Saturday, May 29, 2010

Who Will Become The Interim Supt?

This week, the BOE announced they didn't like either candidate finalist for Superintendent, so it's back to the drawing board. They now admit it could be months before we find the person who is the "right fit" for Greece.

In the meantime, they seek to find an interim superintendent, but haven't provided any details about what sort of person they desire, how much they are willing to pay or who will search to fill this slot for them. Perhaps that's why many employees and residents are conjecturing that our current Supt. Steven Achramovitch will be offered an interim "opportunity." 

I sincerely hope that's not a possibility. He is "retiring" because the BOE didn't want to renew his contract based on poor performance. For that reason alone, we must be sure that he leaves the district on June 30th. Otherwise, there is a fear that he could be offered another 3 yr. contract by a certain element on the BOE. That certainly isn't in the best interests of either the students, or the community.

To move this process along, I ask, is there anyone within GCSD who is capable of fulfilling an interim position? Is there anyone who wants the job? What can we do to ensure we move forward, not backwards?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the board wants done?
It seems to change weekly. Lots of personal agendas but what does the board want to do?

Anonymous said...

BOB DUFFY MAY BE INTERESTED! It could be a pay raise and he is interested in education.

Who says it has to be an "educator"? They are a dime a dozen.

SCATS said...

To 7:05AM ~~ Who knows? They NEVER discuss anything like this in public. In fact, it occurs to me that I've heard no public discussion by them at all about the qualities they seek in a new Supt. or what they expected a search consultant to do. They are in denial on the topic of having too many closed door discussions.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Ann Mitchell was promoted from "Walts era's" Chief Indoctrinating Officer (Executive Director of Professional Development) to Ass. Sup. of Instruction speaks volumes.

The move was praised by Joe Moscato (right here on this blog) as being one of the high points of the accomplishments of the "Let's Keep the Walts Era Alive" Kehoe administration. Joe certainly knows how to pick 'em.

Please ignore the facts that include her having attained a Doctorate and is directly responsible for the Greece's educational outcomes for a decade now.

Join me in supporting Ann Mitchell as Interim Superintendent of Greece Schools.

Greece deserves such leadership. Let's show other districts that "took a pass on her", what they are missing out on.

SCATS said...

To 8:59AM ~~ Even if Joe did praise her (I don't recall it specifically), it took FIVE VOTES from BOE members to get her promoted ;)

george hubbard said...


1. Board training teaches... the authority of BOE is GOVERNANCE, the authority of Superintendent is MANAGEMENT. This is patterned after a model for corporations.

2. A clock diagram is often used to illustrate... and distinguish the role of GOVERNANCE vs. MANAGEMENT. This is called the Policy Clock. The cyclical nature of a clock is very appropriate.

3. The top half of the clock is assigned to BOE authority, the bottom half to Supt. authority.

4. A crude graphical representation is shown below.

________________boe authority_____________
_____8_________supt. authority_______4____

5. Multi-year goals and objectives from GBOE would communicate expectations... not only to Supt. and everyone inside GCSD (staff, students etc), but also to parents and community members outside of GCSD.

Anonymous said...

Ann Mitchell is the last person this district needs. Do you want a repeat of Keller-Cogan and Walts because that's what you would get. Mitchell is hated in the schools and by many district office staff. She is still trying to do and put in place many of the treatments she did while working with MKC. We do not need to do backward.

She was interviewed for the superintendent position this time around and didn't even make it to the finalist round. For once the Board did the right thing. They see that she has not moved forward and wants to take the district back to time we do not want repeat.

Anonymous said...

I second the motion, George. If the BOE had goals for the district that were measurable and clearly defined, setting the job expectations for the Supt or Interim would be easier. Just pull them out, give them to the search committee along with other requirements for the CEO of the district (Degree requirements, job experience, etc) and the search committee could do a better job.
I am beginning to suspect that either the BOE doesn't know how to set measurable goals or doesn't want to have the requirements clearly stated. There are arguments for either conclusion...

SCATS said...

To 8:53PM ~~ It's interesting that anyone who isn't wanted is always compared to Meg. I wonder why that is. I don't see that Ann Mitchell is in the same league as Kim Dyce-Faucette (my pick for Supt.) but both are compared to Meg. How odd ...

To 9:21PM ~~ You're right, it would be much easier because they would have a clue about what they were looking for. My theory is that you can't expect the BOE to set goals for others because then they would have to hold those persons accountable when the BOE isn't even willing to follow their own policies! They prefer to go by no rules and make silly mistakes over and over and over ...

george hubbard said...

1. Thank you 9:21pm for posting.

2. You make some very good points tying District goals into the Supt. search process. If I can extend your logic, seems like having district goals would help with establishing a connection between GCSD... and prospective Supt. candidates with similar professional interests.

3. Conversely, if GCSD doesn’t have multi-year goals, what does this say to highly capable and marketable candidates? It can only drive them away.

4. Or, a good candidate may see potential, but also the possibility of higher career risk. As in any business dealing, higher risk must be paid for... by the buyer – GCSD in this case.

Q#1: I like your reasoning post 9:21... and you say you have the ear of how many GBOE members?

Comments invited.

Anonymous said...

Hi, George, Answer to Q#1 is absolutely none (except the ones who check in here to see what the community is thinking)
Your comment #2. District goals might also help communication with the town and help explain why some items are cut from budget and others are increasing. Goals might help lots of places...

Anonymous said...

Student learning is the goal.

Anonymous said...

It has become painfully clear that no superintendent wants to come here and work with this Board. Why would they. The Board is making all the decisions for the district. No one worthy is going to apply for the position. If they couldn't attract anyone with this search what makes them think they will attract anyone better the second time around. We are just flushing more money down the toilet for another mediocre candidate search. Any one that is worthy will laugh if asked to come here. And it will continue this way until the Board gets themselves under control

SCATS said...

To 2:58PM ~~ The BOE is completely dysfunctional. They appear to be indecisive, especially about the most meaningful decisions they need to make. They don't want to upset anyone - sports boosters, school of choice parents, yada, yada, yada. So they allow the tail (special interest groups) to wag the dog at a phenomenal price to the community. If asked, I suspect they'd say no one wants to be Supt. because of the community that comes out and defeats their carefully crafted budget.

Anonymous said...

We are in the catbird seat. We should expect that the candidate for superintendent already has the doctorate. We should expect that the candidate has all the credentials necessary to start right away and not have to take some ridiculous course to get the supervisory certificate from Keuka College. We had a search that narrowed the field to 2 people, one which had all the right stuff but she wasn't a "good fit"??

The woman from the city probably realized that the teachers and the Greece community would not accept diversity. Too bad but she probably withdrew her name and didn't want to sound like she was that disgusted since she had to continue working right next door in the city.
We should just consider that it is a job like any other job and hire Ann Mitchell or Don Nadolinski. Scary yes but you don't have to like your plumber as long as he can remove clogs.

Joe Moscato said...

Once again someone has attributed a statement made by me on this site, in fact allegedly authored back in 2006, and as usual their comment is incorrect and without merit. It refers to a statement made by me regarding Ann Mitchell. The blogger states that I favored keeping the “Walts” era alive through the Kehoe administration. Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the reasons I came to the board in the first place was to rid the district of Steve Walts and his well-indoctrinated, incompetent, too heavy administration. To his credit Steve saw HMO coming and was smart enough to move on, leaving Keller-Cogan wearing his shoes and holding his baggage. Here are the facts according to my records and recollection.
When the Board voted to place Keller-Cogan on administrative leave, Board President Ken Walsh designated Lisa Buckshaw to serve as acting Superintendent. She quit shortly thereafter. It was then that Walsh asked Dr. Kehoe to take the position. The board voted unanimously to hire her as acting Superintendent complete with a written contract spelling out her duties. Dr. Kehoe designated Deb Lay to Assistant Superintendent of curriculum and instruction which was approved by the Board. A short time later, Deb Lay resigned and followed Keller-Cogan downstate. Since Dr. Kehoe’s position now became Interim Superintendent, she assumed all duties and responsibilities of a Superintendent. Any appointments of staff or reassignments of staff were her prerogative and not that of the board.
My few contacts with Ann Mitchell were, as I recall, very positive. I found her to be a fine individual with a positive professional bearing. However, at no time while I was a board member did I ever recommend her to Dr. Kehoe as it was not within my power as a board member to do so.
As far as the present situation is concerned, my choice for Interim Superintendent would be Don Nadolinski.
Also, for the record, the Kehoe administration cut 41 administrative positions and rid the district of some of those individuals who were responsible for the free fall of our district to the bottom of Monroe County schools as far as performance is concerned and earning the district the designation of “The Evil Empire.” During her one year service as Interim Superintendent Dr. Kehoe did more for this district than had been accomplished in the preceding ten years.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that Ann Mitchell has been trying to get out of Greece for quite some time. Hasn't she been applying to several other school districts over the past 10 years or so, and getting turned down by all of them?

Ask yourself this... what shape is our curriculum in now? Who got us in this mess?

Anonymous said...

At least we aren't getting SCATS' pick, that woman from RCSD. She would have been horrible. Just ask people in that district how bad she is over there. She would have been a disaster! Good thing the board doesn't follow SCATS' suggestions to make the district even worse than it already is.

SCATS said...

To 8:39AM ~~ For all of the hot air folks like you have spewed about her, no one has said anything SPECIFIC to show she has done anything but a good job. IF you can tell me three specific incidents, maybe I'll change my mind. Until then, if the teacher's union fears her, she's probably exactly what we need ;)

(I bet I hear nothing back ... again! I keep asking, but no one responds ;)

Bipolar Logic said...

So, to be clear Joe, you (plus H&O and at least two other suckers) appointed a Walts-era hire/clone (Buckshaw, a friend of MKC) as interim Superintendent.

After she left, you appointed another Walts-era groomed-clone (Lay) who also left, joining her professional paramour, MKC.

Then, you appointed Kehoe who previously worked with Mitchell (an MKC groomed, Walts-era clone with whom Walts continued to communicate after leaving for PWCS). Another promotion ensued (why would an "interim" promote anyone knowing that the baggage of that promotion would have to be dealt with by the "real" superintendent?).

You then hired a "real" superintendent who promoted Mitchell and Pallas along with Heoft (three Walts-era clones).

Exactly who do you think executed "The Walts Plan"? He didn't do it himself. He groomed and "motivated" these very people to do it for him. They are still in Greece, "motivating".

You say, "One of the reasons I came to the board in the first place was to rid the district of Steve Walts and his well-indoctrinated, incompetent, too heavy administration".

Oh, really? I believe you.

SCATS said...

To 10:36AM ~~ Don't overlook the fact that many people on the BOE have come & gone since then and they too, have left these people in place. How's that Whistle Blower policy working out? Must be just fine as there have been no complaints.

Anonymous said...

11:06 pm - I have a study that suggests that incompetent teachers got us into this mess.


Love you, long time said...

Nadolinski, Joe? Great idea. He'll get our "affairs" in order.

Joe Moscato said...

To Bipolar Logic:

I suggest you read my post again if you are capable. I didn't appoint anyone. I did vote to hire Kehoe, one of my actions on the Board of which I am most proud.

Bipolar, I would bet the farm that you are one of the cowardly teachers who belong to an equally inept and cowardly teachers' union that didn't have the guts to deal with Walts, Keller-Cogan and their SS and Gestapo henchmen.

It took HMO plus two to do it for you. Do you still have some of those survivors still in place? Absolutely! Dr. Kehoe was able to do just so much with the existing administrators. Do you recall the infamous Department of Professional Development led by Pagano-Fuller? They were among the 41 that are no longer with us thanks to Dr. Kehoe.

It was hoped that the survivors would be recognized and replaced by a new Superintendent. It didn't happen because five board members voted to hire Achromavitch who did just what I and two other board members believed he would do - NOTHING!! In fact, several survivors, especially one, prospered "under" his regime.

Simply put, Bipolar, without HMO you would still be popping pills under the Blue Dahlia's heel. By the way, why not tell us who you are?

Anonymous said...

Teachers have made complaints and then been punished for it! It has ruined their lives and their health!

SCATS said...

To 9:20PM ~~ Are you saying the Whistle Blower Policy is a sham?

Anonymous said...

The Whistleblower Policy addresses the reporting of activity that may be illegal, not the reporting of activity that is immoral or Machiavellian. Over the years, the Walts-era relics have honed their skills in these non-covered areas nicely.

As a result, one can no longer either casually dissent or offer uniquely innovative ideas without being quickly spun into being a troublemaker worthy of targeting.

Bipolar Logic said...

You can't take "credit for changing things" and then deny that you "changed things". That's a little biplar, wouldn't you say? :) Hey, maybe we're related.

Of course you appointed people and fired people. The record is clear in the Board Minutes. They may have been simple "rubber stamps" (gasp!), but you did. Many of the votes were unanimous (which means that you agreed).

Your assumption that I am incapable of reading your post and then calling me a cowardly teacher violates the rules of this blog, yet you are allowed to post. Then, you ask me why I don't identify myself? Puh-leeze. Even SCATS doesn't ID themselves, and I'm not in his league. I'm a nobody.

Besides, I do a pretty good job of adding entertainment value and driving traffic to this site just the way I post (it got you "back", didn't it)?

I'm afraid that your recollection of your accomplishments don't mesh well with reality. As proof, I submit your statement, "Do you recall the infamous Department of Professional Development led by Pagano-Fuller? They were among the 41 that are no longer with us thanks to Dr. Kehoe." (hey, I can read your posts!)

Do you recall who the Director (executioner) of Professional Development was, reporting to KPF? Naw. Probably not. Her first name is now "Dr." and she's directly responsible for all instruction, district-wide. Yeah, "thanks", Dr. Kehoe.

Your final. It is difficult to converse with a reality spinner. Now, where'd I put my meds?

Anonymous said...

That is EXACTLY what I am saying!

Anonymous said...

How come Deb Hoeft's name is not in the discussion to become interim Stupidintendent? She has done wonders for Greece. Multi million dollar settlements, Consent Decree, Discrimination...

Nadolinski? HA!! Same boat. He is a dinosaur. Needs to retire. Don Nadolinski has been less than truthful to his employees, and it can be proven.

Ann Mitchell wasn't even a finalist for Greece Superintendent. Mitchell and Carol Pallas have also been turned down in other districts for Superintendent.

These people are not wanted anywhere. That speaks volumes about their character.

BOE must go outside of Greece to find a cheap replacement. If they choose any of these people it will cost the District millions in lawsuits because of their incompetence.

SCATS said...

To 6:26AM ~~ Please don't attempt to elevate me to the level of a "somebody." I don't need the additional responsibilities associated with the title. And while you're steering traffic to the BLOG, could you get each of them to send me a small "donation" in cash?

PS ~~ Please don't forget your soapbox on your way out :)

To 7:37AM ~~ Thanks for clarifying. Why am I not surprised?

To 8AM ~~ I'd call Nadolinski "Mr. Flying-Under-The-Radar". He's done it well for how many decades??

SCATS said...

To 6AM ~~ I appreciate your delineation of what is/isn't covered by the policy. It's more than a bit ironic in my mind that the very people (i.e. teachers) who bristle at the idea that they might ever have to broach teaching "morality" of any sort to the kids might then complain about some sort of "immorality" imposed upon them in their work place. Interesting ...

Anonymous said...

To Bipolar.

One more time - The BOE has one employee - the Superintendent! The BOE has absolutely no control over who he/she appoints, promotes, etc. HMO got rid of a Superintendent who was responsible for several EEOC lawsuits being filed. That and voting unanimously for an interim superintendent were all they had in their power to do. Somehow, you attribute all that has happened since then to that Board.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is not the teachers who don't want to teach "morality". I am sure this comes from the Administraion who will not let the teachers teach anthing that is not in the curriculum. Morals are not part of the administration. Believe me. I have witnessed it to the nth (sic) degree. Any way, when do the parents become accountable for their own children. Where were the 600 parents of the children that were involved in the fight yesterday? It has been reported that 300 kids were involved in the fight. That is 600 parents, not including step parents! Scats was your kids there. I doubt it very much. you probably raised them correctly. I know my 12 and 15 year old children were there either.

Anonymous said...

Have any EEOC lawsuits been filed while Achromavitch has been the Superintendent? Scats can yoou check your cources?

Anonymous said...

Wow 'you' are wonderfull

SCATS said...

To 5:25PM ~~ I assure you that plenty of teachers want no part of teaching ANYTHING they don't have to teach. Remember the ruckus I created by merely suggesting that a safety warning be issued at Olympia HS concerning students who try to run across the expressway after school? The message I got was it's not their concern & they don't care.

On the 6PM news, I heard them say around 200 kids. You forget that there will not be more than 200 parents since so many of the baby daddys remain absent & "unknown."

You are correct that my kids have never attended the Festival For Youth.

To 6:13PM ~~ Whenever I bring that topic up, I get the run around with verbiage I'm not sure how to decipher. Sorry. perhaps a FOIL request?

Bipolar Logic said...

SCATS 9:42-
I'm not leaving. Yes, I am. No, I'm not. Dang it.


SCATS said...

To 11:26PM ~~ "You say goodbye ... and I say hello ... hello, hello!"