Friday, June 11, 2010

Classless Parting Shots ...

At Tuesday evening's BOE meeting, "retiring" Supt. Steve Achramovitch used his comment time at the end of the long meeting to say his farewell to district colleagues.

First, he let us know his thoughts about his personal contribution to Greece Central: "We are much better off than we were 3+ years ago."

Say what?? You're joking, right Steve? Your contract was NOT renewed. We are saying goodbye largely because you did NOT produce results. Yes, I know the BOE allowed you to pretend and to say that you're "retiring," but the truth is, you've been "FIRED!"

Next, you noted how new board members would soon be seated and that the district would have a different superintendent, together giving us new leadership. OK, so far, so good. Then you fired another cannonball shot: "GTA should come forward with new leadership, too." 

OK, perhaps that was deserved, but it was more than a bit surprising coming from you at this point in time. As I recall, you were hired, because of your wonderful ability to negotiate contracts and handle the unions. Now, you're leaving almost 4 years later and you failed to negotiate a resolution with the teachers in that amount of time! Yes, I know you're close to a deal, very close, but like they say, close only counts with horse shoes and hand grenades. So, what does this tell us about YOUR negotiating talents, Steve?

And finally, perhaps the most classless, but telling shot of all was how you thanked by name board members Roger, Jeff, Sean and Anne-Marie for their support. Of course, I know you meant that they supported keeping you around for another 3-year stint under contract, whereas the other five board members said enough was enough (Thank you Mr. Tydings for finally joining the other four!). 

However, you do realize that these four helped sell you down the river on your West Ridge kindergarten elimination decision, right? And three of them did the same thing when you tried to be a leader and fired the drinking hockey coaches, remember that? In fact, Anne-Marie is only sitting on this board because of the hockey thugs ... er ... I mean boosters who put her there to ensure you didn't try to do the job you were hired to do ever again! But I digress ...

Yes, Steve, you will long be remembered for both of those times when you tried to be a leader. Too bad you didn't have the backbone to stand your ground and tell the school board that if they reversed your decision, which was made with the best interests of the students and community in mind, that you were resigning. Now that would be true leadership - taking a stand on doing the right thing based on principle, morals and even district policy and regulations.

Wow! I used the word "morals" in a sentence talking about a guy who is a well-seasoned story-teller, yet another reason for your "retirement." So, I guess it's time for me to say my farewell, too. For some reason, the only thing words that come to mind are: "Don't let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!"

Bye Steve!!!


Anonymous said...

Well said Scats! He has cost this District a lot! Glad he is leaving! I just hope the next one isn't as bad.

Anonymous said...


While your criticism seems to have a point, wouldn't you expect someone like Steve to defend himself, to put his time in the best light and thank those he thinks supported him? That's just natural

He isn't coming from SCATS perspective after all.

I say just let him have his time to speak as long as he is gone for good.

Charlie Hubbard said...

The demise of Steve A. started in May of 2007. His first budget was defeated by the voters. It was his wish and the majority of the board to go to a contingency budget.

Everything was down hill from there.

The community is asked their opinion - the board and the super don't like the answer so they stick their middle finger up to the community and did what THEY wanted to do. From that day forward you will NEVER be truly trusted - you may be tolorated but not trusted as was the case with the next 2 budgets that called for no tax increase. As hard as I tried I could not convince enough people how wrong it was to go to a contingency budget. How disrespectfull it was. Some people just don't want to look beyond today - others think 'they' and only 'they' have the answers - still others think the community is too stupid to know whats good for them. When any of these people have taxing authority - nothing but bigger problems await.

So did Steve A. and board members learn anything from 2007? It would appear not.
One new item was added this year - the cost of another vote. Let me make this VERY clear - that position brings new meaning to the word PHONY. 5 board members bought into this. 2 of those 5 are retiring. If Steve wants to do this community a favor on the way out - take the other 3 with you.

Anonymous said...

Not to defend steve,but the BOE only let him do what they wanted to be done. No super will be able to get anything done with them running the show.
Remember, Steve wanted the "Drunken" hockey coach gone, but the BOE made him reinstate, and apologize to him.

SCATS said...

To 9:52AM ~~ The time for him to defend himself was on the nights that the BOE over-ruled the decisions he made about West Ridge & the coaches. Waiting until his "retirement" is just one more cowardly act by an ineffective wimp of a Supt. who allowed the BOE to victimize and neuter him publicly.

To 12:06PM ~~ The Boe "made him?" You are buying that he was a victim then, I guess. My point is that a true leader won't stand for that kind of crapple treatment. If the man had any self-respect he would have told the BOE and then showed them that HE was in charge of those decisions and ready to face up to any aftermath. Steve was a coward, he backed down.

Joe Moscato said...

I hate to say I told you so, but I must after Achromavitch's classless farewell speech on Tuesday.

Back in 2006, as a board member, I took the time to personally talk to some officials in Kenmore about Steve. At the time, Steve was one of three finalists under consideration by the board after an extensive nine month search.

During those conversations I learned that Steve was not well regarded in the community. He was described as an arrogant "my way or else" bully. He constantly caused employee/employer strained relations. I was also told that he had worn out his welcome with his board for failing in student performance as well as personal problems.

At that time the 2006-07 board had been seated including Boily, Hauer and VanOrman. I shared what I had learned with the entire board.

As it turned out, it became irrelevant, I thought, because a short time later, the board agreed and voted unanimously to hire Craig L. King as superintendent. Unfortunately, he backed out at the last minute. Shortly thereafter, the Boily led majority hired Achramovitch despite his record in Ken-Ton. The vote was 8-3 with Oberg, Grason and myself voting no.

My point is simply this, individuals with these character flaws rarely change and such was the case with this man. During this three years and eight months as superintendent I was not surprised at his lack of accomplishment. I told you so!

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration rejected posting a short comment for bullying.

SCATS said...

BLOG Administration rejected posting another short comment for stupidity. Steve made his own bed. Deal with it.