Friday, June 18, 2010

Chuck Male to Mr. Jeff McCann

Regarding Comments After The NGN Meeting

Mr. McCann,

You asked to speak to me last night after I spoke to the NGN Group, (not sure why you did not ask like everyone else was asking questions from the audience) but I did enjoy our chat. We met last night for the first time and I do feel you were sincere.

You brought up a couple of things for the purpose of giving me another view on some of my opinions on Mr.Auberger's "responses to questions from Mr. Parrinello" other than the "I Don't remember, don't recall ones".

I left the meeting with your comments on my mind and decided that I needed to find out how some of the other Jurors felt, (I am truly trying to be open and unbiased) when an explanation is being given to me.

So far I have contacted some and just want to let you know that your view is not flying so well with them either. Only 1 so far has had a different outlook than I did but your explanation for Mr. Auberger's response was pretty ridiculous to him as well.

Your explanation why Mr. Auberger said he did not know who was running the police department was because Rahn was still running the office, after all you claimed he only missied 2 full days of work from his accident on 12/5/99 thru most of the year of 2000. Then you claimed the Time Sheets proved that, well we all saw the same time sheets and we only saw Rahn's signature on the two before the accident. Some were stamped signatures of Rahns and many more had no signature or just Auberger's signature on them.

We do know that Rahn fell while hanging his X-Mas lights on his house and broke both of his wrist. We also know that at least one but possibly both wrist were compond fractures, (those require surger, pins, recovery, rehab and so on).

We also know that he had two cast on his arms down past his elbows making both of his hands stand up forward in the air during part of this disability period. With knowing this, you want me and the rest of the jurors to believe that he only missed 2 days of work and was running the GPD. Now that explanation is funny and ridiculous as well. Not sure he came up with that idea but I really go back to the drawing board if you want me to be convinced.

You also mentioned that you were going to check into the interviews that were heard as testimony. You said you never heard that some of the witnesses said that some of the responses to the interviewers questions were not what they said and in some cases said those were the interviewers comments.   6/18/2010 10:56 PM

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SCATS said...

Continued from a different thread ...

Anonymous said...
Chuck Male asking for more explanations from Mr. McCann:

Mr. McCann,
While you’re at it, could you find out why Augie would ask Spencer to have the background check on Pignato after his, 2 minute meet and greet interview and receive it back on his desk within 2 weeks or less completed. We heard background checks could take up to a month or more.
In my opinion, I guess I would of said, damn this was done fast; better take a good look at it!

But never once even opened the binder before giving it back to Spencer and asking him to set up a meeting with the Town Board to vote on hiring Pignato.

Do you think you could find out and clear my head on why Augie received 3 anonymous letters stating their reasons why not to hire Pignato. We know he said he couldn't remember who he gave those letters too but then came up with 3 names that he might have gave them too. So I guess I am a little confused on where did those letters go. I know that they did not become part of Pignato's background check binder.

Again, just my opinion but if I received letters like this would of prompted me to really look at the background check when it was completed and brought to me.

I need more clarification on why Augie endorsed Pignato's hire to the Town Board, (especially not even reviewing the background check). I believe Augie said this because he based his endorsement on the background check being completed, but he never looked at it.
If he did read the background check, he would of saw that Trowbridge wrote about the funny joke that he pulled at another RPD officers B-day party. That was hiring a transvestite to give this officer oral sex.
Last I knew, that was illegal and clearly improper for a police officer to be involved in.
I am not so sure if I would of hired a guy who has done this but that is also my opinion.

I really like to know why Augie did not fire Rahn over the gun theft and not reporting it sooner?
All of the testimonys, evidense and witnesses were all the same from 1999 and 2000. I guess nothing really changed at all in a decade.
We do know that the gun was found in a crack house in Feb. of 2000. We also know that Merritt called Augie and told him about the lost or stolen service pistol after he talked with W. Mackin.
We also heard that a year or better after the gun was found, Augie called Rahn and asked him to give a full report on his stolen gun. Rahn did what his boss requested of him and then Augie calls him and gave him a real stiff verbal repirmand. I believe it went like this; Merritt you really need to be more careful with your gun.
My opinion is, I think a written repirmand would of sufficed stating; Merritt, your fired!

I have a few other opinions but I will wait for you to give me explanations for the ones I have just written. I really look forward to you giving me these explanations so I can share them with the other jurors. Maybe you could be a guest speaker at the next NGN meeting and we (jurors) all could be invited to listen. It could be like the old Comics Cafe was back!!

6/18/2010 11:30 PM

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to compare the under-oath testimonies of our Town Supervisor and the BP CEO. Both tried the "I don't know" response when the questions might be image-damaging. The response from the public and the press to Mr Hayward have been swift: he was demoted and removed from the responsibility to oversee the Gulf Coast disaster, and even the British press, usually his strongest supported, has turned on him for being so ineffective. The response from our press to Mr Auburger's seeming lack of awareness about the town operations he runs has been a deafening silence.
Good thing we have SCATS!

Anonymous said...


You need to resign along with Auberger. This is a painfully lame response, In addition if you have things to say about this case please say them in public instead of trying to defend Supervisor Alzheimer in private.

SCATS said...

To 2:36PM ~~ I know someone will probably complain about the fact I've permitted you to call our poor Supervisor a name, but the shoe definitely fits in this case. You get brownie points for making me chuckle, too ;)

Anonymous said...

I like to know how we can fire the Town Supervisor also. Should we start a petition and get signatures from residents?

SCATS said...

To 12:26AM ~~ Feel free to try that approach, but it sounds laborious. You'll need to convince a lot of senior citizens that Uncle Auggie needs to go. They are always worried about any negative impact on themselves.

Anonymous said...


My phone has been ringing off the hook since the NGN Meeting, mostly by senior citzens who want Augie ousted, so I don't understand why you would say they would have a hard time worrying about a negative impact. From what I am hearing, they feel Augie is the negative impact to them already.

I have told them to voice their opinions to the Town Hall or even to your Blog but they tell me that have called the Town Hall and once they start complaining about something, they never receive a call back from our Town Hall.
Maybe I should be put on their payroll, at least I am listening to them!
Chuck Male

SCATS said...

To Chuck ~~ Since Auggie won re-election last November, we must remember that SOMEONE put him into office again. Greece's seniors are very attached to him. Not all of them, of course, but many are. Auggie entices them with free bus rides from the nursing home to the tent in front of Town Hall for summer concerts. Once there, he shakes their hands and says hello. They remember these little gestures at the polls. Like him, they apparently suffer from memory troubles too, which explains why they cast a ballot for him ~~ they've forgotten the headlines!