnesses were either misrepresenting or telling only the part of the truth Team Green wanted told.

Now I might be a bit jaded, but I know many of the P witnesses, along with the players from Team Green and know what they are and were capable of when testilieing. I'm also well aware there is an old Prosecution technique of throwing so much at a Jury the Jurors figure the defendant must have done something so we should convict him of something. That technique was certainly employed in the Rahn trial.

Over the last 20 years I've come to the position that the Jurors in most cases might as well be blindfolded and listening to music for all the facts and truth they are allowed to see.

You also probably don't know Jurors are catalogued and rated by the members of the Defense Trial Bar using software similar to that used to predict elections, and according to every case they have heard since 1990, and the predicted outcome of your Jury was far from what you came back with.

Was the Jury aware of the way Parinello was being prevented from arguing his defense or were you sent out every time John mounted a defense?

Anonymous said...

To 3:08 etal, please continue to share. Your code names now make sense and it is very informative. Still can't figure out why the clydesdale wagon driver would have a stake in saving the crasher.

Anonymous said...

11:22 The Clysdale wagon man is a long lived mystery. He is not a unique though, we have along history in Monroe County of people in the fire service serving other political functions, such as the Brighton Fire Comissioners really running Brighton covertly for 2 decades.

Many things have been done by many politicians and swept under a sufficient number of rugs to build a mountain. Many Civil Service promotions have been given to people because of what they knew about something done rather than what they knew about the job they were given.

It doesn't just happen in Greece and GCSD.
Right now one is playing out in an adjoining school district where the long standing head of security was caught onthe wrong side of the line by a State audit. The admin there figured they would just rename the job description and continue paying the former deputy who would continue in the job of keeping a lid on dirty deals and secrets. They'd done that before with an Asst Supt who lacked qualifications and even paid for his degrees so he could become an Asst Supt, and gotten away with it and many more covert deals.

Funny thing happened, thsed damn State people took a second look.
The retirement party for the head goon is scheduled and he will no longer be working for the District. Undoubtedly one of his hand picked deputies will replace him and Security will continue to be a joke.

So far nobody has mentioned anything about how all these deps were and continue to be paid off the books through a shell corporation. We wouldn't want that to become public knowledge. The public might just ask why they pay over $45 per manhour for chaperone duty at dances and such.

After all the public really doesn't want to know. Ignorance is bliss. Move along, there is nothing to see here.

SCATS said...

To 2:43PM ~~ Nothing to say about the questions I asked on 6/22/2010 1:02 AM? Wise? Chatterton? Phelan, Jr? Kowalski?

Anonymous said...

Re: 1:11 pm

Of course we were aware. Can't tell you how many times we went back saying that we wanted to hear about that or wish we could of heard an answer to that. Why do you think I am upset with Auberger!

This is not about the trial for me anymore. We took our time and we asked questions when we weren't sure and gave a fair response to the Rahn trial. Rahn was on trial, no one else and the focus was on if he broke the law(s).

Parinello is a good lawyer, he would be someone I would want to represent me if I had some legal issues but many of his tactics are just smoke and mirrors. He brought up a great deal for us to hear about but that doesn't change the fact that Merritt broke the law and was not running his police department the way he should of had. Does that say he was the only one not running his dept. properly, no way!

If someone is allowed by his superior to get away with bending rules and laws, it is just a matter of time before many are doing it. It becomes a much harder thing to control after that point.

You and I are looking at this trial differently. You believe Rahn was set up, innocent in some cases, ect... That is your opinion and your entitled to it. I heard enough and saw enough to believe he was not innocent.

My issue is with the person who let this behaviour and obviously has really bad memory loss from anything that may look like imcomptetence of his job on his part. This man needs to own up and resign.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Chuck, make no mistake I do not view Rahn as an innocent who was set up, I do however view the trial he was given as a circus.

Our trial system was once a very good one, roday the way trials are conducted in Monroe County makes the statue of Justice damn glad she's wearing a blindfold. If she weren't she'd know Justice has become a cheap whore.

Jurors are seriously disabled in a trial encompassing the number of charges that were in the Rahn trial, and attorneys are granted favoritism as was given to Team Green in this case.

Your perception of John Parinello's skills is fairly accurate, but the beleif in his smoke & mirrors trick misses the mark. I've known John over 30 years, and knew his mentor as well. John is probably the most studied defense lawyer practicing today, and is rarely caught off balance.

You are dead right on your perceptions of Hairburger. Under law the Supervisor is the top law enforcment officer in the town, not the Police Chief. Hairburger well should have been at the defendant table alongside Rahn particularly with respect to Pignato and Joseph.

The interesting reality in this case is that Rahn has to now continued to keep his mouth shut. He has a long standing reputation for being a man who will take what he knows to the grave, but at this point in his life he should be making a deal. Many men who know Eahn for decades are wondering why he isn't.

Anonymous said...

To 11:32 at "he should be making a deal. Many men who know Eahn for decades are wondering why he isn't."

The only reason would be that those he knows something about are dangerous. He can't trust that he and his family would be protected if he divulged others' wrongdoing. Unless he spoke to the FBI he could not trust that those he was talking to were honest. And it might not rise to the level of witness relocation. So he might get a better deal for talking but still be in danger. Deal with the devil is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

RE: 11:32pm

How do you look at Augie being as guilty about the Joseph crash? I did not see or hear anything during the trial that would of indicated that Auberger was involved other than being the top dog.

Chuck Male

Anonymous said...

Chuck, it sits in Hairburger's lap for multiple reasons, the first being the Rule of Command. A commander may deligate authority, but he cannot deligate responsibility!

Secondly, Hairburger, not Rahn hired Joseph. Nikki was undoubtedly hired because his father called in another favor. Rahn commanded both Joseph and Piglet when Rahn was Goodman Sec Commander. Rahn had problems with both boys there, and Rahn and Al Joseph and Pignato Sr worked together for many years. Rahn had to keep a lid on the situation in Goodman and did. Nikki & Piglet didn't get into sufficient trouble at RPD to need to leave until after they came out from under Rahn's command.

Al Joseph remaind royally pissed at the Judge who presided over Nikki's trial because Al had a solid coming from that Judge and didn't get it.

The Joseph case stunk like crap on a hot roof from beginning to end, and probably should have been tried in another Judicial District to avoid the stench.

Make no mistake, Hairburger alone hired both Piglet and Nikki and he did so on orders from his stringpuller. Hairburger was angling for the Water Authority job at that point in time and needed to gain some juice after pissing off the R power structure by refusing to campaign for Patric OFlibber in the MCSO race unless he got paid like Maggie did. Hairburger hired 2 well known loosers and found out he didn't get any juice for doing so.

Hairburger clearly directed Rahn to have Trost write the reports Trost wrote, and probably directed Trost should do the investigation as well.

You also need to factor in Rahn was covertly working with an unnamed hairdresser to help the hairdresser Primary Hairburger in the upcoming Super race. There is plenty of video showing 800 car parked in front of the hairdressing shop. Oddly the hairdresser's wife got a job in the Clerk's office, and the hairdresser who was term limiting off Town Board went to County Leg in a seatswap by early retirement.
The stringpuller did not want a Primary in Greece and one was avoided.