Saturday, May 08, 2010

Walts Loses Out On Supt. of the Year Award

Instead, A Snafu On Instructional Time
Might Cost His District Their State Aid!

(Don't miss out on reading the comments on the two arrticles)

(Discussion of the topic starts about 20% of the way into the recording)

Some "Notable Quotes" from the BOE meeting on Walts' "ass whoopin' " :

Gil Trenum (Vice Chair) ~ "where's the oversight … not just a failure of one office not counting right" "Makes us look like we don't know what we're doing - makes us look bad." "My personal credibility is shot." "When customers are annoyed and displeased the worse things get." "Public expects us to maintain some accountability."  "I'll be interested to see what Accountability looks like in PWCS."

Milt Johns (Chairman) ~ "We need to recover from this." "I have an idea where $500k can come from in the budget, but Dr. Walts may not agree."

Lisa Bell ~ "When you knew we'd be voting on this, why didn't you figure out what those extra costs would be." "Yet you still had tunnel vision of one choice - unacceptable."

SCATS ~~ Personally, I'm blaming the whole thing on the Math Investigations curriculum, still in use in Walts' district. Even the adults have lost any ability they previously had to add and subtract numbers ;)


Anonymous said...

"...Might Cost His District Their State Aid"?

They discovered their calculation error, offered two solutions, one was adopted. Exactly how might they lose state aid?

Anonymous said...

Interesting viewing. What will they do? The 10 minutes per day will be a torturous exercise that will on a daily basis alienate the teachers and parents of this district from the administration. The one day remedy would be unpopular but would be like quickly tearing off a bandaid. Which will they choose, the lady or the tiger? BTW their school board is very well spoken and courteous. Are they paid? Again thank you scats for sharing.
Still listening to the video and doing Saturday chores and happy he is there and not here. Can't wait to see what they do. Wonder if the keyboard clicking in the background is the board texting to each other.

Anonymous said...

So I watched the whole video. It seems they had 3 choices but were given no exact financial information about the cost of just not doing anything and being in "non-compliance" or the option of adding one school day at the end. They were told the divisor of their total budget that would figure the penalty of less state aid but not whether the penalty from the state would be halved because the high schools and middle schools were still in compliance with the number of instructional hours. Steve just said he had "talked" with some state honcho woman and she said they would lose if they didn't specifics.
Further they were not told the amount of money having the one extra day in elementary would cost because no one had figured that out in the administration before the meeting. So he is up to his old tricks again, forcing them to vote a certain way by not providing the data needed to have a choice to vote for the other options. If it isn't Steve's option it does not come with financial details.
And the only board member that asked the question and called him out on that was the newly appointed Lisa Bell. She seems to have his number all right and still voted against the 10 minutes added to the days. He did the non-answer which he was so famous for here when she questioned him about "why no data" about the extra day option.

SCATS said...

To 8:10AM ~~ You didn't read the second article, did you? ;) AFTER the BOE meeting, they discovered Walts was wrong. Their middle & high schools also had time to make-up, so their calculations were wrong yet again.

Anonymous said...

From the 2nd article, they are in deep trouble and have to make up the secondary time as well. They were so adamant about the high schools being ok and not having to stay the extra 10 minutes. There is no one to blame but the superintendent. He has tried to blame Hess and the PR department is trying to blame site based management. Do they need to protect someone this badly to give him a pass on this? I suspect he will be golden and use this as an opportunity to cry on avuncular shoulders. Anyone who criticizes him will be singled out as mean and not a team player.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Walts-lets fix Greece.

SCATS said...

To 12:56PM ~~ I do! Part of what's broken in Greece is that we are STILL PAYING for his deeds & NEVER held him accountable! Similarly, we'll be paying for Rahn's & Auberger's & Joseph's & Pignato's ... bad deeds for years to come.

Always remember the past!

Anonymous said...

First, I would like to thank you for your blog, what a great resource for your school district!
I am a PWC VA parent and a little late to the party in terms of researching Dr. Walts.
I am having other areas of concern within our district and have gone back to do my homework and start at the beginning.
I was wondering if anyone has figured out the total cost to GCSD of doing business with Dr. Walts et al? (after adding up the lifetime health insurance, costs of age discrimination suits, legal fees for forensic audits etc., travel expenses, cell phone bills, $25k vacation days, inflated CIP construction costs)?
Were they ever able to determine if Dr. Walts or any member of the administration personally profited from the CIP overages? (if you were charged $10,000 for a $150 water fountain - where did the extra $9850 go?)
Did Exxon Mobile bring Math Investigations to your district?
Do you know if anyone personally profited from the adoption of the Math Investigations program?

I appreciate any insight you are able to provide.