Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Completely Out-of-Touch, On The Fence & Political

Regarding the impact of the reconstruction of Ridge Rd. West on local businesses: "We don't keep statistics, but the gut feeling is that we're seeing more commercial activity along the Ridge now.  We saw some new development right after the construction project ended, but then when the recession hit things ground to a halt. Now there's definitely more activity ... there certainly was still an impact on businesses there, although it's hard to quantify if any closed because of the construction. If any were already struggling, then the construction didn't help. But since it's been completed I'm hearing from many that their business has gone up significantly, and that's indicative of the project's impact." ~~ Jody Perry ~ Exec. Dir. of the Greece Chamber of Commerce


SCATS ~~ There you have it! The C of C doesn't keep statistics! I guess that keeps them from having to deal with reality. I remember reading several articles about the negative impact that the reconstruction project had on quite a number of local businesses on Ridge Rd. In particular, one well known German clock/watch repairman stated he decided that reconstruction on Ridge Rd. was the final determinant for him to take an early "retirement."


Anonymous said...

Ridge Road reconstruction is only a plus if you are a national franchise firm or a big box store with space in one of the many plaza littering ridge rad. The independent local business got the short end of the stick

Anonymous said...

Her quote is complete rambling. What is a lot of "activity"? Traffic that can move vs pausing for construction? And if she has no statistics, does that mean she has no idea of how many chamber members there are? If they renewed they might still be in business. If they did not renew they might have gone out of business or could no longer afford the chamber membership. Obviously the media should have gone directly to the business owners since she is window dressing and does not have a clue as to the impact of inaccessibility to a business place.

Anonymous said...

Please try this link to see the CV of the Chamber CEO. She came from here to Ohio for college, some stint in Washington and landed the Van Wert (ohio?) chamber presidency all between the ages of 22 and 28, and came here. She has no experience running a business . She has never been self employed or an employer of a business that had to make money to succeed. Is it really so difficult to get a property owner in Greece who is a business owner in Greece that wants this job?

SCATS said...

To 4:18PM ~~ You must be clairvoyant! I was reading that "bio" when your comment came in. Yes, Van Wert is a small community in NW Ohio. This article really has her pegged: "The Ogden native stumbled into the Chamber business while attending Ashland University in Ohio. After graduation, she worked on Capitol Hill with the Senate Banking Committee only to return to Ohio at age 28 and land the CEO position at the Van Wert Chamber of Commerce."

What it fails to mention is that she fell into the Greece C of C position when good ole boy Skip Beaver got caught in the park with his drawers down, literally. What would they do without someone of Perry's "caliber" to call upon? I mean not everyone could keep ordering Chinese-made coffee mugs to plaster the Greece Chamber's logo on, now could they?

Anonymous said...

Please, please move away from here SCATS. Your whining, complaining, anger and insults do nothing to improve our community. You offer nothing constructive and are pretty mean to other people that don't do what you want and those here that disagree with you. I feel so sorry for you. Do you lead an empty, souless life? Do you ever experience true joy? Not just joy at watching those you oppose experience pain or sadness or challenges in their lives, but sincere joy and happiness about life. Do you have friends? Not shallow and hollow political friends and people who share your political views, but real friends that support you and love you for who you are, not for how you unfortunately treat other people. Do you ever pause before you maliciously attack those you dislike? Do you ever wonder if your hurtful and personal attacks are seen by their family members or friends? In your mind, do you ever humanize those want to punish or do you look at your opponents as nothing more than another target to unleash your tirades and insults on? Where do you find happiness?

SCATS said...

To 11:04PM ~~ I pay taxes. I vote. I follow news and current events. I have a right to whine, complain and call out those in the community who try to portray themselves as our "leaders." Let's face it. For someone with a degree in political science and religion, Ms. Perry has landed herself a plum of a job where she doesn't need to keep tabs on the businesses who pay the C of C a goodly sum of money to be members. I guess she can't be bothered by the pertinent facts.

Had you had anything of substance to contest about the facts and quotes in my BLOG or comment, instead of your Republican party shoot-the-messenger mentality, perhaps your words would have carried some weight. They don't, but nice try.

PS ~~ Apparently, I'm not alone in my views, thus the success of this BLOG. Please get used to the fact that I'm not going away. It will calm your BP ;)

Anonymous said...

11:04 She is a public figure and should accept the criticism of her hollow responses to the reporter. Admittedly the reporter was a little lax in just interviewing someone who says on linked in that her asset is working for not-for-profits and religious organizations. Maybe the chamber thinks we need the prayers.
And Ridge Rd is improved now but during the term of the road work we all got used to avoiding the ridge and found other places to shop or didn't shop as much.
And with all the unsavory groups at the mall, we may be looking at the demolition crew there and another sports complex or theater or bus depot there.
And why do you assume that if a person has an opposing view to the administration of the schools or the political elite of Greece that they have no one to love? Most people in Monroe County look down on Greece not for the voice of the people (for whom many feel pity and derision) but for our almost cartoonish corruption. And the residents of Greece have learned to not trust authority here.
In Greece and in Monroe County if you publicly complain there will be retaliation. Hence the blog's popularity. The rest of us can vent and offer tips and scats screens so there are no names being called. And I really don't think you feel sorry for anyone that writes on here. And I disagree with scats that you are a republican. I suspect you think you are above all that as you find the need to preach.

Anonymous said...

11:04 you really need help.

SCATS is a pansey who waits for his turn at the litterbox rather than pushing weak kitties out of the way.
SCATS supresses at least half of the good posts on this site to maintain his paw lick tickle correctness.

SCATS does his best to prop up weaklinks like the last crop of Dem candidates, and even protects them to this date.

Real simple solution 11:04 you don't like what you're reading change the web site.

SCATS said...

To 12:58AM ~~ Now, now. I even let you get away with calling me names. What more do you want? Every time I delete one of your late night rants, as I did very recently, you turn on me.

I find it quite puzzling that I'm rarely attacked for the facts, quotes and observations I make. Instead, it's usually just more of this shoot-the-messenger game which even you have begun to play, 12:58.

Since you only know how many of your own comments got deleted, you either never learned to count, or you need more sleep to keep your memory working. Maybe it's time to take your own advice: if you don't like what you're reading change the web site.

Anonymous said...

To 12:58 "SCATS is a pansey who waits for his turn at the litterbox rather than pushing weak kitties out of the way." So waiting your turn is the behavior of a "pansey" sic?
You must be a real treat at the thruway stop. Is there really a lot of jockeying for position in there?

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration rejected a comment claiming a named individual had embezzled money. I strongly suggest that you call 911 and let Chief Todd and his boys investigate your claim.

Anonymous said...

9:35, the Thruway has never been a problem for me, I know when to use the road and when to stay off it because all the little 4 wheelers are crouding it.

Why do you think truckers just stand there behind the open door? You probably have no idea cause you're in the pitstop amusing yourself with the autoflushers and trying to figure out how they work.

SCATS, sorry I've been too cerebral in my postings for you to handle. I'll try to dial it back so those with GCSD Diplomas (with or without notation) can understand. You still haven't a clue where the fun crap in this town is hidden. Why don't you try insulting Hairlessburger's bald spot. He's real sensitive about that.

Maybe you should congratulate a Town Attorney on his big step up from being a Court Appointed Guardian to the supposedly mentally inept.

Don't concern yourself with my sleep schedule, I get to sleep late into the morning. I also know where a few bones are buried at Town Hall.

SCATS said...

To 12:33AM ~~ Sorry to disappoint you but I am proud to inform you that my diploma is NOT from GCSD :D

The Supervisor's baldspot that bothers me is the one he shaved off. It helped hide a whole lot of ugly, but then I'm thinking that his personal appearance and other such quirks probably have no bearing on his recall abilities (or lack thereof). And so, I discourage people from making such comments on this site. That includes you.

Like I said before, if it's not your sleep schedule it's your inability to keep count. If you know "where the bones are buried" and "where the fun crap is hidden" then why don't you stop playing mind games and spill the beans? It's been over a period of many months that you've made such claims. Either pee, or get your own litterbox.